Yamaha XT 660 X (2007 model) already driven

Driving report Yamaha XT 660 X, model 2007

The new Yamaha XT

The first look is deceptive: It’s not a KTM. Despite wide handlebars, despite bright orange. It is the latest version of an equally legendary, now 31-year-old series: Yamaha XT. And here the XT 660 X, the first model that no longer has anything to do with mother earth, but – very hip – has dedicated itself to the asphalt with 17-inch Supermoto wheels.

With the 660, MOTORRAD already rattled down the 50,000-kilometer long-term test distance (final balance sheet see issue 6/2006). Conclusion: Despite a spongy chassis, commuting from 130 km / h and workmanship in need of improvement, a great bike with a comfortable sitting position, low fuel consumption (on average not even five liters per 100 kilometers) and reliable technology.

And now it shines orange, but is still available in black and the traditional Yamaha blue. But the luminous color immediately signals: I am the new one. Gently revised and, with a few detailed changes (see box), especially trimmed to be Euro 3 compatible. In other words: Kat in the muffler, lambda probe in the manifold and leaner tuning. Which easily brings the urban XT to its knees. If the one horsepower that the new model loses over the entire engine speed range over the 2006 model is barely noticeable, the clearly visible torque drop between 2500 rpm and 4500 rpm is more noticeable on the diagram.

As a consolation: The feared break-in does not occur while driving. From a purely subjective point of view, the new XT 660 X works with the same pressure as its predecessor. The coordination of the engine management – which was already revised on the later 2006 models after constant travel jerks – was successful. Cultivated and without hacking, the single cylinder turns out of the speed range and comes out between 4000 rpm and the speed limit at 7200 rpm as a typical single: a bit rough, but warm.

Less technical necessity than the urge for a more valuable appearance gives the latest XT 660 X a new rear swing arm. The previous, cheap-looking swingarm was functionally sufficient, but the new cast part evaluates it Yamaha definitely has an attractive finish. It is also stiffer.

Bargain hunters still see an opportunity. New 2006 models – mind you only Euro 2 homologated – are currently being traded around 1000 euros below the list price (6741 euros) of the 2007 XT 660 X. Is it still worth buying a new one? For those who like orange but don’t want a KTM or for whom a revamped styling is worth something. In any case, the XT 660 X remains true to its tradition in 2007; a great bike for all purposes.

What’s new?

– Meets the Euro 3 standard through catalytic converters in the silencers and lambda probe in the manifold
– Solid cast aluminum swing arm
– Aluminum passenger footrests
– Revised graphics on tank and lamp mask
– Orange is the third color to choose from

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