790cc Honda Africa Twin: is Honda working on a small CRF?

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790cc Honda Africa Twin: is Honda working on a small CRF?

Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports (2020).

Honda Africa Twin with 790 cc

Honda is working on a small CRF?

Rumor has it that Honda is working on a new Africa Twin with 790 cc that would like to join the mid-range travel enduro segment. However, there are no pictures or confirmed information yet.

B.Already last year, in the run-up to the presentation of the refreshed big Africa Twin, rumors arose that Honda would be working on a new and less powerful Honda Africa Twin that would be compatible with the currently very popular mid-range travel enduros such as the Yamaha Ténéré 700 or KTM 790 Adventure in Competition could arise. However, it seemed as if there was nothing to be said about the rumors after not a single word was uttered at the last EICMA about a potential new model from Honda. Instead, a revised one was made for it "size" Africa Twin presents. After various media reports from the industry, Honda could now work on a small Africa Twin.

Revised motor from the NC 750?

Rumor has it that Honda is working on three new models that will be developed on the same technical basis. One of these three new models is said to be an Africa Twin, which is said to be less motorized than the CRF 1100. The three new models will be based on a completely revised motor from the NC 750. Accordingly, the other two models could be new versions of the NC 750 S and NC 750 X. The rumors also claim that the current engine of the NC models will be heavily revised and the displacement increased to 790 cc. The newly introduced Euro5 standard, which forces manufacturers to act, shows that there could be something to the rumors.


The large Honda Africa Twin has been revised in some places for the 2020 model year.

A new Africa Twin with 790 cm³ could well pay off for Honda as well as for potential buyers. The current CRF 1100 L is very popular, but it cannot really be classified in the segment of inexpensive mid-range enduro bikes. If you compare the Twin, for example, with the already mentioned Yamaha Ténéré 700, there are not only conceptual differences – the price difference is also not without. While the Ténéré 700 changes hands for almost 9,600 euros, Africa Twin buyers have to invest around 13,500 euros. The media reports assume that a new Honda Africa Twin with 790 cm³, similar to its bigger siblings, could be offered in different versions, including with DCT. The rumors are also fueled by Kenji Morita, the project manager of the Honda CRF 1100 L Africa Twin, who is said to have confirmed that there is too large a gap in the manufacturer’s model range between adventure motorcycles with 250/450 cm³ and 1,100 cm³. An Africa Twin with 790 cm³ could close this gap.


It will be interesting to see whether Honda is actually working on a small Africa Twin. In principle, the Japanese have to step up if you want to have a say in the middle-class travel enduro segment … in any case, we wouldn’t mind.

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