Winter tires for bicycles in the test

ADAC bicycle tire test 2022

Snow roller is there: your bike can also have winter tires!

Winter tires for bicycles in the test-tires

Adac Special winter tires are available for bicycles

In winter, often only hard-minded bike drive, but the corona danger in crowded buses and trains makes individual traffic with car or bike more attractive than ever. Which winter tires make your bike safe – and where you should do without spikes.

On ice and snow you get into slides with two wheels. But you can protect yourself, similar to the car – with special winter tires. The car is prescribed for winter road conditions, the bike is recommended. The ADAC and Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) have examined eight special winter tires for bicycles, partly with spikes.

Grip always improves with winter tires

The result is shortly:

"The studied winter tires Schwalbe Marathon GT 365, Continental Top Contact Winter, Michelin Star Grip and Nokian Rollspeed W with their softer rubber compounds and adapted profiles do not differ significantly with each other, but are all very better than the comparison summer tire (Schwalbe Marathon)", so the ADAC. All these tires have no spikes.

Winter tires for bicycles in the test-test

Adac The ADAC has tested winter tires for bicycles – these are the results

Spikes safest – but problematic

On ice-glossy roads only spikes belong to the ripe real security. "However, these are unpleasant on asphalt and only to recommend where in winter the streets are not cleared and you are actually on snow on snow", Stress the testers. At the "Winter Traveler Skin" From Retyre, the tire developers have come up with something special: here a second skin with winter profile and spikes is mounted over a base summer tire and attached to zippers.

Winter tires for bicycles in the test-test

Adac On Eisglatter Strabe you have enough grip on the bike NR with Spikes

The ADAC still gives a few general tips for cycling in winter:

  • Reduce tire pressure to 2 to 3 bar – then the tires have a wide bearing surface .
  • Bright bright, reflective clothing – and of course a bicycle helmet.
  • Use the front brake only carefully if you are on the road without spikes .

Snow and smoothness: With these tips you come safely through the winter

Winter tires for bicycles in the test-tires

Spot on News Snow and smoothness: With these tips you come safely through the winter


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8 thoughts on “Winter tires for bicycles in the test

  1. motorcycle?
    People, what should the bike themes (or electric cars) in the motorcycle rubric? Does one … Further sub-rubler in the transport area, where the whole pedal cram is then repealed. Is it that hard?

  2. Only the hard …
    I like drove in winter, with us rarely high snow, but often black ice or harness on the road, for motorists a glittering affair and you should drive away from sliding cars. I have always driven semi-spikes, D. H. Only at the edges of the tread spikes such as Z. B. Contact Spike by Continental or Swallow Marathon Winter Plus. In the morning at smooth air to 3.5 bar, running surface is lying on Velvet spikes. In the afternoon return road without smoothness, in the tank to 5-6 bar, tire tire, spikes hanging in the air, only in the curves you hear you quietly nail.

  3. Sensational !
    Those who think they would have to save the climate by bike in winter, should do that. I have no problem anyway. Please consider: The KH staff is currently extremely burdened and the beds are 100% occupied ! So winterradler, always be careful, otherwise nothing will save with the climate. Or use the tricycle, that does not tilt that easily…..

  4. I have the problem with the cyclists in winter
    not. I know all in this weather in your own car before or behind me when I drive shopping. I do not suppose those who do not worse, the grubby weather in the Erzgebirge is not great at the moment.

  5. Hope ?
    There is still a small difference to the 3 and 4 wheel: you not only lose the grip of a wheel but completely the control and places flat flat. However, applies completely the critical surfaces such as wet foliage, road markings, gravel, etc. Who actually drives the wheel with the wheel ? Voluntarily only the absolute "Freak". Everyone else walks or: take your car !!! For what do I have that if I have in this weather with wheel rum slide ????? Would be complete nonsense, absolutely illogical and dangerous to it….. Achso, it’s about it again "save the world" ?! Well then makes……

  6. Already wheel driven ?
    Always I see (u.A. Your name with comments that I know super known. At comments about each topic. A rade expert are probably not. You do not have to be a freak to take part in the traffic careful, responsible and environmentally consciously. For people like them you can thank if environmental protection never changed. Thank you, Uwe cock ! (Irony Off).

  7. Yes, ride only with snow
    and ice cream with the bike – but looks too that you stay on the bike path. Years ago I fell on a slightly icy and snowy road on the bonnet. Luckily, I drove just stepping speed so that he had no injuries except a few bruises. Who in snow and possibly. Stired roads with the bike, has a bang for me

  8. Sure, one should be with black ice
    Keep away from slipping and visibly overwhelmed by car riders. With spikes on the bike you drive much safer with black ice as with the car.

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