For safety reasons: Electric scooters will be disabled on New Year’s Eve

Built-in lock

For safety reasons: Electric scooters will be disabled on New Year’s Eve

For safety reasons: Electric scooters will be disabled on New Year's Eve-disabled

bolt Three Bolt e-scooters are in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

E-scooters and alcohol are not a good combination. The scooter sharing provider Bolt therefore blocks its vehicles on the night of March 31. December on the 1. January.

In his message, Bolt writes: "From 22.00 clock on 31. December 2021 to 06.00 clock on 1. January 2022 the E-Scooters can no longer be unlocked via the BOLT app. The e-scooters themselves stay on the streets of safe storage areas and are available again at the New Year’s morning." Man wool "Road participants from potentially dangerous rides" Protect, it continues to say.

E-scooter with high risk of accident

E-Scooter, which are placed on the streets as part of the so-called road turning in many German cities of various sharing providers, have often made headlines, mostly negative: alcoholized or reckless drivers were involved in accidents or equal dozens of scooters as a supposed fun in Rivers sunk – for example in Cologne or Berlin.

It is possible that the e-scooters that Bolt lends will not only be closed on New Year’s Eve. "An additional break or setting of the E-Scooter Operation based on weather conditions in January 2022 is constantly reviewed and reassessed on the basis of current data and weather forecasts", It says from the company. Even with ice and snow, the scooters remain possibly.

Dangerous E-Scooter: Already a collision with 25 km / h can be fatal

For safety reasons: Electric scooters will be disabled on New Year's Eve-safety

Camera Dangerous E-Scooter: Already a collision with 25 km / h can be fatal

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8 thoughts on “For safety reasons: Electric scooters will be disabled on New Year’s Eve

  1. As much as I the previous
    Posts agree, but that so far no one has been upset that the landlord is here … simply patronizes the customers, I’m surprised. The lenders do not think much of dealing with customers on an equal footing. Not that I’ve ever ridden such a scooter, but whatever vehicle I choose, it must be available when I want to use it. Car rental companies and car sharing providers will soon come up with such ideas. No thanks, I’d rather stick with my vehicle, which I bought quite conventionally and which I can dispose of as I see fit.

  2. Unknown at accident…
    As a Harley driver, I was forced by the registration office to take a giant "cake tin" for the license plate: "So that the vehicle can be clearly identified"! Try reading the number plate on a scooter like this when it speeds past, or causes an accident and runs away !! No chance….. Anyone who has approved this must d…. have been! In the event of damage, you are left alone because no one saw the driver or could not see the license plate!! I can’t believe there are companies that will get their interests through to the government and get something like that approved??? I don’t even want to mention the fact that our young people hardly move and are only on the road on e-bikes or scooters – not a topic that we or. will occupy today’s generation!

  3. this post
    Dear people or site employees, you can delete it or not? Wine is only good when it is old!

  4. E-scooters and politics
    The homage and hasty approval of e-scooters by politicians is a prime example of the negative effects of lobbying and corruption. It’s disgusting how venal and naive the moderately gifted party members who see themselves as elites are.

  5. What negative effects? The roles are quite practical in the city. Accidents and the like are the fault of the driver, not the vehicle. You can’t deny everything new its raison d’être just because some citizens are so unreliable.

  6. traffic turnaround???
    No, the scooters are dangerous toys designed to make money. I’m sure that 95% of all trips on the scooters would not take place with other vehicles. Especially here in the district I see mainly young people, by the way usually in twos or even threes, driving through the area on the sidewalk, in the pedestrian zone or in the middle of the street. The rental bikes could perhaps contribute to the traffic turnaround, but not the e-scooters, which are then also lying across the street and in the bushes or even fired over the fence onto private property. This is a business model that has nothing to do with the traffic turnaround. Not even with sustainability because the things cause additional waste.

  7. E-scooters are not part of the traffic turnaround!
    These are toys for children and young people who would otherwise have had to walk. No driver will be lured out of the car with it. At most, cyclists and public transport users still use the scooters, which is not what is meant by “traffic turnaround”. So a shot in the oven with the price of additional traffic fatalities.

  8. surprise ?
    Alcohol and scooter riding don’t mix ???? Great insight. Everyone drives around sober outside of New Year’s Eve ? Don’t know the truth, think there’s a high number of unreported cases. Since things are electric, all the authorities are of course studiously looking the other way……

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