The 3-wheel scooter: the advantages and disadvantages

July 3, 2018

Do you need a license to drive a 3-wheel scooter ?

For the past ten years, the three-wheeled scooter has been a real success with the public. Especially since the motorcycle license is not mandatory. It is indeed possible to drive a 3-wheel scooter with license B (car license) – even those of 125 cc. A detail that weighs in the balance for any user who does not wish to follow motorcycle training to obtain the license. Note, however, that the new A2 license does not give the right to drive a tricycle of more than 15 kW.

On the other hand, if you have not taken out scooter insurance in the past five years, you will need to take a 7h practical and theoretical training, in an approved motorcycle school. The manufacturer Piaggio has notably entered into partnerships with driving schools for these specific training courses..

The 3-wheel scooter: the advantages and disadvantages

Which 3-wheel scooter to choose ?

Before buying a 3-wheel scooter, it is good to understand exactly how you want to use it. In town, the three wheel electric scooter is ideal for example.

Good to know : the acquisition of these so-called clean electric vehicles is encouraged by the state, via an ecological purchase bonus.

A 125 cc model can reach a speed of 90 km / h. The large cubes adapt to highway driving since they allow you to travel at 130 km / h without difficulty.

In 2017, among the best-selling models came first the essential scooter Piaggio MP3 500cm3 as well as the Peugeot Metropolis 400cm3 and the Piaggio Yourban 300cm3. The Yamaha Tricity 125cc scooter is also popular. In a completely different style, the Harley Davison Tri-glide 189 with its 1690cm3 and over 500 kg (here the two wheels are at the rear!) Seduces motorcycle-scooter enthusiasts who dream of “cruising” on long routes. fast.

The advantages of the three-wheeled scooter

For practical aspects, being able to drive a scooter with a cylinder capacity greater than 125cm3 with a B car license and a seven-hour training course is popular. Be careful, however, to wear compulsory motorcycle equipment such as full face helmets or approved motorcycle gloves.

On the technical side, the three-wheeled scooter provides pleasant and comforting stability. The trike offers the compromise between the comfort of the car and the mobility of the scooter. First of all, comfort is ensured with a wide saddle which ensures optimal seating. At a stop, the biker feels safer on a stable vehicle. With the wheel locking system, it is no longer necessary to put your foot on the ground at every red light. The "roll block" system with which these vehicles are equipped also allows parking without kickstand.

Also the braking system is more efficient: with a braking distance 20% lower than that of a two-wheeler, the three-wheeled scooter allows a faster stop.

The 3 wheels finally ensures a good grip on the road with its imposing weight: minimum 220 kg. A criterion that is important on a deteriorated or in poor condition: the 3-wheel scooter then ensures the absorption of the holes, with low wind resistance.

The disadvantages of the three-wheeled scooter

While the weight provides stability, it reduces the maneuverability of the machine. While a two-wheeled Vespa scooter can easily squeeze through a line of cars, it will take a lot more anticipation with a three-wheeled maxi scooter, especially because of its larger width. They are also less powerful when starting than their two-wheeled counterparts.

The big drawback remains the budget. For an entry-level 125cc scooter, count on average 4,000 euros. But the bill doesn’t stop at the purchase price. The more fuel consumption, still because of the weight. Consider taking out scooter insurance. You can get an idea of ​​the quote via an insurance comparator.

As a reminder, when comparing insurance prices, it is necessary to take everything into consideration: indeed under the same name, all risks for example, conditions such as deductibles can turn out to be very different.

The statistics of three-wheeled scooter accidents are reassuring, however, but these vehicles attract lust. To avoid theft, it will be better to choose a garage or rent a parking space. What will be added an anti-theft system.

Like any motor vehicle, it will be necessary to anticipate maintenance: a regular service, oil change, filters, brake pads, tires, etc..

Finally, these tricycles scooters offer more power than a conventional scooter, especially 500cc scooters. Watch out for speeding. It is easy for the less initiated to get carried away by the accelerator and lose points on the driver’s license

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  1. Recently, my grandfather got news from his doctor, and its looks like he needs to be more careful to avoid falling again. My dad and I want to make his house more accessible, and we think it’d be good if we got a scooter for him to move around. We appreciate your intake on 3-wheel scooters and their improved braking system.

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