Motorcycle manufacturer expects electromobility

KTM boss

"Imposed nonsense": Motorcycle manufacturer expects electromobility

Motorcycle manufacturer expects electromobility-electromobility

Authors-Union Mobility / KTM Electromobility: KTM boss exercises criticism

Not all car and motorcycle manufacturers are in the choir of emobility. BMW is known to develop beside e-cars, and more and more companies are getting the EU’s electric targets for green daydreaming.

The phalanx of the Mahner grows: according to Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares, Mr. About the Empire of the former Chrysler, Fiat and PSA brands, now finds the Austrian Stefan Pierer hard words about the politically desirable electromobility. The entrepreneur is one of the richest men Austria, he leads the two-wheeled group KTM, heads the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) and has been involved in the industrial association of his country for years.

KTM boss: "Electromobility is a nonsense"

In an interview with the Motorsport website Speedweeks, Stefan Pierer clears history, the industry would have liked this change, unmistakable: "Electromobility is a nonsense that is pushed by scientifically uneducated politicians. An imposed nonsense." And he explains why: "For a Moto-GP motorcycle, which runs a RenDistance today with 20 liters today, one would need a 500 kilogram of heavy battery to achieve comparable performance and range."Incidentally, the energy needed by the electric racing motorcycles in the Moto-E series are derived diesel generators, which are in the paddock, reveals pier. And he refers to the precious raw materials needed for the production of e-mobile.

Light E-motorcycle with hole: Metacycle comes later and costs more

Motorcycle manufacturer expects electromobility-election gasoline price increases unimaginable heights Light E-motorcycle with hole: Metacycle comes later and costs more

However, the KTM boss not only asks the sustainability of e-mobility, also shows a different way: "The synthetic fuel is the solution, not the electric drive. Because this fuel is CO2-free."What you can not assert from the European electricity grid.Anyway, the motorcycle industry has agreed on this path: While the two-stroke in the small scooters, mopeds and moped moons, the motorcycles remained from 11 kW / 15 hp at the burner. Because those can be operated with CO2-neutral E-Fuels: "There are very clear development plans between the manufacturers," says Pierer.

E-Fuels as a better solution?

You have "in contrast to the automotive industry globally a clear idea of where the journey goes".So Pierer’s resumption of clarity leaves nothing to be desired: "We can go forever with burners." And he knows where he speaks of he offers his company even two e-terrain motorcycles and electrically powered MiniCrossers for the offspring. (Aum / Jens Meiners)

This article was written by Jens Meiners, CEN

More than expected: After the federal election, the gasoline price increases in unimaginable heights

Motorcycle manufacturer expects electromobility-election gasoline price increases unimaginable

Site / Wochit More than expected: After the federal election, the gasoline price increases in unimaginable heights

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  1. Since many motorcycle as leisure activity
    View, you can get the comments Ala Motorcycling has to be saved quieter. I am … Even decades of motorcycle drove and can claim that at least one’s bike think. Dear you leave the box in the garage and goes less. Should the fuel price be very high. You do not need the motorcycle for the work. That’s why these moving sewing machines never go through. Because you can force those who are a vehicle it’s a car or motorcycle, need for work. But never if it is a leisure activity. The commentators would forbid the most favorable motorcycles, are also the same ones that everything else would not match them. These are also those who like the word egoism.

  2. Realism pure
    Finally someone who has also idea about his job. Maybe even more people go on a light. Physics is relatively relentless and the greatest enemy of this government.

  3. Of course, the industry also wanted the E cars ..
    …Because with them you can relax your fleet consumption. The e-fuels demanded by Pierer are inefficient as light bulbs and those were forbidden because of their inefficiency. If something is a nonsense, then the motorcycle races themselves, the pierer has taken as an example.

  4. Yes
    and the fleet consumptions must therefore expand the industry only because the EU makes emission specifications which are unique in the world. Finally, only Germany attempts to keep. The rest of the world obviously seems to be relatively important. Apart from a few exceptions.

  5. There are not a few
    Doubles in the foto. However, they no longer occur publicly on or. keep the feet quiet because of course you earn a lot of money alone at the exclusively political techniques alone by promoting. That technique is the technical better to do that for a long time. Improving here does the generously flowing funding money. Money as opinion-determined, that has always worked. Unfortunately, many vehicle manufacturers are wrinkled together. Earlier we said it was building what the customer wishes, today we are building that for what we have to pay most of the funding and the fewest penalties. The customer will already buy it. If it was good, you would not need any promotion neither at the customer nor in the industry.

  6. I
    knew it before. Now the creators come from their holes and make the e-mobility look bad. I always broke me when we go two bike in Asia. There is no person interested in. E-mobility? Erroneous. Europe is lost. Too many spinners have that say here.

  7. Oh well…
    ..Unlike earlier, as motorcycling in Europe promoted individual mobility, today it is almost exclusively a leisure activity. The few "meaningful" Rides are clearly back behind the pure fun rides. And there is no doubt about the meaning of motorcycle races – there is no. I’m going to say so far that the motorcycle industry has managed to transport a positive feeling that even does that, which do not have a corresponding driver’s license at all. Harley, Highway 61 and similar images are inseparable with the image of the "great freedom on two wheels" tied together. The outsiders almost always too loud, too disturbing, too reckless and a little scary comes from. What do you want? Driving and having fun or make a riot?

  8. @Hugo Muller
    I have to contradict you. the "big freedom harley" Is there only the fans of this noisy genus of iron. I’m not outstanding, I’m a motorcyclist. Your logic for motorcycle races…What sense does it have, if daily milions people open worldwide soccer plays to watch? Only Ora et Labora? no thanks

  9. That must not go on this way
    No matter how these crackmakers will be operated in the future ! One is absolutely primarily priority, these riot boxes must be quieter. I live here in the Eifel and then not far from the Nurburgring !What summer offers on weekends with this insane riot is mockets every description. These masses of Dutch those who come here and these riot boxes, especially those operating from the US, are shut down or decidedly quieter made.An insemination for the residents here for these exclusive sapzier rides !

  10. Self-help
    The problem is unfortunately nationwide! Summer sun and engine bridge. All annoyed residents and "Easy Riders" Let it smoke that more often in spectacular curves, a bucket of old fritting fat is lost. Of course, there is vinegar with the static friction….

  11. That’s how it looks….
    The question is yes: who drives motorcycle here ? These are 99.9% people who enjoy driving and executing that as a hobby. You can not force them to e-moped. If necessary, the rather listen. Incidentally: Which motorcycle tatters the ? Suitable statements of fundamental opponents, more not. Then you can take the next visor and move through all camers with their mobile homes and question. The driving only to the "hobby" through the area. Then the view helps over the limits, what make the others ? No country makes such nonsense as we here……..

  12. Uwe, you are of course right.
    No modern motorcycle tatters. The small boxes with lifts up to about 250ccm from the 1950 / 60s. Today’s machines shriek, roar or hammer dull. Already ex works, especially after being created hand. What’s great to nerve other maximally? Just pull to an air force base when you like the crash so much! Which other machine is buying extra loud???

  13. That’s right.
    Right has the good man. This whole e-dizziness will fall on the advocates still belonging to the feet.

  14. Hmp
    Introduceless, only these whole riotousbuds are in half a year almost every weekend really nerves. The unnecessary walking rides are.

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