Test CF Moto 650 MT


A "mid-size" road trail that has everything of a great … test over 2,500 km

Twin cylinder in line, 649.3 cm3, 61 hp and 62 Nm, 213 kg, 6,250 euros

The manufacturer CF-Moto is far from unknown, with twenty-five years of history, mainly in quad and SSV. But the bike was still close all these years, with the presence of models including mid-displacement with a 650 since 2009, which could be seen at all international motorcycle shows.. But it is really its partnership with KTM that has been boosting the brand since 2017 as well as a real distribution by GD-France since 2018 which allows to see models arriving on the French market. And at the same time, the brand unveiled a model in 700 cm3 but also a 1250, which suggests the arrival of a complete range and a real network. So inevitably, when we see a fully equipped 650 model originally at 6,300 euros like the CF Moto 650 MT, we wonder what it is worth and especially what it is worth if we do more than a few kilometers. It was therefore essential to ride with it, to ride well to make a test over 2,500 kilometers. It’s done ! We tell you everything !

I won’t hide from you that when the editorial staff asked me to go do a long-term test of the CF Moto 650 MT I was at first skeptical. It had been a good ten years since I had seen a CF-Moto in real life since the 650 NK and TR except at the shows, apart from our test of the 650 GT. Suddenly, when I got the machine from GD France, the pre-test briefing was long compared to usual in order to cover not only the operation and the various peculiarities of the bike but also the history of the manufacturer. Ah, yes, for those who do not know it yet, this little device is of … Chinese design. Before pouting, yes I see you behind your screen, wait until you’ve read everything.

CF Moto 650 MT reviewCF Moto 650 MT review


Aesthetically the 650 MT is presented as a compact machine, well equipped and which seems cut for the road. The designer did in the classic, if it weren’t for these original side guards which give the machine the look of a motorcycle school. But suddenly, the 650 MT blends into the group of “mid-size” road trails without any problem. The kinship with the KTM design seems obvious. It must be said that it is Kiska Design – who designs Mattighoffen’s products – who also worked on the design of the CFMoto.

Apart from the protections, we immediately notice the large, adjustable windshield, the side appendages and the hand guards that aim to cut the road without forgetting the pair of suitcases that invite you to travel. To the question: but is it all original? Well yes, my good sir! This bike, you take it all options included as standard, and, immediately, you go on vacation.

The design is signed by Kiska, the studio that officiates for KTMThe design is signed by Kiska, the studio that officiates for KTM

Adjustable levers (weird, two ways to adjust differently, traditional for the clutch, Magura way for braking …), hand protectors, fairly thin handles that we understand well, the handlebars naturally fall in hand. The windshield is manually height adjustable. The saddle has a large release which reinforces the correct seat.

Everything is clearly intended to provide good driving comfort..

The clutch lever has a classic adjustmentThe clutch lever has a classic adjustment

The pretty inverted fork is adjustable as is the offset rear shock. The tubular frame is made of good steel and the 17-inch wheels are shod with Metzeler Roadtech Z8, a benchmark in the range. Spoil! We hardly ever failed these tires in 2,500 km of “all weather”. It is clear that the right combination of size 120/70 ZR17 front and 160/60 ZR17 rear is largely responsible for the excellent handling and liveliness of this machine..

The inverted fork of the 650 MT is adjustableThe inverted fork of the 650 MT is adjustable

The exhaust is stashed (in small and black) on the right of the engine with a pleasant sound. We just regret its location which completely prevents the installation of a central stand. It’s a shame, because the lateral, a little too straight and reduced seat always makes you doubt a little when you want to crutch in dubious ground.

The silencer is placed under the engine, which makes it impossible to use a center standThe silencer is placed under the engine, which makes it impossible to use a center stand

Originally, the machine is therefore also equipped with "crash bar" type protections which ensure the survival of a maximum of equipment in the event of a fall and which, incidentally, can serve either as a footrest during long journeys on the motorway or support for any additional headlights. It is also equipped with a pair of suitcases from SHAD, a benchmark in the field. Suitcases that we have tested in all weathers and which have proven to be perfectly waterproof. Their handling is extremely simple. Only the difference of manufacturer implies the use of a second key, not being compatible with the ignition key as is sometimes the case. In each of them we can fit a full face helmet and as long as we store the spare correctly to spend a short week without problem and, on the return, the cold cuts and cheese for a family of six people..

The MT is fitted with protection bars as standardThe MT is fitted with protection bars as standard

The footrests, driver and passenger, with their rubber coating do not let the foot slip and are beautifully seated. The passenger will appreciate two appendages allowing her to stabilize on either side of the saddle and the windshield in the high position will not disturb her. This same windshield, which, in this position, will allow you, as long as you do not exceed 1m76 like me, to drive with the visor open even at high speed.

High, adjustable screen offers good protection for rider and passengerHigh, adjustable screen offers good protection for rider and passenger

The metal tank perfectly supports the use of a magnetic bag. Better, the same bag will not alter the paint during our trip thus proving that the manufacturer did not skimp on the coating! We remember those motorcycles with economy paint that scratched quickly when using a saddlebag of this type, which can indeed scratch easily..

In the saddle

The ignition key is in the central position and secures the fuel door. Starting does not require pressing the clutch. It should be noted that during this test, copiously watered by autumn rains in Corsica, I did not observe any electrical problem or the slightest leakage of all the equipment. This was not the case with some of my companions’ machines driving with me with machines that were much more expensive. !

Contact with the CF Moto 650 MTContact with the CF Moto 650 MT

Note the presence of a ride-by-wire, allowing the mapping of the machine to be changed and switching from "touring" mode to "sport" mode on a simple impulse. The "touring" mode allows the twin to descend into 3rd at 1,500 revs smoothly. In sport mode … there is "sport" on the dashboard.

The commodos are traditional, easy to use and well made. The warning is well positioned as is the USB socket under the meter, protected by a rubber cover which ensures tightness and which will allow recharging or powering the phone or GPS.

The instrumentation lacks a bit of readabilityThe instrumentation lacks a bit of readability

The mirrors are pretty, but each have a nice blind spot. They vibrate especially terribly above 4,000 revolutions. A return to a more conventional design and a slightly less rigid seat would perhaps solve both problems..

Nice, the mirrors vibrate a lot from 4,000 rpmNice, the mirrors vibrate a lot from 4,000 rpm

The CF Moto 650 MT is equipped with a single side stand which deserves to be a bit less straight and especially to have a slightly larger seat. No central stand, but to lubricate the chain, the motorcycle tilts with one hand on the side with a little help to activate the bomb and it’s settled.

The headlights are very efficient. In code as in lighthouse it is excellent. There is no need to say these Led lights are life changing! The indicators are clearly visible, my driving companions took advantage of them.


This "small" 650 is built to perform long journeys on the motorway. The bike is very stable, even in an extremely strong side wind, the machine does not move a bit. The cruising speed is established, as for everyone, at a good 130 and at this speed the vibrations are not too annoying. If you have to accelerate, a hit of 5 and you reach speeds that will lead you directly to the prison box. For fun I tried a little. And believe me if I had been on a German autoway I could have confirmed that I had approached 200 meters! By respecting the pace of 2 hours of driving, it is therefore possible to play in the road niche without any problem..

The 650 is very stable at high speedThe 650 is very stable at high speed

The selector falls well under the foot as well as the rear brake pedal. I did not notice any false dead points and the use of the gearbox is indisputably smooth, all well served by an excellent staging, with a 6th overdrive which will only prove useful on the major axes..

The gears always go smoothlyThe gears always go smoothly


It is on departmental roads that we find the preferred terrain for the 650 MT, confirming in the process the reason why all these “mid-size” trails are so popular. A good range, relative comfort, flawless handling, good times, suitable tires, impeccable suspensions, efficient ABS with top braking. What could be better ? In Corsica, as long as I had fun wringing the handle a little, there aren’t many who wanted to play, even with larger engines..

The ground clearance is also higher, so that when you manage to rub the footrests, the angle is really impressive and the box "on the ground" not very far. And we confirm that as with the vast majority of this type of machine, the limit is more that of the pilot than that of the machine..

The 650 MT is easy to take on small Corsican roadsThe 650 MT is easy to take on small Corsican roads

The suspensions are very effective. And even on the most rotten surfaces, I did not notice any rebound phenomenon affecting handling. And if once I got square, I would blame it more on an impromptu fuel stain than on an unforeseen reaction of the machine..

The cycle part is efficient even on degraded surfacesThe cycle part is efficient even on degraded surfaces

The braking dosage requires a little adaptation time, see below. The clutch requires a good grip, however, and I think the increase in the link lever arm would not be bad. To be there why not slightly increase the length of the lever.


The reserve ignites at 270 km and there is still enough to do at least 70 terminals thus ensuring the motorcycle a significant autonomy of more than 300 km with the 18 liters of the tank. Over the entire test we recorded a consumption of 5.4 l per hundred, this at speeds that were "touristically" fast – and sometimes out of the ordinary – so no need to run after a station to level up..

The CF 650 MT has an average fuel consumption of 5.4 liters / 100 kmThe CF 650 MT has an average fuel consumption of 5.4 liters / 100 km

Oil filling gives performance. That’s good, in 2,500 km we didn’t have to complete the level once. We control it with a window.

Comfort / Duo

The saddle is comfortable and the long journeys are not an ordeal. On the other hand, the whole motorcycle vibrates above 4,000 revolutions, even if I do not know many bi which are not affected by the same defect. This will require a small break every 200 km.

The passenger is on the other hand well installed, a little higher than the pilot but he does not take the turbulence for all that. It has two grab handles that fall well under the hands.

The saddles are relatively comfortable, unlike the vibrations from 4,000 rpmThe saddles are relatively comfortable, unlike the vibrations from 4,000 rpm.

Cycle part

All the suspensions, flanges and short wheelbase mean that when braking on the angle, the machine hardly gets up and that, whatever the coating, we did not notice any questionable behavior or unwanted sway. We just regret that the original setting is that the suspensions are so firm and that the fork makes the wrists undergo a sacred massage session as long as the coating is a bit disastrous. Considering the possibilities, I think that a little more original comfort would not be bad..

The rear shock absorber of the 650 MT is adjustableThe rear shock absorber of the 650 MT is adjustable


The front and rear discs – slaved to a really effective ABS – provide braking which we blame for a certain lack of feeling, but which will prove, in use, formidable.

Braking is entrusted to J. JuanBraking is entrusted to J. Juan

Practical aspects

Under the saddle it’s a bit of a grimace once you have found a way to open it (well hidden, the lock!) There is no question of slipping a U, or even a tire sealant … by packing well we will find just the place for a small rain pants, you will tell me there are the suitcases, original, for that.

No room under the saddle, fortunately the suitcases do the jobNo room under the saddle, fortunately the suitcases do the job


Acquiring this 650 MT CFMoto means wanting to make GT with the mid size which displays the lowest price in the category without sacrificing either the equipment or the quality. This machine will be of interest to this category of travelers who prefer to invest their money in the quality and quantity of the trips than in the purchase of the means that will allow them to accomplish them..

Fully equipped, ready for action, this model is priced at less than 6,300 euros new with the 2-year warranty, parts and labor, unlimited mileage. This is the lowest price on the market compared to models that play in the same category: a Kawasaki Versys 650 asks for 8,249 euros, the Suzuki V-Strom 650 8,399 €, the Yamaha Tracer 700 8,799 €. It is hardly that the Honda CB500X at 6,999 € and Benelli TRK 502X at 6,799 € which remain at the same price level, but with 14 horses less. And this machine can be supplied "clamped" no, don’t laugh for the new permits.

The CF Moto 650 MT has everything to seduce, even its priceThe CF Moto 650 MT has everything to seduce, even its price

You might think that at this price the Chinese are offering us a "cheap" machine or one with discounted equipment, but this is not the case. This 650 MT has everything of a big one and I see it well as the second motorcycle of the household where the lady will be able to follow the gentleman and his big trail by transporting his small things and by cutting his own road or then as the first touring bike for the one. who absolutely wants, on the handlebars of a new versatile mid-size, to make his bike with his first hand and with his own driving.

Only the origin of this machine can overshadow it. Because many of us still remember the first versions of motorcycles from China with a steel frame to shoe donkeys, scooter-style bearings and whose engines could not support, neither our Western way of driving, nor even our fuel. . With fierce competition in the two-wheeler market, those days are now over. When we see the CFMoto showroom with its next models and with the help of KTM, the CF-motorcycles have not finished talking about them on the European market..

It remains to be seen whether the reliability will be there, if the network will be able to follow the distribution of the models, if the after-sales service will follow and if the prices will remain at such an affordable level. I remember that in other times, we did not give continuity to the Japanese market either, which wanted to impose its motorcycles on old Europe and even that, more recently, we laughed when we saw the marginal of the corner who drove in Royal Enfield.

In the meantime, this 650 MT has been a nice discovery. I will take a little more, while carefully following the aging capacities of current models. The discovery of a "new" brand is always a pleasure and so many questions. Of course, we must avoid falling into rapture and going into ecstasies at first glance, but when I see what they offer at this price and with these qualities, we are seduced.

Strong points

  • Rate
  • Original accessories
  • Handling
  • Braking power
  • Effectiveness of the rear brake to seat the motorcycle
  • Engine capacities and trunk
  • Driving position
  • Loading capacities
  • Consumption
  • Lighting

Weak points

  • Clutch control
  • Vibrations
  • Drawing and fixing of mirrors
  • Dashboard contrast
  • Original suspensions
  • Side stand
  • Front brake feel

The technical sheet of the CF Moto 650 MT

Test conditions

  • Itinerary: 2,500 km of varied small roads, highways, town

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