BF Racing TireX – wheel mounting device tried out

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BF Racing TireX - wheel mounting device tried out
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BF Racing TireX – wheel mounting device tried out

BF Racing TireX
Tried wheel mounting device

The wheel assembly can develop into an exhausting and not harmless thing under certain circumstances. The BF Racing TireX wheel mounting device is designed to help.

Roman Kirschbauer,

Tobias Beyl,

Mona Pekarek

April 17, 2019

Who does not know it: You want to quickly remove the bike, and suddenly the third helping hand is missing again. BF Racing now provide really good support with the TireX. This is a wheel mounting device for bikes with a two-arm swing arm. With a threaded spindle, two legs can be lifted using the scissors principle.

Changing wheels with less effort

The device is positioned under the rear wheel to be jacked up at least four centimeters from the ground and turned up with the spindle. The wheel is fixed in such a way that the axle, brake caliper or chain can be dismantled in peace. The wheel remains in its starting position and can be moved out of the vehicle by means of rollers.

During installation, the wheel is placed on the TireX and positioned accordingly in the vehicle. The dead weight is on the TireX and does not have to be held by the fitter. The wheel change can be done with significantly less effort. Overall, the process becomes faster, more efficient and safer, and the risk of injury is significantly reduced. MOTORRAD workshop master Gerry is thrilled! The TireX is currently available on eBay.

Noticed positively: Intuitive operation, good workmanship

Noticed negatively: Not compatible with all tire levers

Wheel width: 130 to 210 mm

Price: 129.00 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 4.5 stars out of a possible 5


In practical tests, the BF Racing TireX wheel mounting device has proven to be a real helper. The workmanship is good and the operation is quite intuitive. The only downer: the device is not compatible with all tire levers.

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