Buy used Suzuki GSX 750 F

Buy used Suzuki GSX 750 F

Out of the blue

Most of the time, the world is fine for the GSX 750 F rider. But tangible engine damage can suddenly spoil his mood.

The idea of ​​offering a more cost-effective variant for touring ambitions parallel to the extreme athlete GSX-R 750 was not realized by Suzuki until 1989 with the F model, four years after the debut of the R..

Instead of the extravagant, light aluminum frame, an ordinary steel frame was used. As a heart, the Suzuki technicians packed the short-stroke version of the GSX-R 750 from 1988 into the chassis, installed a shorter secondary gear ratio for two people with luggage and made it easier for the F, which weighs around 25 kilograms, to start off with a changed gear ratio for the first gear -Model.

In order to make it easier for the ultra-short-stroke engine to start in the lower speed range for its no longer quite so sporty purpose, Suzuki coupled two exhaust manifolds under the engine housing with a connecting pipe. Suzuki gave this company the promising name SPES (Suzuki Power-Up Exaust System), which is also Latin for hope. But the F-drivers still hope in vain for more draft from below. The engine has a real slack between 4000 and 5000 rpm. The engine, which is limited to 98 hp today, only moves really brute forward from 7000 rpm. At the top, it turns loosely up to over 11,000 rpm.

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Buy used Suzuki GSX 750 F

Buy used Suzuki GSX 750 F
Out of the blue

GSX 750 F ordered? A nuisance is the difficult cold start behavior, caused by the poor dosage possibility of the choke: The engine either turns too high or it dies. In order to keep the engine running in this phase, the person taking off has to let the engine run a little too rich with the choke firmly pulled. In the worst case, the unburned petrol parts can wash the oil film off the pistons, which, as in the MOTORRAD long-distance test (12/1990), can be a reason for slight scuff marks on the pistons and liners.

If the engine starts badly at all, the carburetor float chambers have to be removed and old gasoline residues or simply dust or rust particles removed from the tank. In addition, the cold start pistons in the Mikuni carburetor battery should also run smoothly.

About 20 percent of reader experiences report camshaft damage in the air-cooled four-cylinder head. The 16 valves are operated on the inlet and outlet side via four fork rocker arms each. If the valve clearance is different per pair, it can happen that the rocker arm no longer rests flat but tilted on the cam and the oil film tears off. But the material pairing between camshafts and rocker arms does not seem to be entirely unproblematic. Because with this damage, Suzuki was extremely accommodating even outside the guarantee period. In general, 750 F drivers should get used to paying careful attention to the oil level when traveling on fast motorway sections. Machines with a higher mileage use up to one liter of lubricant per 1000 kilometers.

The mirror brackets are too short, because they only allow sufficient consideration of the following traffic with extension elements. The GSX 750 F has to put up with much harsher criticism because of the stubborn rust formation on the black pairs of manifolds of the double exhaust system. However, if you then find out that the four manifolds with the two permanently connected exhaust pipes cost 1860 marks, you might prefer to have the old system flame-sprayed for as much as 250 marks and thus have some rest for a while.

Corroded steering head bearings occur relatively often because moisture on the steering head section, which is completely sealed at the bottom, cannot escape again. Here, too, meticulous care is called for in winter. The brake pads should also be checked more frequently, because the disks are quickly damaged if the stoppers are lowered. For well-preserved examples from the first generation with mileage over 50,000, 5500 marks or more are required. From year of birth 1991 the GSX costs around 7,000 marks. All younger machines are not available for less than 9,000 marks, so negotiating skills are the order of the day. The new price is now 14,200 marks. That’s not exactly little for an aging touring athlete.

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