Driving report BEFORE EN 400

Driving report BEFORE EN 400

Full speed ahead

The name says it all. The Italian manufacturer VOR is heading for a fixed position in the tunnel industry with considerable commitment.

Those in charge don’t like to hear it, but what has to be, has to be: The cradle of the VOR models was with the Vertemati brothers.

It was you who, in the early 1990s, set out to build technically independent Grobstöller. And that should be realized with the help of external donors. But nothing came of the cooperation between the financiers and the belligerent brothers. Wait a minute, that’s what VOR came from.
And VOR has it ?? in contrast to the unique experimental pieces by the Vertemati brothers ?? managed to put off-road machines ready for series production since 1998. With success ?? the runner-up title in the large four-stroke class of the 2001 Enduro World Cup is evidence of this. Encouragement enough to go all out with the largest model offensive in the company’s young history.
Most important and most obvious change: the frame. Instead of the single-loop tubular frame used so far, the top tube and beams of which were unconventionally coupled with one another by screw connections, now ?? with the exception of the Super Moto models ?? a generously dimensioned bridge frame is the skeleton of the new VOR. With enough space for the new tank shape. Because only half of the fuel supply of 9.5 liters finds shelter in the conventional place, the rest is stored favorably in the extension of the tank in the frame triangle.
There are also differences between the product lines on the engine side. In general, a separate displacement variant is offered for each discipline. Enduros are delivered with a choice of 400, 450 or 530 cm3 displacement. Super Motos are available as 450 or 530, Crosser only with 530 engine.
The motocrossers should continue to be happy with the previous engine concept. That means: The valve train is driven by centrifugal oil of the ?? Incidentally, gear-driven ?? Camshaft drive lubricated. Not so with the enduros and the super moto racers. In the future, an oil pump will ensure more stability and reliably pour the 1.3 liter oil content over all highly stressed parts.
Otherwise, it essentially stays with the previous, unusual concept. The cassette gear can be removed from the side of the motor housing without dismantling the motor. The kick starter is kicked forward. Or better: it is no longer kicked at all. Apart from the Cross models, all VOR will be equipped with an electric starter in the future. The gas factories are a downer in the ambitious projects. Instead of the high-tech carburettors from Keihin that are currently used in sports four-stroke engines, VOR uses the cheaper Dellorto carburettors.
But what the heck, the result counts. And with the enduro of our choice, the 400, that’s initially quite pleasant. Admittedly, the VOR is like a nimble machine from the style of a KTM E.N 400 not designed. In return, the big black woman draws her line cleanly and with a stable track. No surprising rearing up, no wobbling in the waves ?? the Italian remains good-natured and calm. Also the spring elements ?? in the front an upside-down fork from Paioli, in the back a shock absorber from the same company ?? are completely enduro-like: soft and sensitively appealing. The gentle power output of the 400 unit is also helpful for undertaking in the undergrowth. The Italian lets herself be guided very gently over slippery terrain, and only the tightened off-road league will want more bite with perfect traction. The periphery ?? the stable frame, the acceptable suspension elements and the great brakes ?? would take it easily.

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