Driving report Ducati ST4 S

Driving report Ducati ST4 S

Active vacationers

The Ducati ST series is more committed to sport than any other sports tourer. The new ST4 S consistently adds a few more coals.

Ducati – the melodious name of the Bolognese two-wheeler forge is mainly sporty. With all the comfort, the Sport-Touring series launched in 1997 is also ideally suited for the Sunday tour in the nearby forest of curves, also for solo sports tourism, but less so for real long-distance trips with a passenger and luggage.

The inconspicuous »s« in the abbreviation of the name of the new top model ST4 S signals an even more consistent commitment to the competition. “STS – Sport Touring Sport” – twice as clear what is in focus. Driven by the revised engine of the current 996 and equipped with a further refined chassis, it should bridge the gap to unprecedented performance while offering the ride comfort of the ST series.
“We built the ST2 for country roads, the ST4 for fast driving in everyday life and the ST4 S for those who want to do a few laps on the racetrack.” Which is why the new ones were presented on a handling course. First eye-catcher: the golden (extremely resistant) titanium-nitrite coating of the fork, which, like the shock absorber, has been made tighter. The ST4 S rolls on wheels with a five-spoke design, which saves almost one kilogram of unsprung and rotating masses on the front wheel. The rear aluminum swing arm is 1.3 kilograms lighter than its steel counterpart, the movements of which are suspended and dampened by a fully adjustable Öhlins shock absorber. Correspondingly sporty tires, namely the Michelin Pilot Sport (front special specification “D”) or Pirelli Dragon Evo, should not be missing. Very practical: the rear spring base can be adjusted to the load status using the adjusting wheel.
In terms of the chassis, these are the best prerequisites, which the S translates into great handling. As a reminder: the handling course. It is commonly associated with a narrow and angular route full of alternating curves. The asphalt strip near Milan, which goes by the sonorous name of »Vairano«, does not correspond to this idea. There are a few tight turns and two jagged chicanes. The actual spice is given to the route by a series of successive arcs with steadily increasing cornering speedwhich on the Duc just fit to accelerate from third to fifth gear and then brake on a hairpin so around 60 km / h. Everything except for the two quick changes of direction in full tilt. Exciting, honest, but significantly more fun on the ST4 S than Vabanque game. The casual seating position in the center of the action helps the controllability as well as the excellent controllability of the revised motor, which makes the acceleration in an inclined position on the edge of the grip a pleasure without regrets.
As with the other ST models, the exhaust camshaft of the cult twin rotates closer to the head gasket than the intake camshaft. Only then is there enough space in front of the engine for the spring movements of the front wheel. The inlet cams have been adapted for higher torque and a smoother course, especially in terms of valve lift and lift curve. Because of this, and thanks to the ST airbox and exhaust system (with modified silencer interiors) and a new computer (the same as the top model 996 R), the S has a more powerful effect over the entire speed range than the normal 996, and it pushes more smoothly from low speeds – over 3000 rpm it should be – works more easily at high speeds. Incidentally, Ducati promises only slightly higher fuel consumption than the ST4, with which the S shares the long sixth gear. There is still no Kat, however, an immobilizer instead.
A suitable drive that drives the Duc out of the corners as if pierced. The light front wheel also has an effect, because the new one works nimbly and precisely from lean to lean, even in the very fast corners, where it impresses with its impeccable driving stability, supported by the sensitive work of the suspension elements. Still a rather stoic Ducati, she does not resist against course corrections in an inclined position. Turning to the left, the side stand that is placed on it remains a nuisance, especially for ring drivers, even when the rear end is raised by the spring base and the extended push rod of the deflection on the strut. On the road, however, this should be just as unnoticeable as the limit of the adjustable compression damping at the rear when driving very fast on the handling course.
D.The ST4 S should be exactly what the active holidaymaker among the Ducatisti has been waiting for: a comfortable burner with a great chassis that sets performance standards among sports tourers and at just under 25,300 marks is not that expensive.

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