Driving report: Suzuki Gladius 650 ABS

Driving report: Suzuki Gladius 650 ABS

Driving report Suzuki Gladius 650 ABS (2009)

First gladius with ABS

ABS in motorcycles is on the rise in Germany. A few years ago, an expensive high-tech feature for the upper class, the brake aid has arrived in the middle class. The Gladius is now also available with it.

NThe surcharge for the anti-lock device would only be 300 euros if the Gladius was still available without it.

But Suzuki only delivers copies with ABS and it will not be easy for retailers to get hold of the remaining ABS-free models at the list price of 6290 euros. Basically the ABS is structurally identical to the system of the Bandit and GSX 650 F. Only the software has been adapted, since the Gladius of 290 discs is retarded with double-piston floating calipers, while the Bandit’s 310 discs are packed by four-piston fixed calipers Differences have an effect on the braking distance: In the large ABS comparison (MOTORRAD 14/2009), the GSX-F took third place with 38.9 meters of braking distance and a deceleration of 9.9 m / s² in the dry from 100 km / h . In this test, the Gladius would have taken ninth place with 42.9 meters, just ahead of the Harley-Davidson Road King. The average deceleration of 9.0 m / s² is more in the back of the field. Even an experienced driver has to achieve these values ​​in the dry, not to mention adverse conditions such as wetness or dirty roads.


Two 290 mm discs with double-piston floating calipers brake at the front

Apart from the moderate absolute braking values, the brake can still convince in practice. Hand strength and controllability have been significantly reduced or improved compared to the Bandit. Reaching the control range is noticeable by a gentle throbbing in the adjustable hand lever, the times of wildly pulsating levers are a thing of the past. The foot brake does its job reliably and inconspicuously.


Except for the orange ABS light, the somewhat conservative cockpit remained unchanged

Otherwise, the Gladius remained unchanged, the lively and frugal V2 is a first-rate giver of joy, the chassis is softly sprung and also slightly dampened.

Braking diagram


The ABS controls very sensitively and at a constant level. However, this could be a bit higher, because the absolute values ​​are only below average at 9.0 m / s² and 42.9 m braking distance

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