Driving report Suzuki GSR 600

Driving report Suzuki GSR 600

Driving report Suzuki GSR 600

Yesterday a king

Everyone was sure: The B-King will come. Evil eye, martial, displacement and powerful. Now it’s there, much smaller, nice to look at and is simply called GSR 600.

Tokyo Motor Show 2001: Suzuki’s muscular B-King study with a supercharged Hayabusa engine steals the show from everyone.

One material-
mix of carbon, aluminum, stainless steel and leather on ultra-wide slippers underlines the aggressive appearance of the futuristic street fighter. Should be passed on at international trade fairs
B-King sounding out the audience’s interest in the Terminator on Two Wheels.
Now it is there. Or at least a copy of her bonsai. In the engine area-
There is no Hayabusa engine hanging from the aluminum bridge frame, but at least the speed-hungry sports unit of the still current GSX-R 600. The look is no longer so evil, and the mighty broad shoulders have clearly collapsed.
There aren’t many elements left on the GSR 600 that are reminiscent of the B-King in Tokyo. The few, however, are unmistakable. On the one hand the turn signals in front
the tank skirt, the tank and frame
Let them melt into a homogeneous unit. The other is the raised four that ends at the side under the stern-
in-two exhaust system, the tailpipes of which grab the two circular taillights.
That would be the striking similarities between B-King and GSR 600 described sufficiently. Nevertheless, the soft rinsed 600 is no boring. As a trendy, sporty high-tech naked bike, it undoubtedly declares war on the Yamaha FZ6 and makes the Bandit 650 from its own house look old.
So let’s take a seat on the GSR 600. Amazing: Even under a ge-
A driver measuring just 1.78 meters, she looks small, petite and, above all, short. The narrow cockpit with a central, analog tachometer and digital infotainment on the right and left underlines the compact design of the GSR: between instruments and
There is so little space for the handlebar bracket that the ignition / steering lock unit had to be placed directly in front of the tank. The moderately cranked, not too wide chrome handlebar sits perfectly in the hand. And at 785 millimeters, the seat height is ge-
down to earth. What not on-
want to fit: the knee closure. Due to the large tank, the legs are spread wide and the knees are strongly bent because of the high-level footrest system, which promotes lean angle. In addition, the switch base must be twisted inwards and downwards in order to
not to miss the short lever. Or maybe it is partly the driver’s bulky, hard leather suit that is on
On this cold, wet autumn morning, when MOTORRAD was the first specialist magazine to test drive the GSR 600, it made gear changes difficult.
Thanks to injection, a quick push of a button is all it takes to bring the inline four-cylinder to life. After a short warm-up phase, the four-valve engine hangs quietly, but willingly on the gas. The gear changes are short and dry, provided you hit the lever.
For the GSR 600 the turning-
joyful sports engine appeased a little. Modified camshafts and an adapted engine management reduce the peak power according to the manufacturer from 120 HP at 13000 / min to 98 HP at 12000 / min. For this, the performance curve should have become fuller in the middle speed range. When it came to the transmission, they wanted the requirement-
changes to a naked bike as well
Taking into account, the primary and final gear ratio was shortened and, in addition, in order to gain traction in city traffic, the ratio of the first and second gear pairs.
So the four-cylinder whispers at restrained speed cultivated, well-behaved and calm-
due, accelerated properly, but not
vehemently. Where is the bite in the middle of the speed? Simply turning on the gas tap is simply not enough. Being active is on-
said. Tap with your foot and not dance a slow waltz. Clack, clack, clack, down with the gears and up with the speed. From 8000 rpm it gets interesting, the engine comes alive. The nominal speed is reached at 12000 rpm. It roars
from all pipes. And the tachometer needle continues to shoot up. Almost up to 14,000 rpm without getting tired.
The engine is greedy, the landing gear is also agile. With a driving weight of 208 kilograms, the GSR 600 is slightly heavier than the 201-kilogram Yamaha FZ6. Nevertheless, the Suzuki bustles extremely easily, easily and precisely through even the most angular combinations of curves. The 43-series Kayaba telescopic fork and the central spring strut, which is deflected on an aluminum triangular swing arm, are designed to be tight to give the driver direct contact with the road, but act sensitively enough to still pass as comfortable.
The chassis goes well with the sporty character of the GSR. Just-
so the hearty gripping braking system. At the front, four-piston calipers grip two 310 brake discs and ensure an easy-to-dose, crisp pressure point. At the rear, single-piston pliers provide helpful support. The benevolent contours of the 17-inch Bridgestone series tires ensure that you can unreservedly reach into the keys without the hassle of having to set it up.
Suzuki is still silent about how much the GSR 600 should cost. Out
Based on the experience of the last few years, measured against the competition, its price will certainly not be royal, but rather cheap.

Technical data – Suzuki GSR 600

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two overhead, chain-driven cams-
shafts, four valves, bucket tappets, wet sump lubrication, injection, Ø 38 mm, regulated catalytic converter with sec-
air system, alternator 375 W, battery 12 V / 8 A, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain.

Bore x stroke 67.0 x 42.5 mm

Displacement 599 cm3

Compression ratio 12.5: 1

Nominal output 72.0 kW (98 hp) at 12,000 rpm

Max. Torque 65 Nm at 9600 rpm

Chassis: Bridge frame made of aluminum, telescopic fork, Ø 43 mm, adjustable spring base, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable-
bare spring base and rebound damping, front disc brake, ø 310 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, rear disc brake, ø 240 mm, single-piston floating caliper.

Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 5.50 x 17

Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17

Dimensions and weights: wheelbase 1440 mm, steering head angle 65 degrees, caster 104 mm, spring travel f / h 130/134 mm, seat height 785 mm, weight with a full tank of 208 kg, tank-
content / reserve 16.5 liters

Two year guarantee

Colors black, anthracite, blue, red

Price n / a.

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