Driving report Suzuki GSX 750

Driving report Suzuki GSX 750

Branded butter

It’s much more than just a good bread and butter bike: With the GSX 750, Suzuki presents a solid all-round motorcycle that somehow looks familiar.

GSX, the epitome of the four-valve Suzuki inline four-cylinder, almost creating a legend, at least for people who have not only been interested in motorcycles since yesterday.

But who may have given up motorcycling in the meantime. “To sell cheaply because of circumstances …” reads such a capitulation in the classifieds section. There are many reasons for this: health problems, family growth or simply the decision to quit the hobby rather than sit down on a plastic-wrapped high-tech hit. Well, Suzuki has discovered the returnees as a target group who are looking for an undemanding and reliable motorcycle that does not burden the often narrower budget too much. So the quote from the Suzuki managers on the occasion of the presentation of the GSX, at which MOTORRAD was able to collect its first driving impressions.
The GSX 750 does not want to be a crisp, sporty power bike à la Honda Hornet or Yamaha Fazer. They play in a different league. No, the GSX wants to compete with the Honda CB 750, the measure of all things in 750 naked bikes. In terms of price, the Suzuki is a good 1000 marks ahead: 11590 marks including ancillary costs, not too much for an undisguised four-cylinder, the workmanship of which leaves a decent impression.
But at first glance you get the feeling that the Japanese have lost their courage to take risks. A pleasing appearance, no question about it, but the GSX 750 chief designer must have been under contract with Kawasaki recently. The rear end is almost blatantly reminiscent of the Zepyhr series, as is the seat and the beefy 18-liter tank. A closer look reveals detailed solutions that are as beautiful as they are simple, such as a spacious storage compartment under the tightly padded bench or the easily accessible air filter.
And luckily there is still the finely ribbed engine that makes the GSX 750 a real Suzuki. Of course, this is not new either. But Suzuki swears stone and leg that they only chose the best, what the well-known air / oil-cooled 750 GSX-R and F series had to offer. What was the result? Well, no racing engine that scratches the 100 hp limit, like the new Honda Hornet or Yamaha Fazer models already mentioned. In comparison, the 86 hp performance may be disappointing.
Nevertheless, the new “old” engine is convincing, because nothing is left of the boisterous behavior of the early GSX / R years. Starts easily, sounds robust enough thanks to its four-in-one exhaust system and runs smoothly as if the Suzuki engineers had carefully bathed the four-cylinder in fabric softener. Only very fine vibrations reach the palms of the hands, but the engine immediately hangs on the gas very spontaneously, even at temperatures just above zero degrees. In addition, the transmission can be shifted very smoothly and precisely.
The four-valve engine is designed for full torque, says Suzuki. The first impression: For a 750, the engine pulls through smoothly and without choking, but the GSX only really strives forwards above 5000 rpm. Although the GSX drive does not rev up as aggressively as, for example, the 600 unit of the Bandit, it does run more smoothly and has an even power output over the entire speed range. According to Suzuki, this new characteristic is due to the following modifications: modified camshafts, a larger flywheel and a throttle valve sensor for an ignition map.
For those who are now crying after the 100 PS chance that has been given away, let me tell you: The performance of the GSX is completely sufficient for real fun on the country roads. Not because the chassis of the GSX 750 would be overwhelmed with more horsepower. Although Suzuki was not in the mood for experiments. The comfortably tuned front fork is responsive and does not pose a mystery to the driver when it comes to setting options: there are none at all. If you like, you can let off steam on the five-way preload backpack struts. The braking system, which is easy to dose and not too snappy, does not cause any problems. No, with the GSX 750 you can limit yourself to the essentials: motorcycling. The relatively low and relaxed seating position is not only suitable for smaller contemporaries. For a motorcycle weighing around 220 kilograms, Suzuki’s new naked bike is very easy to handle, without ever looking wobbly. And the sporty lean angle provides the tour-friendly first tires ?? Bridgestone BT 57 brand ?? almost in question.
B.There is another, much more important question: Does Suzuki really need the GSX 750? Because the 600 and 1200 Bandit are really not known as slow-moving goods.

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