Driving report Suzuki Intruder M 1800 R

Driving report Suzuki Intruder M 1800 R

Driving report Suzuki Intruder M 1800 R

Strong smoker

Suzuki sends clear smoke signals to the competition: The muscle cruiser M 1800 R comes with the thickest pistons, the highest performance and the fattest rear tire of all V2 cruisers.

E.An inch can be pretty measly. For a piston, however, 112 millimeters is a lot of wood.

No series machine has larger cylinder bores than the new Suzuki M 1800 R, so even the competitors with a displacement of two or even 2.4 liters have to give in.
From which it can be concluded that the Suzuki’s 1800 two-cylinder, unlike the long-stroke engines of the competitors, has a short-stroke design. Quasi the sportsman among the cruisers. Accordingly, it creates considerable speeds, only starts at 7500 rpm
digital tape of the tachometer the red area. The technicians have also combined attributes of modern motorcycle technology in the powerful engine. In each cylinder head, two chain-driven camshafts actuate four valves directly. The result is 125 hp at 6200 revolutions, that’s new dimensions.
But despite such a sporty approach, the latest Intruder variant remains a real cruiser. The driver sits deep in the wide, saddle-shaped seat,
the feet relaxed forward.
Which one cannot exactly say about a possible copilot, for whom the expansive cover must first be exchanged for the seat cushion supplied.
Belong to a real cruiser
neat pounds. Suzuki proclaims weight-saving measures at 345
With a full tank of pounds, nobody has to fear that the M 1800 R would be too light. And she doesn’t even try to hide this mass. The round rear, the large 19-liter tank, the huge, plastic-clad radiator, the partially chrome-plated lamp mask: everything about the new Intruder is enormous.
Nevertheless, this dream can be
The machine can be taken from the stand surprisingly easily and maneuvered because the center of gravity is quite low. once
in drive, it quickly becomes clear that the Er-
maintenance on handling is not too high
should be screwed. Rotates in front
a 130 tire, even a 240 on the back
an 8.5 inch wide rim. So much
opulently rubberized motorcycle cannot
Run around the corner neutrally like an enduro. The first corners get a bit bulky, the wide tires bring a certain life of their own to the chassis. After a short period of getting used to it, the 1800 swings surprisingly easily around bends and corners. However, an overly brisk forward thrust is quickly slowed down because the rests paddle across the asphalt even at a moderate angle. But don’t worry, until harder parts roughly take a soil sample, there is still a lot of air left.
The Up is unusual for cruisers-
side-down fork that seems to come straight from a GSX-R ?? except that it offers no adjustment options in the cruiser. The rear central spring strut is located under the motor and is operated by a lever, with which only the spring base can be varied. If you move around on level roads appropriately, the elements, which are trimmed towards comfort, do their job excellently. On the other hand, you should take it a little slower on bumpy terrain, no suspension can spring seven hundredweight both gently and sportily.
So far, the developers have apparently been convinced that cruiser drivers tend to roll out rather than drop anchor. Because with single discs and cheap calipers, there wasn’t a single emergency stop from top speed without fading. Now the engineers also reached for the brake components on the shelf, where parts for super athletes are usually stored. Two radially screwed four-piston pliers pack into 310 millimeter discs at the front. Anyone who fears that the front wheel will collapse the first time the brakes are applied, can be reassured. The stoppers grip quite hard when needed, be-
however, require a lot of hand strength to achieve the high
to convert the kinetic energy of such a lump into heat.
Brake hard, turn quickly? that’s not what cruising is about anyway. With a muscle cruiser, it’s more about heavy acceleration. Which is a very special pleasure with the M 1800. The intruder motor starts working properly even when the vehicle is stationary, and Suzuki managed a great sound despite the stranglehold of the legislature. Above all, the dull babbling in push mode is impressive. In terms of power and torque, there is only one direct opponent anyway: the Triumph
Rocket III. Although the Suzuki V2 does not quite come close to their key data, it is not inferior in terms of dynamics. In contrast to the other displacement giants, the M 1800 R needs a few more revolutions to take off, so it should be around 3000 rpm. Underneath, the mighty four-valve engine shudders unwillingly, that’s what really gets going.
None of the other large-volume two-cylinder engines offers such a wide range of revs in the traffic light sprint, only at 7500 rpm does the limiter abruptly stop the thrust without the double-cam engine looking tormented. On the other hand, you can lurch confidently and casually through the landscape at 3500 revolutions. And always has so much smoke in store for an intermediate sprint that the 240 draws black lines on the asphalt without any riot. A passionate smoker, the M 1800 R.

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