Driving report Suzuki RM-Z 450

Driving report Suzuki RM-Z 450

Driving report Suzuki RM-Z 450

Mixture calculation

What has long been done in the road sector is now coming in the off-road sector: the transition in mixture preparation from carburetor to injection. Apart from a few exotic vehicles, Suzuki is the first manufacturer to offer an injection crosser: the new one R.M-Z 450 has a Keihin system as standard for 2008, which works without a battery.

The pump is integrated into the nicely finished aluminum tank. The throttle body looks much more compact than the commonly used Keihin flat slide carburetor with all its rods and attachments, especially since there is no clutter of ventilation and overflow hoses.

In addition to the easier maintenance ?? always optimal mixture, no nozzle change ?? Injection has the advantage that no fuel is wasted, because no fuel drips from any hoses when driving. First impressions confirm that the consumption has dropped noticeably compared to the previous carburetor models. Despite the small tank volume (6.2 liters), even long races in deep sand shouldn’t be a problem.

There is one more course on top


Engine: outwardly unchanged but with new channels and modified timing.

There was plenty of deep sand at the presentation on the GP circuit in Valkensward, Holland. Unfortunately under rather adverse track conditions that do not allow any statements about the chassis quality. MOTORRAD tester Didi Lacher was able to judge at least the motor skills. Kick-off is problem-free, the RM-Z usually runs on the first step.

The coordination of the mixture preparation is obviously also very successful, in terms of response there is no difference to a carburettor engine. The engine accelerates gently and accepts sudden gas bursts in any situation. The 450 doesn’t seem particularly easy to turn, but it really gets down to business in the lower and middle areas. The power range is not very wide, but the new transmission, which has been given a fifth gear, helps. A lot has also changed ergonomically, the machine has become narrower in the tank / seat area. Only the handlebars could be bent back a little less. The price has increased slightly, but the RM-Z remains the cheapest offer in its category at 6790 euros. The next issue of MOTORRAD will show whether it can prevail against the other 2008 models. Suzi has to prove her talents in a direct comparison.

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