Driving report Touratech-BMW Revamp

Driving report Touratech-BMW Revamp

The king’s new clothes

A stronger and allegedly lighter BMW GS generation is in the starting blocks. In mid-January, the third edition of the Bavarian all-rounder, the R 1200 GS, will be presented to the world public in South Africa. Since October
this year, however, it is possible to see a new GS face on the streets of the world.

The BMW specialists at Touratech have developed an upbeat conversion kit called ReVamp for the R 1100 GS and R 1150 GS models. The term »revamp« comes from the IT industry and describes the revision of an Internet site. Applied to the GS, it stands for a dominant mix of hard and soft lines and helps the big enduro to appear leaner and sportier. Virtually pelvis gone in six hours. That’s how long, say the Touratechists, it would take even less experienced hobbyists to get through all the parts in their garage at home
Replaced the ReVamp kit.
However, individual parts cannot be exchanged for the original, they fit
only as a complete set. Consists of a cockpit with an opulent electronic trip master and the BMW-
Information display, a front panel with 60-watt dipped headlights and xenon high-beam headlights, a 21-liter tank made of polyamide, a new seat and a lighter rear. According to the manufacturer, this results in a total weight saving of ten kilograms. If you want to get rid of five more, Touratech offers a titanium damper from Remus (minus four kilos) and a butted aluminum handlebar with aluminum riser (one kilo less). All conversion parts fit into the original holder and the electrical plug connections without any changes. There is no need to re-route a cable or attach the file. Great. The only disadvantage: the savings account has to believe in it.
The company charges 2999 euros for the kit. And unpainted. About as much as fashion-oriented managers quickly put on new pinstripes plus shirts and ties. But mean dirtriders and everyday tourers? Theoretically, the sales opportunities are huge, in Germany alone there are now around 45,000 GS, and since its debut in 1994 BMW has sold around 107,000 copies of the enduro giant worldwide. The used market lists R 1100 GS models from around 3000 euros, 1150s start at around 5000 euros. Sufficient potential customers for upbeat clothing.
It is well known that clothes make the man. So the GS gets someone else
Character? An extensive test drive clears up. There is a choice of four different benches for heights between 82 and 90 centimeters. All are slightly wider than the standard seat. Which is why little riders with the 88 and 90 versions might have problems balancing. But the leg fit is better and the sitting position is sportier. The driver sits actively on the motorcycle instead of being slightly passively integrated in a tourist-compliant manner. He has more freedom of movement without having to forego the comfort typical of BMW. The ReVamp shines especially in fast changing curves with easier handling.
Touratech specifies 234 kilograms ready to drive for an ABS-free ReVamp. That is around ten kilograms more than a KTM Adventure can drag on the scales. Most of the weight was centered on the top half of the
Motorcycles saved. On top of that,
the geometric triangle consisting of the bench, footrests and the slightly lower aluminum handlebar fits perfectly. Driver and machine feel as if they were made from one piece.
The conversion is currently delivered with a parts certificate and must be registered with the TÜV per individual approval. From 2004 it is available with ABE.
The bottom line is: four groups can-
te the ReVamp kit make you happy.
Firstly, all weight fetishists among the GS drivers, secondly, the fashionable and sporty-oriented, for whom supermoto and fun are in the foreground. Third, any accident or fall business-
digen, for whom the Touratech conversion serves as an adhesive plaster. And finally, R 1100 GS riders who are fed up with their mountain king’s outfit, which is now ten years old, and just want to buy him some new clothes. Further information is available at www.touratech.de, telephone 07728/92790 or by e-mail: info@touratech.de.

Brief data – Touratech-BMW ReVamp

The complete ReVamp kit for the basic models BMW R 1100/1150 GS consists of: tank with 21 liter capacity, side tank covers, seat, optionally in four versions for seat heights between 82 to 90 centimeters, rear and rear light unit with micro indicators, information computer, stem including headlight unit with xenon high beam, windshield and cockpit as well as front wheel cover. Price without painting: 2999 euros.

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