Driving report Triumph Rocket III

Driving report Triumph Rocket III

Driving report Triumph Rocket III

Hey, big donors

Triumph is extremely generous: The Rocket III they donated displacement without end, lots of power, imposing tires and chrome up to the point.

Oh, four inches, that ?? s fine. ?? Dave, who happened to be a hotel guest during the presentation of the R.ocket III in Sonoma, California, has always been

known: Four inches is the optimum.
A few years ago he had inflated the boxer engine of his VW dragster with four such 101.6 millimeter pistons, and it shot it to 200 mph (around 322 km / h) in around six seconds. Californian record for Funny Cars.
The Rocket III doesn’t quite manage this speed, it also has a four-inch less, but with 200 Nm torque and 140 hp from a full 2.3 liter displacement it marks new milestones in the motorcycle sector. Even at idle speed, i.e. less than 1000 revolutions, the huge three-cylinder pushes
90 Nm under full load. More than most motorcycles can do! And almost as much as a Harley can deliver. Between 1800 and 6000 revolutions, the Rocket has more than 90 percent of the peak value.
The Rocket is an imposing motorcycle. The massive appearance underlines the claim: Here comes the boss. Everything about it is huge, from the sweeping handlebar antlers to the mighty 25-liter tank to the huge motor / gear unit. The rear is dominated by the huge 240 mm rear tire, which blends harmoniously into the overall picture. A 190 would have looked ridiculous.
The triple purrs discreetly while standing. It’s unbelievable how easy the clutch is to operate. With such a torque monster, you’d expect a lever that only lumberjack arms pull
can. With a dull babbling, the rocket sets off on its long journey through Sonoma’s extensive residential area
Launching ramp at the end of the town. Why five courses? Three would have done it too.
With a successful engine set-up thanks to modern double throttle valve injection and sophisticated management, the three-cylinder takes off as smoothly as possible
Gas. Play in the drive train, load change or constant travel jerks: not even rudimentary. Vibrations? Hardly below, noticeable from 3000 rpm. A wildly tattooed Harley freak almost drops a cigarette butt at a traffic light
from the mouth: “Is that a V-Six?” Right next to it, but wherever the Rocket shows up, it is admired with the enthusiasm typical of the country.
Finally free, wide land. Hold your breath and recharge it properly.
Wooaaaahhh. That pulls. It goes on relentlessly, and in the last gear, without downshifting. An experience in a new dimension. Not only because of the absolute acceleration values, which should be on the level of a squashed super athlete. But the Rocket is already performing its brute show in a relaxed manner under 2000 revolutions. The fact that the electronics limit the torque in the lower gears in order to prevent unpleasant surprises in no way diminishes the experience. The incomparable spectacle is accompanied by a unique three-cylinder sound. The peaceful whisper of the glide phase gives way to a hoarse rattle during the sprint, and above 4000 rpm to an animal hiss.
With the Rocket, however, things can be done differently, more contemplatively. The paradisiacal, light-flooded landscape north of San Francisco is ideal cruiser area. A feeling of serene sovereignty arises. Rolling through Harleyland at 55 miles and 2000 revs and knowing: You have the greatest. As
was that still with the speed limit here,
55 mph? And from 70 you are booked in? For the 140, which were briefly visible on the speedometer at some point, you would probably get life sentence. However, California boss Arnold Schwarzenegger would immediately sign the pardon after a test drive with the Triumph. Prototypes are said to have run 260 km / h without their drivers
throw off. The limiter of the series machine sets a limit at 216 km / h. Which is only of theoretical interest, because in fact no one can sustain this speed on the Rocket permanently.
And the landing gear? In a cruiser, it’s a minor matter. However, the British have managed to cleverly conceal the negative effects of the wide tires. The feared egg dance does not materialize. Just
in an inclined position, the limit of which is announced early by dragging footrests, the 240 mm rear tire likes to follow grooves and warps. The Rocket also manages to hide its pounds surprisingly well. Probably also because of the low center of gravity? the crankshaft only rotates
20 centimeters above the asphalt ?? leaves
the colossus can tilt itself moderately without much resistance. The suspension alone has its dear need with the weight. On bumpy mountain roads sometimes strong blows indicate that at
340 kilograms even a tight basic set-up is sometimes overwhelmed.
The Rocket is an all-American motorcycle, a Dodge Viper on two
Wheels. The first 180 machines that will come to Germany in the next few weeks have already been sold. Supplies will follow soon. The price of almost 18,000 euros is appropriate for what is offered. Leaves with a big dispenser in the background
he can drive himself to exclusive heights thanks to a wide range of accessories.

Technical data – Triumph Rocket III

Water-cooled three-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, crankshaft lying lengthways, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, dry sump lubrication, injection, Ø 52 mm, regulated catalytic converter, 492 W alternator, 12 V / 18 Ah battery, mechanically operated multiple discs -Oil bath clutch, five-speed gearbox, cardan.

Bore x stroke 101.6 x 94.3 mm

Cubic capacity 2294 cm3

Compression ratio 8.7: 1
rated capacity
103 kW (140 PS) at 5750 rpm

Max. Torque
200 Nm at 2500 rpm

landing gear
Backbone frame made of steel, load-bearing motor, upside-down fork, Ø 43 mm, two-arm swing arm made of steel, two spring struts, adjustable spring base, double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, disc brake at the rear,
Ø 316 mm, double-piston floating caliper.

Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 7.50 x 16

Tires 150/80 R 17; 240/50 R 16
mass and weight
Wheelbase 1695 mm, steering head angle 58 degrees, caster 152 mm, spring travel f / r 120/105 mm, seat height 740 mm, weight with a full tank of 350 kg, payload 235 kg,
Tank capacity 25 liters.

Two year guarantee

Colors red, black

Price 17,750 euros

Additional costs 240 euros

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