Driving report Triumph Sprint ST (2005)

Driving report Triumph Sprint ST (2005)

Driving report Triumph Sprint ST (2005)


In sunny South Africa, the thoroughly revised Triumph Sprint ST presented itself with a cheeky styling. Even the three-cylinder, which is now 1050 cubic centimeters in size, has a lot to offer.

Some people don’t need much to be happy.

Motorcyclists, for example, need a neat bike, a landscape whose winding terrain needs to be explored,
and when you add sunshine and summer temperatures, you are as happy as a child in front of a can full of gummy bears. However, these ingredients are hard to come by in Europe during winter, which is why the brand new ones are presented S.print ST took place in South Africa. Summer and fantastic motorcycle weather prevail there.
After the 1999 release and the
first revision in 2002, the 2005 model is the third version of the English sports tourer. Since Triumph is currently all under the sign of the three, headlights, instruments and control lights as well as exhaust pipes are consistently available in triplicate. There are also triangular design elements everywhere. Styled from head to toe, the new ST cuts an extremely attractive figure even when it is stationary.
The triple comes to life after a brief push of the start button. With a slightly increased idle speed, the three-cylinder immediately takes on the gas. The new central computer from. Is responsible for the perfectly metered amount of fuel that is injected into it via the injection system
Keihin in charge. Compared to its predecessor, the seating position has only changed slightly. The distance between the handlebars and the seat has become a little shorter. Otherwise everything stayed the same. Sporty, yet comfortably accommodated, even taller drivers will find enough space. The large rear-view mirrors are positive, but they vibrate slightly and therefore only offer a shaky view.
While this is not particularly nice, it is negligible when the throttle valves are fully open for the now 1050 cubic centimeter three-cylinder. As powerfully as it drives the ST forward, the traffic behind you quickly loses its importance. From 3000 revolutions the triple tears so brutally that the ST easily stands on the hindquarters. Although it is only five HP and four Newton meters higher than last year’s model with the specified 125 HP and 104 Nm, a look at the new innards shows how extensive the modifications to the engine were.
The crankshaft, crankcase, cylinder head, pistons and valve timing have been changed. The displacement increased by 94 cubic centimeters results from 6.4 millimeters more stroke. More impressive than the maximum power is the way the power is delivered. The maximum torque is already available at 5000 revolutions and tempts to drive lazy with shifting. In addition, the models presented in South Africa made a very potent impression and seemed to easily meet the factory specification of 125 hp.
Like the three-cylinder, the transmission, clutch and shift linkage have also been revised. The significantly lower hand forces for the clutch were pleasantly noticeable. Beyond that, however, the improvements in this area are not significant. The gears lock into place precisely, but the gearshift travel is still quite long, and the gears need to be engaged with vigor, especially with hard acceleration orgies in the lower stages.
During such maneuvers, particular attention should be paid to the condition of the road surface. If the front wheel, which is becoming lighter, hits bumps in the road, a clear tendency towards kickback can be felt. Apart from the tendency to hit the handlebars
However, the chassis does not give any cause for complaint on the sometimes very undulating slopes of South Africa. The spring elements are tightly coordinated, but respond sensitively and offer sufficient comfort.
For cost reasons, the telescopic fork with cartridge damper is only in the spring base and the spring strut is also in
the rebound damping adjustable. Very positive: Despite the many modifications and better equipment with an extensive on-board computer that displays information about average speed, travel time, average or current consumption as well as the remaining range, Triumph does not charge a cent more for the new model without ABS than for its predecessor.
A blemish, or rather a concession to the noise regulations, is the strongly muffled background noise. The rear silencer under the seat doesn’t leave much of the typical
Triple sound penetrate the outside world. The two catalytic converters that enable the ST to meet the Euro 2 standard are exemplary. If you don’t want to do without the sound, you can order an open exhaust system? but without ABE.
In addition to the exhaust system, Triumph offers a wide range of accessories that turn the more sporty Sprint ST into a more comfortable tourer. The standard windshield, for example, is relatively flat, so you have to duck low for effective wind protection. The higher model from the accessories may help here. Warm showerers whose buttocks hurt after just a few hours? like the author ??, could the
optionally available gel bench help.
Tourers in particular will appreciate the case system. The highlight: every ST is ex works
three locks, which are then built into the cases. So let yourself be with
close the cases with the ignition key. The Africa drivers were particularly grateful for the Garmin navigation device, which always guided us accurately back to the hotel. Anyone in this
Season in home climes, he will certainly place more value on the heated grips.
The Sprint ST is now available in blue and silver. From April a red version will be available in addition to the two-channel ABS from Nissin, which costs 800 euros.
Equipped with ABS, the brazen could
Trying to overthrow the Honda VFR-ABS from its throne will be crowned with success. The first showdown of the great sports tourers will take place in MOTORRAD 7/2005, in which the Sprint ST unfortunately still has to compete without ABS.

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