Driving report Vertemati Enduro 501

Driving report Vertemati Enduro 501

Yes I will

Reason, calculation or economy? what profane thinking. The Vertemati brothers build their off-road machines according to their own criteria. Either you want it? or not.

It’s great that there are still people who are ready to go their own way. Who just do what needs to be done? in their opinion.

It’s nice that there are people like Guido and Alvaro Vertemati. Since the mid-1990s, the brothers from Triuggio, not far from Monza, have been pursuing only one goal: to realize their own idea of ​​an off-road machine.
And there it is now. With their own concept. A bridge frame made of oval steel tubes, pulled together from the steering head to the swing arm mounting, forms the backbone of the Italian, who is all in silver. The swing arm, made from the same tubes by the way, is supported by a directly hinged spring strut on the frame. The eight-liter tank is centrally located in the tubular frame of the screwed-on rear frame.
However, Guido and Alvaro are much more proud of their self-constructed engine. It should have been a monoblock from the start. A vertically divided housing into which the crankshaft, balance shaft and gearbox can be pushed in quickly and easily from the side and whose cylinder liner, which is child’s play to replace, enables the unit to have a very wide range of displacement options. And as a highlight, the eternal love of the two: a camshaft driven by spur gears. Technically by no means a necessity. Because the concept of a single camshaft prohibits extremely high speeds from the outset, for which the spur gears would offer more precise valve control than a chain or toothed belt. But reason has always counted with Guido and Alvaro?
Not even now. “Andate,” Guido gives the command to drive off and underscores the free ticket with a wink. Straight from the workshop to the enduro trails in Lombardy. And immediately you can feel again that the Vertematis were at work. Kickstarter unfolded? and stepped forward. Unconventional, but can be done comfortably while sitting. And therefore good. But worse than an electric starter. That should only be reserved for the Super Moto version. Because of the weight.
The ER 501 starts right away. The fine whirring of the spur gears underlines the sonorous sound from the Leovince exhaust system. The first few meters are on country roads. The machine looks small, narrow, almost squat. The position of the handlebars, mounted relatively far back on the aluminum fork bridge milled from solid, reinforces this impression. In return, the seat, under whose nose the air filter rattles audibly, offers plenty of freedom of movement. It runs almost horizontally.
The chassis quality is checked on the first dirt road with washed out, bumpy ruts. The 48 white power fork, by the way the version that is coated with a golden, shiny titanium nitride layer, and the shock absorber work well. Actually very good. As is typical of Enduro, the Dutch parts iron everything that gets in the way. Sure, motocross riders won’t be happy with this comfortable setup. Enduro riders already.
An imaginary special test can be staked out in a meadow. Dangling left, dangling right, a few short straight lines in between. The Vertemati slips around corners in an exemplary manner, can be shifted through cleanly, supported by the low manual force of the hydraulically operated clutch. In addition, the soft engine characteristics help in the circle. Total traction. Some will also call it tame. Too tame? On smooth stone passages or after five or six hours in the field, many will no longer want steam. The decision is still a matter of taste. The smooth running of the engine is not. A balancer shaft ensures sufficient rest in the handlebar ends.
D.he way back leads back over the country road. Time to reflect. As the saying goes: It has always been a bit more expensive to have a special taste? Right. 21,000 marks for the individual note in the Stollenmetier are a tight offer. But an idiosyncratic concept alone is not enough. The ordinary Dellorto carburetor, the Grimeca brakes and the bulky brake and clutch fittings disrupt the uncompromising claim. A noble enduro fan can wish for a little more exclusive parts on the noble silver slicer for the fat check. Because he actually wanted to be happy that there are people for whom reason doesn’t always count.

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