Driving report VeXtreme

Driving report VeXtreme

Pits lightning

“Enough can never be enough,” said enduro freak Hanspeter “Pit” Karches to himself and constructed an off-road monster out of a UNO tubular frame and a Suzuki TL 1000 twin. MOTORRAD plowed the earth with it.

In real life, Pit makes a living from real enduro bikes. As a Husaberg dealer, he serves people who are looking for light, handy and sturdy coarse pebbles for their dusty hobby.

real enduro bikes. His dream motorcycle, on the other hand, has nothing to do with the nice, nimble grasshoppers, on the contrary. It is a battleship of frightening proportions, loaded with huge tanks and towed by 125 horses, with the aim of crossing endless deserts and slopes at lightning speed.
However, because the slopes and dunes are seldom properly ironed, the monster hovers on seemingly endless suspension travel of 300 millimeters. The Extreme forks from White Power with 50-millimeter stanchions and a knitted Husaberg swingarm with WP central spring strut are available at the front as ironing aid. The engine itself is in a UNO tubular space frame, which was originally designed as a sports chassis and, after a number of modifications, is now also suitable for off-road gate tours.
To prevent his dream bike from silting up in the dunes due to unnecessary pounds, Pit saved weight in all corners and ends. High-strength carbon fiber panels, one of his favorite materials, hold the rocker arm, fairing and instruments. The reinforced frame carries an auxiliary girder to which the vital water tanks are screwed. The fact that the ground clearance is still sufficient is due to the extremely high placement of the Suzuki TL 1000 S engine. As a result, of course, the overall height and especially the seat height increased.
When people who are 172 centimeters tall climb the saddle, there is something artistic about it – and if it doesn’t work, it’s embarrassing. So we remember the diminutive Paris-Dakar King Gaston Rahier and climb the monster with a casual swing while standing on the pegs when starting. It’s better, because there is a hole in fun while standing or walking pace. Which is not only due to the dimensions, but also to the steering angle that is still too small. “Will be improved,” nods the wiry enduro designer.
As soon as the ship picks up speed and the pilot takes the helm, does the surprise come? the monster drives. The faster the better. And fast is not an issue. The Suzuki twin maltreats the tunnels from idle and pushes the chunk powerfully but gently forward, plows through deep sand, climbs steep slopes with the left and turns long drifts into a calculable show performance. More across than forward, but without underhandedness. Which proves that Pit has worked out a pretty successful set-up of chassis, geometry and weight distribution for its rally version.
After the first lesson of practice, you dare to tackle passages that you and the Suzuki would not have believed possible. Bone-dry ruts over steep slopes, deep sandy, coarse undulating sand stretches and full-throttle full throttle over gravel paths. “Dare to do it,” the big engine grumbles in your ear and pulls man and machine out of many hopeless situations. With every kilometer the fun grows, distrust and fear disappear. Where are you going to Dakar? Why not anymore today? Oh, it’s over for today. But tomorrow morning?
The Africa trip would be possible, because Pit has had his desert monster legalized by the TÜV with a letter and seal. Including the Metzeler studded tires, full power, all the carbon fiber parts and its two-in-one system. So if someone thinks that enough is just not enough, Pit Karches can get their Suzuki THave the L 1000 S converted. For 19,396 euros, he turns the street athlete into a ship in the desert. Well then, have a good trip.

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