Driving report WiWo-BMW R 1100 R.

Driving report, BMW R 1100 R.

WiWo-BMW R 1100 R

Is BMW building a boxer cruiser? Not yet. But Wolfgang Wilhelm von WiWo took the liberty of putting the idea into practice now.

Liberté, the French word for freedom on the tank of the white-blue boxer BMW, not only sounds good, it also makes sense.

Because with a two-part tank dummy made of GRP, which can be slipped over the original gasoline barrel in a short time, the driver enjoys the freedom to sail through the country today with the R 1100 R tank and tomorrow with the fat-bellied dummy, as if it were another The Liberté only becomes a cruiser thanks to the fine ingredients, the brake and wheel manufacturer Wilhelm der R. 1100 R. With CNC-milled hubs from our own production and Borrani rims, the boxer rolls on fat spoke wheels in the American style – at the back even on a 5.5 inch wide rim that allows a 200 / 70-15 thick rubber roller. However, this only works if the large-volume rear silencer has been cut open and narrowed beforehand so that the Metzeler ME 88 Marathon fits through without grinding on the cardan housing or exhaust system. The CNC machines were also used for the footrest system, which was moved forward by about 120 millimeters, made of aluminum Milled and, like the pillion pegs, polished to a high gloss, as is the case with the specially made upper triple clamp that holds the risers for the Buckhorn handlebars. Wolfgang Wilhelm also took care of the unstylish original cockpit. So he constructed a light metal housing that, in addition to the speedometer, accommodates all control lights, toggle switches and lamp holder and, with a high-gloss polished finish, forms an inconspicuously compact unit. Steel-sheathed brake and oil lines complete the clean conversion to a cruiser. However, you will look in vain for WiWo brake calipers at the Liberté. The ABS system of the R 1100 R made it impossible for Ulmen to install his own brake calipers, but there is nothing wrong with the original brake system with Brembo four-piston calipers. The seat height adjustment of the R 1100 R, on the other hand, fell victim to Wilhelm’s cruiser concept. The double seat bench with integrated rear is permanently mounted. For smaller people a bearable loss, as you sit comfortably low on the hard, padded, angular bench. The driving posture with the footrests placed far forward still takes a bit of getting used to. The heavily cranked, high Buckhorn handlebar is a hindrance in tight bends and turning maneuvers. And when turning in, the driver needs more manual strength than usual. The fact that the WiWo-BMW is less handy than the original is clearly due to the wide rear tire, which also makes it sensitive to ruts and, depending on the road conditions, more or less wobbly. People like wide rear tires, ”says Wolfgang Wilhelm. “You have to put up with driving behavior that takes a bit of getting used to.” You don’t necessarily have to live with other peculiarities of the conversion. The Buckhorn handlebar is just one of many handlebar variants with which the Liberté can be equipped. The footrest position and seat height can also be set differently when purchasing the conversion kit at no extra charge. Only the paint is not included in the price of 13,615 marks for the kit with TÜV certificate and installation instructions. And if you don’t want to do the work of the conversion, you can order the entire motorcycle with ABS and catalytic converter in its original paintwork and with TÜV registration for 33,810 marks. In addition, the customer has the freedom to purchase the 850 variant for 1,000 marks less.

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Driving report WiWo-BMW R 1100 R.

Driving report
WiWo-BMW R 1100 R

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