Driving report Wüdo-BMW R 1150 GS

Driving report Wüdo-BMW R 1150 GS

Better different

Helmut Wüstenhöfer’s company Wüdo has been going its own way for 30 years. With technical and design solutions that are unusual for BMW. Like on this fun bike based on the R 1150 GS.

Whoever says BMW means a cylinder on the left, a cylinder on the right and
warm feet behind.

Many think so
Rubber cow driver, one- and four-cylinder
Despite models from Bavaria. And who
Boxer-Tuning says, often means Wüdo. The brand name stands for WÜstenhöfer DOrtmund ?? even if the traditional company now resides in Holzwickede, at Dortmund airport. Founded as a vehicle electrical company by Helmut Wüstenhöfer ?? 30 years ago, on March 1, 1975.
It starts just a year later
Wüstenhöfer team with racing experience as the best German troop in the World Endurance Championship on a BMW. Sold and was since 1977-
tet W.üdo exclusively motorcycles, in 1978 the company developed the first Spezialzu-
accessories for boxers. There is a lot of experience
So in this different test R 1150 GS in a special light blue paint. It rolls on 17-inch light alloy wheels from the R 1100 S sports car.
A sensationally compact silencer creates space for the 180 rear slider: 28 centimeters long, 21 wide, 13 high. It fits completely in front of the rear wheel, otherwise only the collector is that big. A short end tube blows the exhaust gases out to the left of the bike. Hence the name »sidepipe«. It’s hard to believe, the dainty muffler is equipped with a lambda probe plus G-Kat, even has ABE. Just not more sound, it sounds subtle.
The mini-bag only drives in a slight power plus between 3300 and 4200 tours. Beyond 5000 rpm it costs a fair amount of power. The boxer pushes 79 instead of 85 hp. But that doesn’t bother much when driving. For one thing, there is activity downstairs
enough, on the other hand annoying at high
Speeds anyway tingling vibrations in the handlebar grips and single seat ?? Passenger seat and footrests are missing.
Once and for all, the Wüdo double ignition eliminates annoying constant speed jolts through more efficient combustion.
In contrast to modern series machines, the additional candles are on the
Cylinder top. Wüdo can equip all single ignition four-valve boxers from 1993 with double ignition.
The 17-inch front wheel would dramatically reduce caster, a new lower triple tree should compensate for this. Milled from solid, it integrates a hole for the brake line. Art in metal. A modified front fender, wave brake discs from ABM and fine Öhlins struts front and rear complete the chassis conversion.
It drives well. At best, a minimal tendency to wobble when driving slowly indicates the difficult work on the chassis geometry. At top speed, the fun bike doesn’t bother, runs straight ahead like clockwork. A large screen from the Adventure shields the driver’s upper body over the entire surface, and its incline can only be adjusted thanks to Wüdo adapters. Without great turbulence or annoying wind noise.
The beakless front mask with integrated LED indicators is a one-off production. Seated behind the broad ABM handlebars, the BMW driver moves a real size. In fast alternating curves, this GS species falls incredibly manageable into full incline. As precisely as if it were remote-controlled, the 1150 burns through curve radii of all diameters.
Grippy Bridgestone road tires of the type BT 012, with a super soft compound at the rear, do their grueling job with the utmost confidence. Again and again the knee-friendly footrests rasp across the asphalt. And the finely appealing Öhlins suspension struts allow Tele and Paralever to glide over even the worst of streets, gently and comfortably like an airboat. Just much more stable. Better different .

Info – Wüdo-BMW R 1150 GS

Wüdo am Flughafen, Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 3, 59439 Holzwickede, Telephone 02301/91880, www.wuedo.de

17-inch wheelset including lower triple clamp: 3620 euros; BSM rear silencer »Sidepipe«: 749 euros; Adjustment mechanism for adventure disc: 165 euros, (with disc 333 euros); Front fairing: on request Wave brake discs: 245 euros (each); ABM handlebar: 85 euros (without handlebar brackets); LED taillight and rear indicators: 239 euros; Decorative cover in GRP look for plastic parts: from 42.50 euros, painting: 1200 euros
Conversion to dual ignition for four-valve boxer: around 1200 euros; Contains: ignition cable, spark plug connector, second ignition coil, Q-Tech output stage and four NGK platinum-
Candles: 459 euros, equipment carrier: from 39.90 euros; Assembly of the double ignition: 299 euros, assembly /
Dismantling the cylinder heads: from 240 euros; Drilling cylinder heads for double ignition: 105.50 euros

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