Driving report Wunderlich-BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

Driving report Wunderlich-BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
Computer retouching Guerin

Driving report Wunderlich-BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

High stacker

According to the motto: “You can always improve something good,” says BMW specialist W.The GS 1200 Adventure finally accepted. A TÜV-compliant conversion kit for the front wheel from 19 to 21 inches should not only benefit off-road suitability and steering precision, but also expand the tire selection.

In addition to the complete front wheel, the conversion kit includes brake lines, an off-road mudguard and a height-adjustable, lower triple clamp. The latter, according to Wunderlich’s promise, will noticeably improve wheel control, and thanks to its adjustability, it can also be used for 19-inch wheels.
Two inches are around five centimeters. And they are already noticeable when jacking up: Both wheels touch the ground when the 1200 is enthroned on the main stand. Bad when changing wheels. The advertised advantages
of the larger wheel only come up
Holed slopes and in rough terrain to wear. When turning into a roundabout or into very tight serpentines, the Wunderlich conversion requires a slightly larger curve than the series counterpart. The often and rightly praised neutral driving behavior of the GS thereby becomes a
little scratched. That’s just the way the 21er bike is
A real alternative for those who want to chase their GS across the slopes of the world mainly in rally style.
The fully adjustable Wilbers shock absorber is recommended for every adventure driver. It responds sensitively and offers enormous reserves, especially in the damping range in which the
Original has long been weak. The use of the so-called performance controller was also very positive. An easy-to-install device that allows the injection quantity to be varied. The boxer
the test machine was very convincing
good smooth running properties, lively on the gas and seemed much more agile over the entire speed range than an engine fed by the standard software. Disadvantages: slightly higher consumption (depending on the setting) and expiry of the operating permit, because there is a TÜV certificate
it for not. Advantage: 30 days right of return in case of dissatisfaction. rh

Modification info


Wheel conversion to 21 inches,
complete 1699.00 euros

“Ergo-Screen” 195.00 euros
Ergoseat bench 249.00 euros

Wilbers chassis
Front shock absorber 429.00 euros
Rear shock absorber 649.00 euros
Braking brake discs
front 174.90 euros
rear 174.90 euros
matching brake pads
front 35.90 euros
back 27.90 euros

Wunderlich tank bag 149.00 euros
Hepco & Becker suitcase
»Gobi«, rate 449.80 euros
Pannier rack 209.00 euros
Performance Controller 289.00 euros

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