Driving report Yamaha MT-01, model 2007

Driving report Yamaha MT-01, model 2007

MT-01 with more bite

First of all, the best: The Yamaha MT-01 remains true to itself in 2007. A fat V2 engine with antiquated bumpers in the aluminum chassis with an upside-down fork. Only, not good. The power roadster thrives on contrasts, is sporty, but weighs 260 kilograms.

But once you sit down and start the Big Twin, the world looks like it has been transformed. Then the MT-01 feels fully in its element and clicks tremendously powerfully from the clutch. Phew, the walrus of motorcycles.
The V2, which measures 1670 cm3, pushes a beefy 150 Newton meters of torque on the 190 rear roller at 3750 rpm. Keyword clutch: This is operated hydraulically as usual. It only comes to the last millimeter of lever travel and requires a lot of hand strength for Japanese goods. This year the clutch and front brake were fitted with metal hydraulic tanks cast directly onto the fittings. That might look classy, ​​but the separate “plastic boxes” of the old model were cheaper if the worst came to the worst.

Instead of four-piston calipers, the six-piston calipers of the
2007 Supersport R1. These are screwed radially and appear almost filigree. In effect, however, they are great. Two pairs of pads of different sizes per saddle can be properly dosed to bite the 320 discs ?? the larger of four brake pistons actuated, the smaller of two. Everything is identical to the current R1. The old brakes were already strong, now there’s even tougher stuff. The braking force is almost too strong, especially on wet roads. ABS wouldn’t be bad. Fortunately, the heavy load on the front wheel acts as a kind of mechanical fall preventer: even when the bike is temporarily stationary, the load simply pushes it over it completely.

The MT-01 also goes its own way. Accelerates so hard that you are always surprised when the two-cylinder locks off pretty early at 5500 rpm. On the other hand, it is mechanically and acoustically a first-class experience: there is a flap in the exhaust behind the arm-thick stainless steel manifolds. It optimizes the sound of the two mufflers placed high like cannon barrels. The pounding is accompanied by the gentle pulsing of the 97 pistons on their 113 millimeter long journey between dead centers.

The 90 hp of the Langhubers are ideal for winding country roads. There the MT-01 requires honest steering work on the handlebars, it is not overly handy. But at the latest at the motorcycle meeting point, when the black V-Twin crackles wonderfully in front of it, the sporty appearance is a really big one. Measured against various Harleys, 13,459 euros for the MT-01 muscle bike doesn’t seem that expensive. She has more bite anyway.

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