Driving report Yamaha MT-03

Driving report Yamaha MT-03

Driving report Yamaha MT-03

Kodo, the third

…in this case does not come from the center of the star, but from Italy. The MT-03 is produced by Belgarda-Yamaha on Lake Garda and is to introduce the beat of the MT series, the kodo of Japanese drummers, into the single-cylinder segment.

Herbert Grönemeyer sings in one of his songs: “She only likes music when it is loud … only then does she forget that she is deaf …” Music experts refer to the musical translation of vibrations into a rhythm or sound feeling as the third ear.

Yamaha also makes use of this. In terms of advertising, the brand with the three tuning forks relies on Kodo, the deep, for its MT series bikes
The beat of the Japanese drummers can be felt in the stomach. MT bikes should like that
no other previously generate and on
transfer their drivers. The MT-03 is the second Sport model after the MT-01-
Roadster series. And what about the MT-
02? All Yamahans respond with a shrug. 1100 cm3, Ex-
VX drive? Guesswork is allowed.
Like its large-volume, two-cylinder sister, the MT-03 was made by a
Design study derived. In the foreground of the development stood alongside their
optical implementation especially one except-
Ordinary dynamic driving agility and handiness. You think you can feel it at the first contact. Moderate seat height of 805 millimeters, wide handlebars,
perfect knee closure; immediately arises
the feeling of having everything under control.
This is reinforced by the short tank,
the handlebar, which is close to the body, and
extremely clear view to the front? there is
just nothing. Because the headlight of the MT-03 is extremely flat and the cockpit is very delicate, you can literally watch the front wheel rotating.
This looseness, the felt lightness of being, continues when you set off. The machine should be 192 kilograms
loud YWeigh the amaha with a full tank and ready to drive. Not a little for you
Single ?? Nevertheless, the MT-03
direct very easily. Steering impulses who-
implemented without resistance. Also the
Gears literally slide into their locking position.
Each switching process only requires one
little effort, but the detent could provide a little more feedback
deliver. A forgivable shortcoming, known from the two XT models, the Enduro and the Supermoto. Their water-
cooled, 660 cm3 strong single cylinder also does its job in the MT-03.
In the roadster comes next to the opulent
styled exhaust system, a new programming of the engine management with modified maps is used. In addition, the volume of the airbox grew
to 6.9 liters compared to 6.7 liters for the XT. Nevertheless, the output is lower:
Instead of 48 HP at 6000 revs, the MT-03 lifts “only” 45 HP at the same speed and, like the XT, “only” jumps over the Euro 2 emissions barrier. The torque peak is 56 two Newton meters below that of the XT.
The driving impression is different, however. The single is very clean and soft on the gas. The vote went very well. No jerking, no swallowing. Every turn of the handle is spontaneous in
Propulsion implemented, the four-valve engine never seems sluggish and turns loosely until the loading-
Grenzer bites at 7800 rpm. Then the speedometer shows around 170 km / h in the last gear. The MT-03 makes up for the slight loss of performance compared to the XT sisters with its shorter secondary gear ratio (47 to 15 instead of 45 to 15). Most of the fire is under the roof between 4500 rpm and 6000 rpm. The joy of revving is paired with power, it rumbles most beautifully from the two thick tubes, the praised Kodo comes across most concisely. The pulse of a single cylinder beat, massaging vibrations and sound is very successful.
And that already at low revs-
numbers. Relaxed tourist gliding is just as much fun as agile waving through the hustle and bustle of inner-city traffic or crisp radius surfing on the smallest of roads. By the way: The feeling, the twists and turns of one
Being able to follow the roller coaster lightly is hardly exuding a motorcycle as intensely as the MT-03. This is where the very short wheelbase of 1420 millimeters, the active seating position and the balanced weight distribution make themselves felt ?? the machine is ultra-handy.
In no time at all, the MT-03 flies through alternating curves, can be easily turned over and turned. But works in some
Situations a bit wobbly, probably because of the short wheelbase. The fork as well as the brake system were taken over from the FZ6 almost unchanged and master all driving conditions. Two double-piston floating calipers bite into 298 discs at the front. Supported at the rear by a floating saddle with a 245 mm disc. The front brake requires three fingers to be operated and is very easy to adjust and extremely effective.
On the chassis side, Yamaha beats one, at least in terms of design
completely new direction. The suspension strut, which is linked directly to the swing arm, is supported on the frame to the right of the engine in the direction of travel. A gag that exudes exclusivity. And by the way, the way for
clears an elaborately laid exhaust system: the manifolds open below the two-part seat into a collector, which releases the exhaust gases into two thick rear silencers. The landing gear-
vote got sporty tight. 130 millimeters of travel at the front and 120 millimeters at the rear keep the rider away from the toughest bumps and ensure that the wheels roll smoothly on the road. And up to country road category two there is something like comfort. Both tire variants Dunlop D 270 and Pirelli Scorpion Sync are designed exclusively for road use and roll in the dimensions 120 / 70-17 and 160 / 60-17 on newly designed, lightweight five-spoke aluminum wheels. The Pirelli gives a slightly more manageable impression than the Dunlop.
What does the MT-03 want to be? Yamaha writes of a completely new driving experience between supermoto and roadster: »… a very special single-cylinder engine-
bike for individualists. ”Indeed, unite
The playful handling of a Supermoto machine with the characteristics of a street bike. But 45 hp is not an output to brag about. However, the design is convincing. Apart from the gear lever, foot brake lever and cockpit, so is the workmanship. The German importer is confident and has ordered around 1000 copies of the 6695 euro individualist bike. They will be ready in a few days from mid-De-
December, at the Yamaha dealer. well then,
maybe this year Santa Claus will come with an unexpected drum roll for some.

Specifications – Yamaha MT-03

Engine: Dummy single-cylinder four-stroke engine, dohc, four valves, injection, regulated catalytic converter, five-speed gearbox, chain, Mein Buhl always joins, dummy text and so on.
Bore x stroke 79.0 x 76.0 mm
Displacement 745 cm3
Rated output 33 kW (45 PS) at 5500 rpm
Max. Torque 64 Nm at 3000 rpm

Chassis: Bridge frame made of steel, telescopic fork, central spring strut with lever system, front disc brake, Ø 300 mm, rear disc brake, Ø 240 mm, Mein Buhl joins them.
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 190/50 ZR 17

Dimensions and weights: wheelbase 1479 mm, seat height * 780 mm, weight with a full tank * 193 kg, payload * 187 kg, tank capacity / reserve * 17.3 / 4.5 liters, my fanatics always join us.

Two-year guarantee with unlimited mileage
Colors black, yellow, metallic silver
Power variants 25kW (34 HP)

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