Driving report Yamaha MT-03: sensible, fun-loving, grown up

Yamaha MT-03.

Yamaha MT-03.

Yamaha MT-03.

Yamaha MT-03.

Yamaha MT-03.

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Yamaha MT-03.

The Yamaha MT-03 has been thoroughly redesigned for the model year.

Yamaha MT-03.

A lot has also changed visually.

Yamaha MT-03.

One of the new features is an upside-down fork.

Yamaha MT-03.

When it comes to tires, Yamaha is now using the Dunlop GPR-300.

Yamaha MT-03.

The previous model was sold in series with the Michelin Pilot Street.

Yamaha MT-03.

The new headlight mask in particular creates a new look.

Yamaha MT-03.

The design now looks much more aggressive.

Yamaha MT-03.

Full LED lighting is also on board.

Yamaha MT-03.

The tank has also been redesigned without losing any of its volume.

Yamaha MT-03.

In comparison, the handlebar is now 39 mm higher.

Yamaha MT-03.

The seating position is also more oriented towards the front wheel.

Yamaha MT-03.

The new MT-03 will initially be available in three color variants.

Yamaha MT-03.

With a full tank, it should weigh 168 kilograms.

Yamaha MT-03.

The engine develops 42 hp at 10,750 rpm and 30 Nm at 9,000 rpm.

Yamaha MT-03.

The new MT-03 is available from 5,499 euros (plus additional costs).

Driving report Yamaha MT-03

Sensible, fun-loving, grown-up

The Yamaha MT-03 enters the 2020 model year with a new look and some technical innovations. We have already been able to drive it under the Spanish sun.

At the YAs with the little MT-125, the amaha MT-03 is the handlebar mask, which is designed differently, but obeys the same philosophy, and is the most striking and controversial element of the bike. And for all the liveliness and the joy of driving that surrounds and exudes the MT-03, it is basically a two-wheeler based on reason with its opposing two-chamber heart, which at least in this country is more likely to be bought for rational reasons than its Wilder-Mann -Activating allures.

New fork tightens the chassis

As with the MT-125, the visual focus and the driver have been moved more towards the front wheel. The handlebars moved 39 mm higher and moved 19 mm towards the driver. The tank became narrower at the bottom to close the knees, but wider at the top. The content remains the same at 14 liters. A new full LCD cockpit replaces the previous version with an analog tachometer. The front wheel control is handled by a 37 mm upside-down fork instead of the conventional fork used previously. With this, Yamaha is reacting to the inharmonious and too soft suspension set-up, which has been criticized in various tests, and which reached its limits on brisk driving. This shortcoming can be considered eliminated after the first test drive. The setup is now tighter than before, but still clearly this side of the 125cc. The conversion from Michelin Pilot Street to Dunlop GPR 300 rounds off the chassis measures.

Fun-loving two-cylinder

The twin with 321 cm³ remained completely unchanged. In the last MOTORRAD comparison test, it was named the benchmark in its class. The counter-runner starts up spontaneously and has the typical asynchronous sound of this concept. He willingly pulls through in the high gears from just above idling speed, from around 7,500 rpm he really puts in a lot and with the power come the fine vibrations. The limiter puts an end to the hustle and bustle somewhere between 12 and 13,000 rpm. The easy-revving twin can always be kept in the desired range with the fluffy shiftable six-speed gearbox. On the first few kilometers, the almost virgin brake equipped with a conventional two-piston floating caliper surprised with a rather modest effect with high manual force, but both changed with increasing mileage.

The Yamaha is available from 5,499 euros (plus additional costs).

During a short excursion on the expressway, the MT-03 ran straight ahead even in the upper quarter of the speed spectrum, but the fine vibrations are annoying in the long run. In general, it can be said that 42 hp has seldom been served more fun-loving and yet grown up. It is now available in blue, black and silver for 5,499.

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