Driving report Yamaha Tricker

Driving report Yamaha Tricker

Driving report Yamaha Tricker

Easy going

“A lot helps a lot,” is the popular saying. Yamaha’s latest city toy, Tricker, strongly opposes this. The motto of the future could be »Reduce to the max ?? be called.

Nobody freezes in awe in front of 19 hp. 19 Newton meters of maximum torque will not hold your breath.

And yet: The thing has a certain charm from the first meter. Yamaha has reinvented trialing. The recipe: Small 250 cubic centimeter two-valve four-stroke single, based on the XT 250, with long suspension travel around it, lots of ground clearance and low seat height ?? a new trend device is ready.

Of course, that also needs a new name: Tricker. And a new gender. »The«, not »the« as is commonly the case with motorcycles. Tricker’s strength lies in the art of omission. Pleasant with everyone-
men side effects also for seasoned drivers. The most welcome is that the Tricker takes his driver seriously. He is not patronized, knows no imperatives like a thousand and one horsepower or radially screwed 16-piston pliers. It imposes neither style nor image. He is just there.
Everything else is in the hands of the driver. Regardless of whether it’s a stunt show in the parking lot, adherence to deadlines despite traffic chaos or a leisurely motorcycle hike into the last corner. The trickster is always there.
And fit right from the start. On-
sit, start, drive away ?? the operation is not a mystery. Okay, the mechanically operated mixture enrichment under the tiny six-liter tank clearly indicates a drive unit that is no longer completely fresh, but it does not seem necessary in this context. On the contrary, the restrained performance data in combination with a full tank of 120 kilograms of weight, predictable and not overly snappy brakes, ultra-compact dimensions and the turning circle of a bicycle
the feeling of having everything under control and of being able to do what you want under all circumstances. An experience that has almost been lost in our high-tech vehicle world.
Sudden evasive action may be necessary, difficult snaking or brutal braking? the trickster turns these urban horror scenarios into their opposite with beautiful regularity. A characteristic that clearly distinguishes him from driving-
dynamically peculiar scooter guild and drives self-determined natures into the youthful arrogance. BMW would probably call it “sheer driving pleasure” when you push a vehicle to its limits
to successfully move their own further.
It almost happens unintentionally. Just that in short
Tear up the 19-inch front wheel inflated with a bar and a half, with Schmackes over the curb and between the bollards, then down the small staircase and up the next one again, before the front wheel is lifted with a strong jerk on the handlebars at the supermarket parking lot then go straight to the final braking drift with the rear wheel stationary. Anarchy for you and me!
Before questioners argue about how you want to transport your shopping goods: What are backpacks for? And a helmet lock is always available, as is a range of accessories from luggage racks to engine protection. Oh yes, and something else for motorhome enthusiasts and nature lovers: with exactly two
The Tricker fits meters in length, 81 centimeters in width and 113 centimeters in height
easily in every van. With 27 centimeters of ground clearance over many a tree trunk and with a promised top speed of 120 km / h even on the country road. The stages shouldn’t be too long. Because of the range and in the interest of a possible companion, because the second row is
at best for trips from the disco ?? “to you or to me?” ?? made.
Which brings us back to the main target group. That would have been on one
Realization of the high-tech studies Tricker Pro or Air Tricker (motor from Crosser YZ 250 F, carbon frame) surely more enthusiastic ?? but this is still a lot
can afford less. 4295 euros are a proud price for simple technology. To do this, the trickster has to live with another handicap. He is with his
Quarter liter cubic capacity is taboo for 16 year olds. But Yamaha is already thinking about a 125cc trick. For the cool number in the schoolyard.

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