Harley-Davidson LiveWire with range record: 1,723 km in 24 hours

Harley-Davidson LiveWire (2020)

Harley-Davidson LiveWire with range record

1,723 km in 24 hours on an electric motorcycle

A Swiss entrepreneur has set a new range record for electric motorcycles in 24 hours with a Harley-Davidson LiveWire. Michel von Tell set the record alone and on public roads.

GAs has now become known, the new record was set on March 11th and 12th, 2020. The starting point for the record run was in Zurich. From Switzerland it went to Stuttgart to the first charging station. There the battery was filled up on a quick charger in 25 minutes. With a full battery, we went to the second charging station in Singen. From then on there was a commute between Singen and Stuttgart – a total of six times. For the final it went along Lake Constance to Liechtenstein. The record attempt ended there after 23 hours and 48 minutes with 1,723 kilometers covered. However, the record is not listed on Guinness, which does not affect the performance. There were six witnesses from three countries, but no Guinness officials.

The previous Guinness record of 1,317 kilometers in 24 hours was set with a Zero brand electric motorcycle in September 2018. At the time, seven different drivers were involved – including MOTORRAD test drivers – and the record was implemented on a test track.

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