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Honda CB 650 R 2019

Honda CB 650 R (2019) in the driving report

Mid-range four-cylinder in Neo Sports Café design

At the Paris Motor Show, Honda had shown the Neo Sports Café study, the series version was available at EICMA and now the Honda CB 650 R can be tried out for the first time.

NAfter Honda can already score with new naked bikes in the top class and with beginners, the attack on the middle class followed at EICMA with the new CB 650 R..

For the seasoning mix, the Japanese fall back on the tried and tested recipe of the sister models. Compared to the Honda CB 650 F, which inherits the CB 650 R, the new one relies on a modified frame, a new, longer 15.4 liter fuel tank and a revised footrest system, which together save 6 kilograms in weight.

The CB 650 R is getting lighter

In addition, Honda is serving a new 41 series Showa SFF USD fork, radially mounted four-piston brake calipers and floating 310 brake discs on the front wheel, as well as new rims fitted with 120/70 ZR17 and 180/55 ZR17 tires. The rear shock absorber, which can only be varied in the preload, is linked directly to the cast swing arm in the banana profile. At the rear, a 240 mm disc in combination with a single-piston pliers decelerates. ABS is of course part of the standard equipment. The overhangs at the front and back have been significantly shortened, resulting in a more dynamic line. Metallic surfaces adorn several components of the four-cylinder bike. In the cockpit behind the butted tubular handlebar, which sits further forward and lower, provides information on an LCD display, which offers a gear indicator as well as a gear indicator.


The output of the four-cylinder increases to 95 hp.

Thanks to modifications on the intake and exhaust sides, revised timing and higher compression, the 649 cm³ in-line four-cylinder engine increases by 1,000 tours to 12,000 rpm. increased speed limit by around 5 percent in power. This gives the CB 650 R 95 hp and 64 Nm torque. But the midrange power should also have benefited from the revision. A 48 hp version will also be available as an option. The CB 650 R is available in four color variants: Graphite Black, Candy Chromosphere Red, Matt Crypton Silver Metallic, Matt Jeans Blue Metallic.

Honda CB 650 R on the first exit

Honda has changed the last letter on the new CB 650 R and CBR 650 R. An “Eff” became an “Errr”. At the presentation in Mojacar, Spain, MOTORRAD was able to test what that means and how the two models drive. This article focuses on the CB 650 R. The driving report on the disguised CBR 650 R is available in a separate article.

Honda CB 650 R 2019

Super athlete

Honda CBR 650 R in the driving report

Like a shrunken Fireblade

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How does the new CB 650 R fare on its first trip in Mojacar, Spain?

The swapped letter is just the smallest part that was changed on the two bikes. Since the two models are technically very close to each other, they are quasi twins with different looks, here in a nutshell the most important changes to the predecessors: increased engine power, installed traction control, installed anti-hopping clutch, weight screwed down by six kilograms, radial Brake calipers mounted in front and a 41 mm upside-down fork from Showa inserted into the triple clamps. Both bikes have these features. But there are also differences. You can see that at first glance. So now to the naked CB 650 R..

Honda states 202 kilograms with a full tank

It takes up the Neo Sport Café look, which is already known from the Honda model range, so it wants to be less of a street fighter and more to emphasize classic motorcycle design. For example, the LED headlights moved much closer to the fork, the rear is shorter, and design elements with a metal look dominate. But not only has changed a lot in terms of design, Honda has also changed the seating position. The slightly cranked, butted handlebars move 13 millimeters further forwards and eight downwards compared to the CB 650 F. The footrests, on the other hand, are six millimeters higher and 0.3 centimeters further back. The bottom line is that the seat position is still very comfortable, but slightly more aggressive, and oriented towards the front wheel on the 810 millimeter high bench.


The Honda CB 650 R should weigh 202 kilograms with a full tank.

With a good overview you can enter the Winkelwerk in southern Spain. Not nervous, but quite handy, the CB 650 R follows the steering commands, and in case of doubt it can still be guided a little closer around the corner – for example when a curve is closing. Only the grip on the front brake disturbs the harmonious angling at these moments, because the Honda then noticeably stands up on the mounted Roadtec 01 from Metzeler. Otherwise, the brakes grip properly and have no problems with the low weight of the bikeHonda claims 202 kilograms with a full tank.

To have from 7,990 euros

When the apex is passed, the engine can cheer. And he has to. The 649 cubic four-cylinder clearly feels most comfortable in the second half of the engine speed. Although he snuffles through the city in sixth gear at 30 km / h without any problems, it doesn’t go forward like that. If you want pressure, you need higher speeds. With these, the four-wheeler accepts throttle commands extremely smoothly, while at lower speeds it is noticeable with slight load changes.


Honda charges 7,990 euros including ancillary costs for the new CB 650 R..

That leaves the chassis: this can only be adjusted in the rear spring base, but it still does its job well. Although the basic set-up is more on the comfortable side, the fork and shock absorber build up enough progression not to rush through the suspension travel completely unsteady. The Showa fork works a bit more sensitively than the shock absorber, which is linked directly between the frame and the swing arm and which is slower to respond to light impulses. If you like the new Neo Sport Café look of the CB 650 R, you can get it from 7,990 euros including ancillary costs.

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