Honda Crossrunner – the new sports tourer from Honda

Honda Crossrunner - the new sports tourer from Honda

Premiere Honda Crossrunner

The new sports tourer from Honda

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Take a sports tourer that is getting on in years, give it long legs and a smart look, voilà: the fun bike is ready. The simple concept of the Honda Crossrunner works?

Recycling is in. Regardless of whether it is paper, the Sunday roast or ex-minister for Guttenberg’s doctoral thesis, there is a lot of secondary recycling in all areas.

D.he motorcycle industry is no exception. The latest example: the Honda Crossrunner. The drive and chassis of the fun bike have largely been adopted unchanged from the VFR 800. The Japanese only improved the engine: Longer and thinner intake funnels and modifications to the exhaust system are said to have eliminated the VFR’s torque hole at 4000 rpm.

The art of good recycling, however, is to combine the old with the new. So Honda gave the new one a chassis with long suspension travel (front 165, rear 145 millimeters) and spiced up the look thoroughly. When designing the cladding, which is available in white, red or black, Honda’s chief designer Teofilo Plaza was based on a jet ski. Unusual. Otherwise, the concept of the Crossrunner is a bit out of the ordinary. The model name is based on the Roadrunner, a fast-paced, slightly over-the-top cartoon bird who would probably not pass drug control. Similar to the amphetamine bird, the Crossrunner should also exude a good mood.

In fact, after the first few meters on the long-legged Japanese woman, a broad grin spans the pilot’s face. The Crossrunner turns out to be real fun and does exactly what the pilot wants from her. Especially the handling of the 238-kilo-hum creates a good atmosphere. With the slightest pull on the ugly disguised handlebars, the Honda falls neutrally into a sloping position and effortlessly follows the targeted line. Not least thanks to the newly developed Pirelli Scorpion Trail, the contour of which was specially tailored to the Crossrunner. The grip level of the multi-compound tires is okay, but the rear wheel sometimes breaks off on slippery road sections.
The long spring elements respond well, iron gently over asphalt patches and pamper the pilot with a lot of comfort. Always looked a lot less comfortable on the Roadrunner.

However, the setting options for the chassis are very limited. The rebound stage and spring base are variable on the shock absorber, the rider has to take the fork as it is. This is not a problem on country road tours, but when it comes to sport, there is a lot of movement in the road jet skis.

The three-piston floating caliper brake offers a suitable bite for country roads and good controllability. The C-ABS also impresses with its fine control intervals, but intervenes quite early.

The 90-degree V-four-cylinder from the VFR 800 does its job extremely well in the Crossrunner. Acoustically restrained, it kicks off vigorously from 2000 rpm, pulls linearly through the rev range, then suddenly changes the timbre at just under 7000 rpm and roars forward 1000 revolutions later without restraint with thoroughly sporty ambition. This coyote-in-sheepskin concept is created by the variable valve control V-Tec and offers the pilot two completely different engine characteristics. On a weekend trip with your girlfriend, the Honda spoils you with buttery-soft performance, easily controllable power and subtle bubbling from the stainless steel muffler, while gasping on the house route after work, it offers an aggressive sound and fat forward thrust. In addition to the fun factor, the acoustic division has another advantage: It helps to estimate the speed of the V-engine. Actually, the digital tachometer should take over this task. However, this is very difficult to read in the cockpit positioned high up. Maybe Honda would have better recycled the VFR part here too.

PS judgment

The Crossrunner is a successful fun bike for everyone. You can argue about the look, but the great handling and the two-faced engine are really fun. But above all, it is very easy to drive. Get on, drive off, feel good. Well done Honda.

Technical specifications


The Crossrunner is only available in Germany with ABS.

Four-cylinder 90-degree V-engine, 4 valves / cylinder, 74.9 kW (102 PS) at 10,000 rpm *, 73 Nm at 9500 rpm *, 782 cm3, bore / stroke: 72.0 / 48 , 0 mm, compression: 11.6: 1, ignition / injection system, 36 mm throttle valves, hydraulically operated multi-plate oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, chain

landing gear
Light alloy bridge frame, steering head angle: 64.6 degrees, caster: 96 mm, wheelbase: 1464 mm, Ø inner fork tube: 43 mm, spring travel from / h .: 165/145 mm

Wheels and brakes
Light alloy cast wheels, 3.50 x 17"/5.50 x 17", Front tires: 120/70 ZR 17, rear: 180/55 ZR 17, 296 mm double disc brake with three-piston floating calipers at the front, 256 mm single disc with three-piston floating caliper at the rear, C-ABS

Weight (full tank)
238 kg * Tank capacity: 21.5 liters of super

Base price
10 790 Euro (plus ancillary costs) *

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