Intermot innovations: Yamaha

Intermot innovations: Yamaha

Model presentation: Yamaha

Muscle games

The exterior of the Kraftmeier XJR 1300 has a modern look, flanked by a sporty café racer offshoot. The MT-07 comes in a stunt bike look, and the 125 cc’s ABS.

After the surprising flood of new products last year, Yamaha is holding back, at least as far as INTERMOT is concerned, with real innovations for the next season. At least there is a new edition of one of the most popular classic muscle bikes from Japan that has at least been fundamentally revised on the outside: The XFrom January 2015, the JR 1300 will be available from dealers in a completely new, contemporary look.

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Intermot innovations: Yamaha

Model presentation: Yamaha
Muscle games

XJR 1300 Racer also has a sporty offshoot. but one after anonther.

XJR 1300: Tank shape slimmer, driver moves closer to the handlebars


The robust big bike has something dinosaur-like about it not only because of its powerful air-cooled four-cylinder – the comparison is also quite good in terms of age. Traditionalists will be happy: Technically everything remains the same with the new XJR.

Since 1999, Yamaha has had the 98 hp XJR 1300 in its range, except for the change from carburettor to injection without any major technical modifications. And that will remain so. Because the innovations for 2015 are tightened plastic surgery, the mighty 1252 cubic four-cylinder with its beefy 108 Nm torque and the chassis with standard Öhlins struts at the rear, conventional telescopic fork at the front and the four-piston double disc brake system derived from the early R1 remain equal. SECTION? If this motorcycle dinosaur still doesn’t need one, it won’t even be available for an extra charge. In return, the tank shape has become slimmer, and the driver moves closer to the broad handlebars, sitting a little more upright. The four-in-one exhaust system is now black, the round instruments continue to show analogue, but have been redesigned, the perforated side covers in the hood look are made of brushed aluminum, and the rear frame is slightly shortened.

Racer features: half-shell fairing, short front wheel cover


Handlebar stubs, lamp mask and pillion seat cover – these are the Racer characteristics. The black Akrapovic exhaust is available as an extra for both models.

The Café Racer offshoot of the 1300s, the XJR 1300 Racer, comes with a small half-shell cladding that nestles around the classic round headlight and a short wheel cover at the front – both made of carbon. Short handlebar stubs instead of the wide bar ensure a sporty sitting position. A removable carbon cover on the pillion seat makes the driver’s seat hollow look like a classic solo bench. For both XJRs, Yamaha has an extensive range of accessories in its program, ranging from Akrapovic silencers and luggage bags to handlebar end mirrors.

Technical data Yamaha XJR: Four-cylinder in-line engine, 1251 cm³, 72 kW (98 PS) at 8000 / min, 108 Nm at 6000 / min, double loop frame made of tubular steel, front telescopic fork, rear swing arm with two spring struts; Double disc brake at the front, disc brake at the rear, Ø 298/267 mm, seat height 829 mm, tank capacity 14.5 liters, weight with a full tank 240 kg, price k. A..

MT-07 Moto Cage: held in the design of a stunt motorcycle


The special model sees itself as significantly more extreme than the standard MT-07. The bright red style elements as well as the eye-catching fall protectors come from the stunt driver scene.

The innovations with which the MT-07 Moto Cage is launched as a special model of the robust MT-07 two-cylinder in 2015 are also of a purely visual nature, but also really gaudy: a bright red rim at the front and a black one at the rear. In addition, frame-mounted crash pads, hand protectors, a small, adjustable windshield and fire-brigade red design elements that contrast sharply with the graphite-gray basic color. The Yamaha MT-07 Moto Cage has the design of a stunt motorcycle. In Germany they will only be available with ABS. Yamaha has announced an ABS version of the entry-level 125 MT-125 for February 2015, and the sporty YZF-R125 with anti-lock braking system will also be available a month later. The prices for this and for the new models have not yet been determined.

Technical specifications: Two-cylinder in-line engine, 698 cm³, 55 kW (75 PS) at 9000 / min, 68 Nm at 6500 / min, bridge frame made of tubular steel, telescopic fork at the front, two-arm swing arm with central spring strut at the rear, double disc brake at the front, disc brake at the rear, Ø 282/245 mm, ABS , Seat height 805 mm, tank capacity 14 liters, price k. A..

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