JvB-Ducati 900 Flat Red

JvB-Ducati 900 Flat Red

JvB-Ducati 900 Flat Red

Bundle of energy

Jens vom Brauck had a vision of a hot rod on two wheels. With his highly individually stripped Ducati Supersport 900, the motorcycle designer has made this dream come true. Full of energy, the creation revives an almost forgotten message: less is more.

Inquisitive people on their way to the MOTORRAD underground car park, everyone wants to see them. Editors gaze at them with open mouths D.ucati by Jens vom Brauck. Screaming simplicity on two wheels. Sturdy and consistent. The art of
Reduction, in this creation it becomes perfection. A big engine in a very compact motorcycle. Low, elongated, narrow.
It’s hard to believe, this was a Supersport 900. JvB inherited from it
their technical genes: Desmo-V2, grid-
tubular frame, upside-down fork, polished triangular swing arm, wheels, brakes. Everything else is changed, refined, alienated. The visionary from Brauck knows his trade and has sawed, welded and gelled everything himself. With enthusiasm, energy and passion. That has
it has already been done with the single-cylinder hybrid of Suzuki Freewind and Kawasaki GPX 600 (MOTORRAD 2/2005). Well lie-
he delivers his masterpiece with the Ducati. You have to dare the impossible to achieve the possible.
The 35-year-old “mechanic” and motorcycle designer from Cologne (contact: www.jvb-
moto.com) lets the shapes speak for themselves in this unique piece, at first glance
reveal their function. For example, the oil cooler moved to the left. He be-
is terrifying and captivating in its congenial housing, which actually serves to accommodate the battery exiled, grows out of itself. Or the dull red eight-liter aluminum tank, handcrafted and fitted between the upper frame tubes. “Flat Red” means both, flat and red or simply dull red.
The few remaining components caress the soul. The secret? No compromise. No way. For weeks, von Brauck modeled the square lamp mask alone, carbon layer after carbon layer. The great amount of work involved in »cleaning« remains hidden from the eye: Wherever possible, von Brauck has laid cables and sensors inside. No mundane lines should disturb the aesthetics in metal, rubber and carbon fiber. Less is more. You don’t have to be tall to be a giant.
Take a seat on the spartan seat cushion, your pulse beats faster. The knees fold tightly on the thunder beam, clamp the motorcycle, the buttocks rests just above the asphalt. Gladly tolerated humiliation. Ways to wisdom. Even dwarfs don’t get this Duc up to their navel. Only the two broad halves of the handlebar protrude far from the narrow silhouette, allowing the ox-eyes to see into the distance.
You don’t just leave this work of art on, you celebrate the start. The ignition lock and the literal start button are both in the air filter box under the tank. Kawumm! Sound mole-
Cools flood the exhaust, flow through a tear made of stainless steel – the modified collector of a Multistrada. You continue through the V-shaped elbow work of art into the two elevated Supertrapps. They drum and trumpet loudly, unleashing an inferno from above.
A few centimeters below the chin, the stimulating staccato hums from the aluminum suction throat of the airbox. And growls from there directly under the helmeted skullcap. Small globules made of happiness hormones explode in the brain. A driving experience of the third kind. Like Münchhausen during his ride on the cannonball. The only difference is that you don’t put your hat on here-
must hold. Behind you, the pure nothing yawns, a hint of the rear: carbon-fiber fenders with an accompanying LED taillight. The pillion has a great place – at home on the sofa.
Hold on tight, the approximately 80 hp injection V2 is hungry on the gas and catapults the 165 kilogram light bundle of energy forward rapidly. Less mass, more driving fun. It’s good that the soft Pirelli Dragon Supercorsa stick like the devil. Stubbornly skips them
Series fork with rugged heels. The shortened spring strut from Öhlins is sensually taut. Hard but hearty. That is not the only thing that is pure, direct and pure
Design, but also the Einlenkver-
hold. The flat iron bends wonderfully agile
around large and small curve radii, sucking itself into the curves. Except when turning, the huge turning circle is truck-sized.
With every stop at traffic lights, four-wing brembos bite into imposing 320 mm discs. The high hand strength fits the wiry concept. Comfortable warmth creeps along the standing cylinder, flows into the leather and buttocks. Babbling
the Ducati-Desmo rumbles in idle. In addition, it rattles, an XT 660 looks like a pregnant blue whale compared to the JvB. Green! Perception changes in the eye of the storm. The world is big, your motorcycle is flat and bold. Chopped and inspired, it gives you a feeling of invulnerability. Nothing can be left out of this highly mobile monument. It’s true, less is more.

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