Review of the Wunderlich BMW R 1200 R Trophy

Review of the Wunderlich BMW R 1200 R Trophy

Review of the Wunderlich BMW R 1200 R Trophy

Nicely done

Evil tongues claim that the legendary R 90 S would have been the last really beautiful BMW. For such people, the R 1200 R has to be converted by a BMW specialist W.It is actually a balm for the soul, as it is optically based on the unmistakable R 90 S..

There is no longer any trace of the standard gray mouse that has it all behind its ears, it won the MOTORRAD Alpine Masters in 2007. So the driving qualities of the R are in excellent shape anyway. It looks as if it has been transformed in the bright “Daytona orange” / silver finish with a seductive color gradient and red decorative stripes as in 1973. First of all the in-house half-shell "Classic Trophy" makes the leap in time complete. The fiery roadster appears elegant and sporty, wiry and beefy at the same time. In addition, the new front thankfully distracts from the unadorned, asymmetrical instruments. Functionally, the cladding significantly reduces the wind pressure on the upper body. Although the shoulders and helmet are almost free in the wind, there is hardly any turbulence and it is pleasantly quiet. High travel cuts should be easy. Occasionally, only a minimal pull forwards is disturbing. No wonder, at 240 km / h on the digital speedometer and 8500 tours on the tachometer.


Feist: throttle lock as a mechanical cruise control.

Wunderlich makes the boxer legs. Lets the rev limiter intervene later (otherwise at 7800 rpm) and has programmed the control unit for ignition and injection (time and quantity) differently. New camshafts with modified valve timing and valve lift actuate lighter bucket tappets. This improves revving and power. The boxer breathes through enlarged intake funnels and one "Blue"-Cotton air filter is clearly audible in and out through standard manifolds such as -Kat and Zard exhaust. "So that we can achieve sufficient throughput" (Erich Wunderlich), is that a pure absorption silencer. The Italo pot sounds dull and sonorous without mutating into an ordinary roaring pipe. The reward for the effort is measured 118 hp, seven more than in the series. And more torque, 120 instead of 114 Newton meters. Even if the torque curve is a Bavarian mountain-and-valley train as usual, with a small trailer at 4500 / min. At the latest above 5500 tours, the Rhenish BMW climbs unknown terrain, a steep and high final performance massif. The boxer is really lively. The only thing that the sports roadster didn’t deserve was the well-known crashing hits when downshifting. Wunderlich cannot help. But probably for the moderate lean angle. On the right the widened brake pedal rubs, on the left the enlarged footprint of the side stand. Incidentally, with which the classy R stands too upright and therefore unattractive.

Not cheap pleasure …


A real eye-catcher.

But we were on the move. And how! The Road Attack tires from Continental (front special code "Z", back "C.") adhere sensationally even in cool temperatures. The standard, electronically adjustable ESA chassis is agile and stable, ironing rag carpets into silky smooth asphalt. Should you have misjudged yourself, the 1200 steering commands are highly motivated. It’s wonderful how easy it is to conduct the 232 kilogram trophy. Oops, that’s what you call great handling.

The seating position of the Wunderlich Trophy is more active. The flatter handlebars compensate for the lower Ergo seat (810 instead of 825 millimeters seat height). It is two-tone, comfortably tailored and well padded. The offset footrests go well with this: They are a little further out, four centimeters lower and 1.5 centimeters wider.

Well done: the accessories. For example, inner fenders, intake snorkel and oil cooler cover made of carbon, wheel hub cover, length-adjustable parallel strut, aluminum container cover for brake and clutch, lockable oil plug. Well done, this R. But also pretty expensive. Not least because you first have to buy an expensive production BMW.

Conversion info, based on BMW R 1200 R.

Complete increase in performance: 1400 euros (including software and assembly, without exhaust); Individual parts: »BoxerBoost« camshafts 219.95 euros each, tappets 319.80 euros (set); Zard exhaust (ABE): from 459.00 euros

Chassis and brakes
Paralever strut »Vario«: 249.95 euros; Braking wave brake discs: 179.95 euros (v.), 149.95 euros (h.); Brake calliper cover: 124.95 euros (set); Steering stop limitation: 59.90 euros

“Classic Trophy” cladding: from 429.95 euros (unpainted); Ergo bench: 379.00 euros; lowered footrests: 149.95 euros (driver) and 189.95 euros (front passenger); Brake and clutch lever »VarioLever«: 79.95 euros each; Shift / brake lever enlargement: 24.90 euros each; Superbike handlebars: 84.95 euros

Carbon parts
Covers for: rear wheel (239.95 euros), brake line (89.95 euros) and oil cooler (329.00 euros)

Complete painting from 1550 euros

Other LED rear light »Triton2«: 179.00 euros; Swing arm bearing cover: 44.95 euros; Aluminum oil plug: 45.95 euros; “Cruise Control” throttle lock: 79.95 euros; Side stand enlargement: 28.90 euros; Container lid (aluminum) for brake (39.95 euros) and clutch (34.95 euros)

Contact Wunderlich GmbH, Kranzweiherweg 12, 53489 Sinzig, Phone 02642/97980,

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