Review Yamaha TT 600 RE

Review Yamaha TT 600 RE

Review Yamaha TT 600 RE


That was there before and is now back: the Yamaha TT 600 as an E-Start variant. Except for the simpler spring elements, the TT 600 RE is essentially identical to the Kickstart-TT.

Yamaha had the
At that time, the TT 600 S was accompanied by an E-Start variant in the course of the beginning electrification in the sporty enduro sector, which, however, did not have a long life.

Because in 1998 the revised TT 600 R came, and only as a kick version. Only now, in mid-2003, will the electrically starting counterpart to the R, which logically calls itself RE, follow. A long overdue step, as even the in-house competition enduros of the WR series have an electric starter.
The TT 600, whether R or RE, is of course not a real race bike like this one. Rather the brave workhorse for adventure seekers without too sporting ambitions. Such contemporaries will certainly not regret that ?? like back then?
the E version has suspension travel reduced by five centimeters in favor of a low seat height and better road properties. Apart from the adjustable spring base at the front and rear, there are no adjustment options, the exclusive Öhlins shock absorber of the R had to be a simple Sachs component without having to stop-
equal container soft.
But that hardly really hurts anyone. Because in the cross-brave TT, the Öhlins damper works almost a bit-
chen overdressed. In any case, no TT rider ever gets lost on cross tracks, once fondly plowed by the original TT of the eighties. In return, the RE’s low seat height has a positive effect both on and off the road. Offroad should be the pace
but remain moderate. Jumps or a crisp riding style quickly overwhelm the soft, responsive spring. On the other hand, the set-up is good for trial-like crawling around, which is also fun because of the full pulling motor with a lot of flywheel. It is pleasant that the turning circle is not restricted by bulky water coolers. If there are no coolers, no leaks can occur in the worst-case scenario. The TT is just a robust vehicle, it can take a slip away without being damaged. And a simple, hobbyist can still adjust the valves of the ohc four-valve valve without special tools and shims.
However, electrification puts a bit of weight on the weight: the RE weighs around ten kilos more. With the dynamism of a sports enduro, the 165 kilogram heavy 600 with a full tank does not shine-
straight. Especially since the air-cooled single oldie is acting quite phlegmatic. From 120 km / h on it is slow, and the TT lurches quite hard at top speed. There
you prefer to lurch comfortably through the landscape, the tunnel view opens up to all-round visibility. Then the smooth use of power and full single cylinder stroke from the lowest speeds is a pleasure, the long gear ratio matches the low-speed, rather leisurely type of locomotion.
With occasional stops, the eye can delight in the beautiful aluminum swingarm and the light alloy rims. What makes the TT interesting as an alternative to the very similar XT 600 E.
simple steel rims and steel swing arm, but costs 900 euros less. For the TT 600 RE, just like for the R, just under 6,000 euros are due,
aSo at least almost 1500 euros less than for a KTM LC4.

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Review Yamaha TT 600 RE

Review Yamaha TT 600 RE

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