Test Beta Alp 200

Test Beta Alp 200

Forest Gump

The motorcycle to the film. Simple, meaningless and yet so ingenious. Highest entertainment value with the simplest means. Wacky as normal.

It can blink, horn, rear-view mirrors and throw lights. Luggage and two people can also be used. And e-start. And anyway, the Alp 200 is a very complete motorcycle.

Even wears a helmet lock. Really classy, ​​compared to their next of kin, who don’t even have proper seats. We’re talking about trialers? those crazy little things that jump meters high and turn with a triple Rittberger. Beta is one of the most established manufacturers of such devices and has already carried seven world titles home to beautiful Florence.
The Italian family business is now venturing out to the wider public with the Alp. Of course with special consideration of civil interests. That’s why the 200 doesn’t come as a sawing two-stroke milling machine, but rather a civil four-stroke. The single-cylinder “made by Suzuki” has at least 15 HP, all of which are so brave that you rarely feel underpowered. Around the Japanese implant, the Florentines fabricated a chassis that looks more like a full-suspension mountain bike than a full-blown motorcycle. Short, small, narrow, compact. Front is back, is up, is down? everything is tightly compressed. The whole thing weighs 116 kilograms, including nine liters of fuel in the tank, fits in one piece in every MPV and prefers to go hiking.
Narrow, steep, difficult paths ?? the more pristine the realm, the more the beta is in its element. It is guaranteed to go anywhere a vehicle can go without a wing or propeller. And the best thing about it: Climbing into the Alps doesn’t even require special talent. Little slip up? no problem: where there isn’t much, not much can break. Muddled situation ?? It doesn’t matter: In an emergency, the part is pushed, lifted or packed into the backpack. Everything is possible, just not bolting around, because trial enduros are not made for bolting around.
S.Even in asphalt operation, the Alp is not keen on playing its 105 km / h top speed. Firstly, it starts to tailspin at 80 things, secondly, its bonsai brakes are not capable of destroying higher speeds, and thirdly, the rock-hard spring elements ward off almost no attack from the underground. To cut a long story short: from a conventional perspective, beta is quite a cucumber. But whoever dismisses it disappointed has approached it with false expectations. Alpine driving is different. Alpine driving is a game. Much funnier and less time-consuming than ordinary motorcycling. The rule is: to cheat the city traffic, to find the shortest route to the country, to practice the high jump on the rocks by the river. Just like that, just for the fun of it.

Technical data – Beta Alp 200

DataMotor: Air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, a balance shaft, an overhead camshaft, two valves, rocker arm, wet sump lubrication, constant pressure carburetor, Ø 31 mm, condenser ignition, electric starter. Bore x stroke 66 x 58.2 mm, displacement 199 cm³, rated output 11 kW (15 HP) at 7800 rpm Max. Torque not specified Power transmission: primary drive via gear wheels, mechanically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, five-speed gearbox, O-ring chain. Chassis: single-loop frame made of steel, load-bearing motor, telescopic fork, Ø 38 mm, two-arm swing arm made of steel, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base, front disc brake , Two-piston caliper, Ø 220 mm, rear disc brake, two-piston caliper, Ø 200 mm, spoked wheels with aluminum rims. Tires 2.75 x 21; 4.00 x 18 Chassis data: wheelbase 1350 mm, steering head angle 64 degrees, caster 72 mm, suspension travel f / h 170/180 mm. Guarantee for one year with unlimited mileage Price including VAT and additional costs. 8170 MarkMOTORRAD measurementsDrive performance1Maximum speedSolo 105 km / hAcceleration Solo 0-80 km / h 6.9 sec0-100 km / h 15.2 secDirection Solo 60-80 km / h 6.1 sec80-100 km / h 8.3 secFuel consumption in the test 3.4 l / 100 kmDimensions and weightsSeat height 830 mmWeight with a full tank 116 kg Permissible total weight * 280 kgTank capacity / reserve * 9 / 1.5 liters1 Measurement conditions: temperature 26 degrees, weak cross wind; Jagsttal measurement site; 2 performance on the coupling. Measurement on Bosch roller dynamometer FLA 203 Maximum possible deviation from DIN measurement ± 5%; * manufacturer’s information

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