Test BMW C1 Family’s Friend

Test BMW C1 Family’s Friend

Give yourself the ball

Children point with their fingers, motorcyclists bend over with laughter, and the curious take on the chase. Those who drive C1 experience the world from a new perspective. What remains are feelings? also cheerful.

Pathetic. The first kilometers ?? really pathetic. Staggering, lurching, awkward.

Stress in front of every stupid little bend. He’ll tip over, for sure. Get overweight and go down roof first. What a number: Family’s Friend sunk neatly in the ditch on Thursday morning.
Drives very easily, the BMW dealer had said. »You just have to accelerate and brake, and the C1 does the rest by itself. Thanks to the centrifugal clutch and stepless automatic. Great thing. No coupling, no switching. Is ?? with all due respect ?? Foolproof. ”After all, BMW also wants to lure motorists into the 125cc cage. Well, you want that ?? I see. People without two-wheeler experience, with such a building on the road.
Seat belts criss-cross, the turnip bare in the wind, two roof pillars that give even the most ridiculous inclines a terrifying expression. High center of gravity, sluggish handling, delayed power transmission. And above all that cheese bell feeling. A lot comes together in the BMW C1.
Amazingly, you get used to it. Two or three hours in the comfortable passenger cell and the initial difficulties are over. The top priority: don’t let yourself get confused, not even by the screaming audience, who are having a great time in front of the Bavarian cabinet piece. Always stay on the gas. When starting off, when turning, always. This keeps the C1 from tipping. And slowly something like driving pleasure sets in.
Funny above all: the perspectives. From the sphere the world looks like a fair. When the BMW tilts, you inevitably feel like you are back in light blue spaceships and lemon-yellow planes whirling around in circles on metal arms. From the outside, too, the C1 looks more like a carousel vehicle than business class. Probably not necessarily in the spirit of the inventor. Incidentally, the bizarre vehicle is built at Betrone in Italy.
The single-cylinder four-stroke engine was born in Austria, comes from Rotax, but was cultivated in Bavaria ?? by means of a second camshaft, injection including engine management and regulated catalytic converter. The guy claps a full 15 hp on the clutch, goes upstairs like Lottchen. At the start of the 125, however, seems a little trying. Also has a lot to do: After all, 201 kilograms want to get going here.
This little engine never has the homeopathic consumption of 2.9 liters of super per 100 kilometers promised by BMW. But the red area? at speedometer 120 on a sloping stretch of motorway. On the flat, the C1 reaches a real 106 km / h and thus takes one of the top places among the eight-liter four-stroke scooters despite its stoutness. Not least thanks to the good aerodynamics.
Saturday ?? Big fight day in the city: Again almost killed a passerby who wanted to know what the huge levers under the handlebars are for. The Smurf pokes his nose in curiously and gets one of the seat belts on his brain. As if pulled with a catapult, the things snap back as soon as the trigger is pressed. Extremely questionable. The ladies and gentlemen BMW put a high-security wing on two wheels, the protective effect of which comes close to that of a modern small car, and then something like that. As? Oh yes, the levers: you use them to buck the load up and down. The smaller one folds the main stand in and out, the bigger one raises and lowers the front wheel. Clever system.
When it comes to the chassis, BMW has already achieved the full: aluminum space frame technology, Telelever, two sufficiently tight rear struts ?? there is something going on. Compared to conventional scooters, the C1 is extremely stable. And then these brakes: grab as if a 150 hp bike had to be stopped. However, ABS, which is subject to a surcharge, is slightly over-motivated and starts normal work a tad too early.
Monday morning, heavy traffic jam on the A 81. Zero problem with bumbling through. Back nicely to the side, the tin huts. In the city, however, the fat C1 is difficult to find a gap. Too wide, too high, too cumbersome. Arrived at the office with a stormy hairstyle and ringing in the ears. Hat is on the kitchen table at home. Shouldn’t happen. Because it pulls powerfully around the head. Annoying. Just like the loud, simple-minded Mhööööb-Mhööööb of the engine.
Wednesday, the last day of testing, and still no rain. If you wait for it once. Would have loved to know how wet you get. Instead, violent discussions among colleagues about the safety in the BMW. A horror scenario on the other: »What if you tip over right next to a hydrant? Buckled up. Without a helmet. Or spread your arms in an accident? ”How good that such thoughts do not arise with motorcycles.
B.C1 starts driving at 10,685 marks. With the plain-colored basic model. Family ?? s Friend costs a thousand more. And the executive, that is the one for the VIPs, has 12,185 marchers. Black outside, brown inside with mobile phone holder and reading lamp. So you can give the ball really stylish.

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