Test Ducati 750 SS

Test Ducati 750 SS

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The specialists in Bologna got down to work again: the 900 SS is now followed by the completely redesigned 750 SS.

At first glance, it can hardly be distinguished from the 900, but Ducati presents the 750 SS with all the optical and most of the technical changes of the new year.

Injection, modified chassis geometry, new tank and new plastic parts and, last but not least, the greatly improved braking system of the 900 series were also in the specifications of the little sister. Advantage of the 750: It costs around 2500 marks less.
Disadvantage: Unfortunately, after a few kilometers, the suspicion arises that the Italians did not work quite as cleanly when renovating the 750s as they did with the 900 SS. They did succeed in getting the veteran two-cylinder into a good position with the Marelli injection system, which is documented above all by the impressive power output of measured XX HP and an impeccable response behavior in the middle to upper speed range. The SS shows itself to be so fast and easy to turn that subjectively there is hardly any difference to the 900. Unfortunately, the tuning was sloppy in the lower area, in which the air-cooled Vau repeatedly refused to accept the throttle spontaneously and, especially when transitioning from pushing mode, often allowed itself a second-long pause.
Light and shadow also on the chassis. The frame geometry adopted from the 900 harmonizes perfectly with the slightly narrower 160 tires on the 4.5-inch rear wheel. Handy, precise and nimble, the little Ducati could arrow across the country roads. Could, if not someone had mercilessly misappropriated the vote on the upside-down fork. Hopelessly overdamped, the front section almost stuck after compression. Since, unlike the 900, there are no adjustment options, the 750 SS hops stubbornly over poor roads and maltreats the wrists of its driver.
The hindquarters, on the other hand, are almost brilliant. The shock absorber is fully adjustable, responds sensitively and holds the rear wheel, which is guided in a steel swing arm, securely on the ground even without complex deflection mechanisms. Also top marks for the braking system. Taken over from the 900 SS, the Brembo stoppers finally show a decent bite and very good dossierability.
D.he five-speed gearbox works a bit bony, but quite precise. A real annoyance, however, is the stiff clutch – despite hydraulic actuation. After just 15 minutes in dense stop-and-go traffic, an approaching tendinitis becomes noticeable, made worse by the athletic leaning forward sitting position. Fortunately, there are specialists who understand something about such cases.

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