Test Hesa-Suzuki Bandit 1200

Hesa-Suzuki Bandit 1200 test

On probation

Creates a completely new identity Hesa Motorsport of the popular, but somewhat staid Suzuki Bandit 1200. The universal fairing “Type IV” makes the 1200s from 2001 look grim. The rims are decorated with blue wreaths and polished horns. The front spoiler was striking.

Its airbrush-
The paintwork looks like it has been brushed on, just like on the tank, lamp mask and the
Pillion seat cover.
Raised the rear with four taillights. Underneath is the smooth, closed wheel arch and the powerful coating on the polished swing arm. The driver’s position is strange, but not uncomfortable: far back in the sloping seat,
slipped up on the hump. Long range
arms up to the 78 centimeter wide superbike handlebar. Small Kellermann indicators flash boldly at the ends.
Attack! The Pirelli Dragon in a soft Supercorsa mix offers endless grip. The higher, filigree footrest system from LSL requires an acute knee angle with a large lean angle. The 237-kilogram load falls playfully in an inclined position and is easy to direct. Except when pushing. The softly tuned upside-down fork from a GSX-R 1100 also responds sensitively to small bumps in the road.
The carbon rear silencer from Bos with Kat sounds robust. Muffled, full sound, wonderfully grumbling in push mode, but no roaring pipe. The raised pot raises the power from a good 110 to 117 hp quite legally. That’s exactly that
same value as the RMI-Kawasaki
Z 750 from MOTORRAD 15/2005. Except that the 1200 bandit gets down to business in a much more brawny way than the lively Kawasaki. More thrust, more pressure. The glass clutch housing cover from Moko allows a clear view of the wildly rotating events in the oil bath.
After slight starting problems, the carburettor-equipped four-cylinder takes well
Gas on, gets down to business. The five corridors are quickly torn through, the horizon just flies in. Although the wide handlebars offer the wind plenty of attack surface, the bolide runs foolproof straight ahead up to top speed. Fine. They catch them easily and safely
six-piston stoppers activated the bandit again via steel braided lines.
Successful work like this is no coincidence: as early as 1999, the Sauerland tuning company presented the “Ego”, which cost 60,000 marks, a super elegant naked bike, and developed all the fairing parts exclusively for this motorcycle. since-
Hesa has finishing components for many brands and models in store. To
Probation, of course. tsr

Info – Hesa-Suzuki Bandit 1200

Hesa Motorsport, Vorth 12,
58566 Kierspe, phone 02359/299680, www.hesa-motorsport.de

Complete price for all accessories
approx. 3500 euros; Hesa universal cladding type IV including bracket set, colored window, headlights and TÜV parts-
expert opinion 460 euros; Front spoiler including bracket set 205 euros; Interchangeable seat
with license plate holder 599 euros; Rear lift 69.95 euros; Swing-
chain guard made of polished stainless steel 199 euros; Grille off
Stainless steel 89 euros; Frame panels,
two-part made of polished stainless steel 49 euros; Polishing work around 650 euros; Upside-down fork made of GSX-R 1100 (used) around 700 euros; complete assembly
all Hesa ​​conversion parts around 1200 euros; Painting work (plastic parts, frame, engine, wheels) around 2300 euros

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