Test Moto Guzzi Griso 850

Test Moto Guzzi Griso 850

Pipe sparrow

In the beginning there was the pipe. Already presented at the end of 2005 M.oto Guzzi Griso 1100 (see also the comparison test from page 46 in this issue) looked like it was knitted around the truly impressive exhaust. This is not a bit different with the recently introduced small edition with 850 cm3, after all, at first glance the two look like identical twins, except for the little one’s missing oil cooler.

However, the 1100 always has a silver frame and black rims, whereas the 850 is the other way around. In addition, the small one is only available in red and black, while the large one is also available in yellow and blue. The fully adjustable chassis and the Metzeler racing tires are identical in both.
The small displacement is achieved by a crankshaft with a 14 millimeter less stroke, the bore remained unchanged. A slightly shorter primary ratio (1 to 1.565 instead of 1.458) takes into account the lower punch. Compared to the 1100, the 850 looks quite limp. In order to be able to follow the Big Twin loosely riding on the torque shaft in high gear, the air-cooled smaller V2 has to be turned violently. He does this quite willingly before the rev limiter puts a stop to the drift at 8200 rpm. Even with full use, the Griso only escapes life expressions compatible with the health resort, the pipe does its job well, much to the chagrin of the traditionalists.
With injection, G-Kat and Euro 3 homologation, the Moto Guzzi is electronically up to date. So you let the big ones pull and content yourself with a little more restrained speed. This has the advantage that the six-speed gearbox with its acoustically always present shift confirmation does not have to be tried too often. Moved appropriately, the Griso is satisfied with an average of 5.5 liters of Super, which thanks to the 17.2 liter tank ensures a sufficient radius of action. Sufficient, because the driver due to the seating position ?? the heels just below the buttocks, the arms stretched out far forward because of the wide handlebars is not averse to a trip interruption long before. sgl

MOTORCYCLE measurements – Moto Guzzi Griso 850

Top speed1 180 km / h

0 100 km / h 4.5 sec
0 ?? 140 km / h 8.4 sec

60 ?? 100 km / h 6.0 sec
100 ?? 140 km / h 7.7 sec
140 180 km / h 10.2 sec

Consumption in the test
Country road 5.5 l / 100 km

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