Top test BMW K 1200 R

Top test BMW K 1200 R

Top test BMW K 1200 R

I am beautiful?

From Stefan Kaschel; Photos: Rossen Gargolov

Designing a motorcycle of this caliber just classically beautiful and pleasing would not have met BMW Motorrad’s own standards. “
Aha! Just classically beautiful, so. Quote from the BMW press release. That’s what the right people say.

This comes from a corner where, since the R 90 S, there hasn’t been a beautiful motorcycle in the classic sense. Instead, it lines up K 1200 R seamlessly integrates into a series of design icons: from the GS series, F 650 Scarver CS, R 1150 Montauk ?? let’s just leave it there. At least the “distinctive, unmistakable, independent” can be said without reservation
connect. And whether the first Münch-
A streetfighter goes much further in its stylistic elements than “classically beautiful” or stops far before, depends, as always, on the point of view.
A second thing, however, is undisputed, no matter from which side you look at the new R: The good old Bavarian tradition of making the measure up could not stop the streetfighter approach, which tends to be more puristic. In numbers: 2.25 meters long, 1.23 meters high, weighs 247 kilograms with a full tank. It lies ?? but including the partially integrated ABS (1050 euros) and the electronic suspension adjustment ESA (650 euros), which are subject to a surcharge? impressive ten kilograms above the factory specification and catapulted
the K 1200 R in the weight range of a 1200 bandit or Kawasaki ZRX 1200 R, while the specifications of the potent streetfighter competition Triumph Speed ​​Triple or Benelli TnT are clearly missed.
But what does the oak care if the boar scratches it. Different ge-
says: 163 PS. We haven’t had that yet. At least not undisguised in this one-
ten environment in which top speed and high travel averages are at best Se-
virtues are manifest. In a »high-end muscle bike that caused a sensation on the
Motorcycle market. «End of quote. They are self-confident. But hand
on my heart: how it feels when
More than 160 little horses put themselves in the limelight between the ice cream parlor and the supermarket or fall into a straight gallop on the home route, can only be described with reservation at this point. For one simple reason. They could not be detected either in the test motorcycle or in the copy of the sister magazine PS. 152 HP on the clutch? that was it. No matter how you let the air flow into the intake snorkel on the right, cool the catalytic converter or do something else.
The people of Munich couldn’t believe that. Appointment of the MOTORRAD technicians on site, on the neutral test bench of the TÜV in Munich, several test bench runs. The result: No additional horsepower, no matter how tiny, could be found. Horror everywhere, question after question. After all, at BMW the engines of the press motorcycles go before they are turned on-
be built, all over one engine-
test bench. It is checked whether they are so good
stand in the juice as promised. Also
this specimen delivered over 160 hp there, it was assured.
Which brings us to what works-
lich counts. On ?? m place. The values ​​that MOTORRAD determined when measuring the driving performance reinforce the suspicion that the BMW men are not so wrong. Zero to 100 in 2.9 seconds, to 200 km / h in 8.5 seconds, pulling power in all disciplines under four seconds: There is much to be said for this special 1157 cubic centimeter unit in the wild or
delivers more than 152 hp on the engine test bench outside the R-Pheriperie.
It is what it is and MOTORRAD will follow up. For what the driver experiences on the K 1200 R, ten horsepower is more or less not of central importance anyway. The overall concept plays the decisive role, and that is dominated by the relaxed design of the chassis. 1580 millimeters of wheelbase are enormous. For comparison: A Suzuki GSX-R 1000 gets by with 175 millimeters less, and even the stately Honda CB 1300 is less compact than 65 millimeters.
In addition, there is the low center of gravity due to the inclined installation position of the engine and the dynamic driving characteristics of the Duolever front wheel guidance, which hardly compresses when decelerating. in the
In combination with the mighty four-row four, this means: On a K 1200 R you are extremely fast, but also
extremely unspectacular on the way. Even under full power, no front wheel rises unless you are strong
pulls on the handlebars. And no rear wheel during heavy braking maneuvers. The wheels always stay where they belong and they keep on track under all circumstances, because neither the fork nor the short frame twist significantly.
All of this adds up to the feeling of absolute stability. Not only where the naked savages usually show their qualities, namely in the curve maze. But also where you least expect it from this genre. On the autobahn, the K 1200 R surprises with a performance previously unheard of in the nudist club. Anyone who tears through the gears ends up in the third of six gears at 200 km / h after a good eight seconds without much effort or acrobatics. And only a little later, according to the speedometer, beyond the 260 mark. Just like that, very easy, and above all, without ever doubting whether this full throttle is the right discipline.
In fairness it must be said that to the resulting car-
web qualities of the R a component that ?? as well as ESA chassis (adjustable at the push of a button in the modes “comfort”, “normal” and “sport” as well as according to the load condition, 650 euros), the heated grips (185 euros), sports wheels (from the S, six inches at the rear, 195 Euro), luggage rack (100 Euro) ?? is not included in the standard scope of delivery. We are talking about the »Windshield Sport« (165 euros), a formally successful and practical facility because it effectively relieves the upper body of wind pressure and even enables continuous speeds of over 200 km / h.
In view of this fact, the suitcases that are of course available and the very cuddly pillion seat as well as the good seating comfort, the R is also a real recommendation for long-haul trips, especially since the Munich residents initially excessively-
gen fuel consumption of the S meanwhile
effectively contained. 5.7 liters are at a moderate country road speed with so
absolutely fine with a bolide. In complete contrast to a peculiarity of the R, the
in the case of the sporty sister did not come to light in this form. With the agreed
At a slow pace or in the city, the steering damper, which is otherwise beneficial, sometimes permanently spoils the line. Here, as in the case of the rustic gearbox, especially in the lower gears, the hard throttle response and the middle-
The higher speed range of the rough-running engine as well as the controllability of the partially integrated brake system, fine work is definitely required.
Complaints at a high level, of course.
If you look at the diverse
The qualities of the new K 1200 R and the resulting impressive score, one question is answered very clearly: Sister R is a good motorcycle. Is she a beautiful one too? How was that with the eye of the beholder?

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Top test BMW K 1200 R

Top test BMW K 1200 R
I am beautiful?

Was there anything else?

Differences to the S
Secondary ratio with 2.91: 1 instead of 2.82: 1 shorter
Steering head steeper (61 instead of 60.6 degrees), caster shorter (101 instead of 112 millimeters)
Standard wheels in the design of the R 1200 ST, 5.5 inches instead of six inches at the rear, tires 180/55 instead of 190/50
Engine except for the guidance of the intake tract
And further
Main stand only as an accessory
available (81 Euro)
The extensive BMW on-board tool kit, which was previously standard equipment, is only available as a supplementary set (58 euros) for the minimum equipment
Lower bench (790 millimeters
instead of 820 millimeters seat height) on request
available free of charge
Suspension settings
ESA suspension mostly set to “Sport”,
with a leisurely drive on »Normal ??

MOTORCYCLE measurements

Top speed * 262 km / h

0 100 km / h 2.9 sec
0 ?? 140 km / h 4.5 sec
0 200 km / h 8.5 sec

60 ?? 100 km / h 3.5 sec
100 ?? 140 km / h 3.3 sec
140 180 km / h 3.8 sec

Speedometer deviation
Effective (display 50/100) 48/96 km / h

Tachometer deviation
Display red area 11000 / min
Effective 10800 rpm

Consumption in the test
at 130 km / h 5.9 l / 100 km
Country road 5.7 l / 100 km
Theor. Range 333 km
Fuel type Super Plus

mass and weight
L / W / H 2250/880/1230 mm
Seat height 810 mm
Handlebar height 990 mm
Turning circle 6210 mm
Weight with a full tank 247 kg
Payload 203 kg
Wheel load distribution v / h 49/51%
Driving dynamics 1
Brake measurement
Braking distance from 100 km / h 41.2 meters
Average deceleration 9.4 m / s²
Comments: The vehement deceleration with little manual force is interrupted by long ABS control processes. The braking stability is exemplary.

Handling course I (fast slalom)
Lap time 20.4 (20.8) sec
vmax at the measuring point 104.0 (99.3) km / h
Comments: In the ESA “Sport” position, the R whips stably through the pylons, circles without tilting, but with the tendency to understeer around the narrow turning point. On “normal” and “comfort” it appears more unstable and unwieldy, which is reflected in the 0.3 sec. covers slower lap times and the 4 km / h lower speed.

Handling course II (slow slalom)
Lap time 29.7 (30.5) sec
vmax at the measuring point 51.0 (49.0) km / h
Remarks: On the long arcs, R requires a strong hand to stay on course. First class: freedom from banking and stability in sport mode.

Orbit Ø 46 meters
Lap time 10.5 sec
vmax at the measuring point 52.7 km / h
Remarks: The BMW remains stable and without tilting, the lean angle is only limited by the foldable notches. Tendency to understeer.

Technical specifications

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two balance shafts, two overhead camshafts driven by gears and chains, four valves per cylinder, rocker arm, dry sump lubrication, injection,
Ø 46 mm, regulated catalytic converter, 580 W alternator, 12 V / 14 Ah battery, hydraulically operated multi-disc oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, cardan.
Bore x stroke 79.0 x 59.0 mm
Cubic capacity 1157 cm3
Compression ratio 13.0: 1
Rated output 120 kW (163 hp) at 10 250 rpm
Max. Torque 127 Nm at 8250 rpm
Pollutant values ​​(homologation) in g / km
CO 0.640 / HC 0.133 / NOx 0.102

Chassis: Bridge frame made of aluminum, double longitudinal control arm made of aluminum, (with ESA adjustable rebound damping), two-joint single-sided swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, (with ESA adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping), double disc brake at the front, Ø 320 mm, Four-piston fixed calipers, rear disc brake, Ø 265 mm, two-piston fixed calipers.
Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 5.50 x 17
(in the test 3.50 x 17; 6.00 x 17)
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17
(in the test 120/70 ZR 17; 190/50 ZR 17)
Tires in the test Bridgestone BT 014 »F«

Dimensions and weights: wheelbase 1580 mm, steering head angle 61 degrees, caster 101 mm, spring travel f / h 115/135 mm, permissible total weight 450 kg, tank capacity 19 liters.

Service data
Service intervals every 10,000 km
Oil and filter change every 10 000 km
Engine oil SAE 15 W 40
Oil tank volume 4.2 l
Spark plugs Bosch YR5DDE
Idle speed 1150 ± 50 / min
Tire pressure solo (with pillion passenger)
front / rear 2.5 / 2.9 (2.5 / 2.9) bar

Warranty two years
Colors white metallic, yellow,
Grey metallic
Price 13,000 euros
Price test motorcycle ** 15345 euros
Additional costs 262 euros


I feel like it, and BMW remains BMW: Even if the Bavarians build something as refreshingly unreasonable as a 1200 cc brute-force bike, the result is astonishingly reasonable and effective. It is almost fortunate that you don’t see these qualities in the K 1200 R, but rather suspect pure anarchy behind the rugged facade.

Scoring: engine

No matter if top speed, acceleration or pulling power: For a naked
Bike scores the R with flying colors in all respects. The performance-
development is good, the rough
Responsiveness and the resulting clear load change reactions, on the other hand, are just as in need of improvement as the noisy transmission.

Scoring: chassis

The R’s favorite discipline is hers
Stability while being handy-
a little under the heavy weight, the steering precision
the tendency to the large arch and the tumbling in the low
Tempo suffers.

Scoring: Security

The old story: brake metering
is unnecessarily diffuse because of the brake booster, the brake-
brute delay. There is also room for improvement in ABS,
whose control threshold is very low in this test copy, while the control intervals are too long. The ground clearance is beyond any doubt and the view in the rear-view mirrors is impaired because of the vibrations.

Scoring: everyday life

Modern digital technology allows a variety of display functions such as gear display or remaining range, the cardan drive limits the maintenance effort. And the range is okay.

Scoring: comfort

Short tank, wide and high handlebars, comfortable bench: this is how comfort is defined on the R. Auch
you sit in the second row
comfortable. The engine’s smoothness could be better.

Scoring: costs / environment

Low inspection costs, good emission values: revalued guarantees (see page 49). The R is also busy collecting points here. It looks completely different in the chapter on maintenance costs and price-performance ratio. Many horsepower cost money during operation, and the basic price is already difficult to digest.

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