Top test BMW R 1150 R.

Top test BMW R 1150 R.

Top test BMW R 1150 R.

R-fresh new

BMW has brought its big roadster into gear – in the spirit of purists and tourists. Because in addition to a crisp look and more performance, the classic basic boxer can optionally have a lot of equipment including integral ABS on board.

Crime scene MOTORRAD test site: Approach to the stand for brake measurement.

Full acceleration in the direction of the measuring lane. Speed: almost 120. Shortly before the light barrier, pull the lever to the stop. The control intervals of the anti-lock braking system are hard to feel. Two or three times violently, then hardly noticeable. Together, the Metzeler ME Z4 whimper in front and behind in search of grip until the BMW stops. It smells of rubber, oil and brake dust. Best value at the end of the series of measurements from several stops: 38.2 meters from 100 km / h.
What is normally reserved for fearless friction coefficient jugglers and pressure point virtuosos, with BMW’s new braking system, even people with normal motor skills should be easy to do, namely to decelerate the front and rear wheels as much as possible at the same time. So always and under all conditions balancing at the blocking limit. Skepticism? There are certainly a few highly gifted people who manually make shorter stops than with ABS. But what about sudden shock braking on a changing surface or in the wet? Although the braking distance achieved with the R 1150 R is not the shortest measured in the MOTORRAD top test, all tests differed by only centimeters ?? In the case of bikes that are at risk of blocking or stopping, this can be several meters. Which is due to the fact that the electronic brownies, in contrast to highly sensitive people, act completely emotionless. And that’s exactly why the Integral ABS? Surcharge 1995 marks ?? be a blessing for normal people, at least once they have got used to its function. For example the brake booster, which only works when the ignition is switched on. Otherwise only a residual brake function available? The ignition should therefore be activated even when maneuvering the 252 kilogram roadster.
And what happens while driving? Well, with the semi-integral system, as it has the R, the handbrake lever controls the front and rear brakes, while the foot lever, as usual, only activates the rear stopper. In addition, the technicians donated an electric-hydraulic brake booster to each bike for rapid pressure build-up with little manual force. And to round off the whole thing, the clever electronics recognize the load status and distribute the brake pressure accordingly to the front and rear stoppers, for example when more braking force can be brought to the ground with a passenger in the rear. Keyword “vehicle-specific, dynamic and adaptive brake force distribution”. Sounds complicated? but it works fine on the MOTORRAD test course. And in real life? More on that later, now the R 1150 R whizzes through the handling course and circular path. Result: see box on page 72.
The duty is followed by the freestyle, and since spring is still waiting in local latitudes, the mild south beckons. With heated grips, case system and socket, the Test-R is complete and, above all, prepared for practical use, as around 95 percent of customers order such accessories – it looks similar with the ABS rate. Speaking of the facts: Except for the cylinder head and crankshaft from the R 1100 S shelf, the engine with 1130 cm3 displacement, the drive train including the current generation of transmissions and the exhaust system come from the R 1150 GS. The benefit: five horsepower more than before, a touch more torque and a sixth gear, briefly designed for roadster use ex works, but also available as a speed-reducing overdrive, as with the GS.
The combination of the short sixth and the larger-capacity drive turns the roadster into a pull-through bomb, and sports tourers like the K 1200 RS and Honda Doppel-X that ?? now soled with 170/60 ZR 17 ?? Rear wheel shows. It can also stand up to the direct naked competition, while the overdriving GS takes about double the time from 140 to 180 km / h. Unfortunately with one catch: at a constant speed of 160, revs around 5500, the lively vibrating boxer puts the pilot’s hands and feet into a jolt of numbness. In addition, badly strained neck muscles signal that there is no wind protection. And without the small Speedster disc (298 marks) that means: do it slower!
But first measure top speed quickly. Okay, you’re right, who’s banging around on the freeway in a roadster. But it has to be. Result: top speed solo 209 km / h, consumption at 100 km / h 4.7, at 160 seven liters super. With the 20.4 liter tank, at least 260 kilometers are possible in practice, at country road speeds even 385. The reserve light, however, tends to be dramatic, after a good 200 kilometers of brisk drive it already warns, although a full six liters in the barrel slosh. The speedometer in the classic analog cockpit, on the other hand, shows almost Prussian correctness, with only minimal deviations.
Change of scene. Route de CrĂȘte, in German ridge road. The four-valve boxer can inhale warm spring air on this easy-to-grip curve stretched with switchbacks. If it only goes from 1500 revolutions, very low speeds are not his domain. From 3000 tours it then pulls uphill from the corners with vigor and growls towards the next bend. Constantly changing speeds make vibrations a minor matter. Four, five, six, if necessary even seven thousand tours, switch up and continue to the summit. The smooth-running six-speed box can be shifted over short distances without fussing about, only between first and second gear. But now we are in the fourth and the first courage curve is approaching. Heavy braking waves in the asphalt and black rubber tracks are evidence of ambitious late brakes ?? like the R 1150 R. A new, lattice-like trailing arm of the Telelever, five-spoke wheels and the Evo brake on the front wheel ?? 320 washers as well as pliers with different sized pistons – reduce the unsprung mass. This helps the newly tuned and rebound adjustable shock absorber at work and makes the steering damper that was previously used superfluous. And indeed, even when braking hard, the asphalt waves only penetrate the pilot in homeopathic doses, while major road construction failures give the driver a gentle push with the tubular handlebar. Mind you in situations in which many conventional constructions are at their end and go hard. R pilots should also only know from hearsay standing up when braking in an inclined position. Amazingly handy for its weight and displacement class, it’s all about tight corners and long radii? at least if the driver keeps the roadster under tension. Extreme hectic people screw up the typical boxer load change tilting and the front that plunges into the ideal line when the accelerator is released. Otherwise the R is also something very weird.
If the lean angle is not enough, even with medium preload, the spring base can be adjusted hydraulically using a handwheel, thus raising the rear. In solo operation, only the tire grip limit limits the enjoyment of cornering orgies, and the R becomes even more manageable. And even with a full load, a maximum of 198 kilograms, it takes a long time for the asphalt and attachments to make contact. In pillion operation without side effects, the fully pre-tensioned rear suspension strut no longer responds as sensitively to unevenness as it did before and simply jumps over short obstacles. For soloists who drive along the highway, a spring preloaded by around two-thirds at the rear in combination with the pressure stage opened by one and a half turns is the best compromise in order to be fast and comfortable on the road.
A concern to which the newly arranged ergonomics is also committed. While the high handlebars and the cool saddle of the predecessor created associations with riding, now thanks to the lower and wider handlebars with less cranking and the more forward-facing seating position, agile boxing is the order of the day. Footrest position, knee joint and seat are suitable for people from just 1.70 meters upwards. And once again it hits the little ones, the Bavarians have nothing for me, nothing saved you the seat height adjustment. The low driver’s seat, which is optionally available at no extra charge, provides a remedy: 770 instead of 800 millimeters seat height. And as a consolation, there are standard adjustable hand levers for the brake and now hydraulically operated clutch, which, however, requires a strong hand.
F.There is also joy when climbing a narrow, tricky bumpy road, which with its patchwork asphalt, split and meltwater flowing across the path demands a lot from man and machine. Even under these selective conditions, the Integral ABS with brake booster ensures dry hands, with little effort it delivers short braking distances without fear of locking wheels ?? also with a pillion passenger. In general, staying on board is made easier for passengers and almost every stature inside. Even without the optional comfort seat (surcharge 239 marks) long journeys are possible without dislocations or pain ?? As I said, the R suits purists and tourists alike.

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Top test BMW R 1150 R.

Top test BMW R 1150 R.
R-fresh new

The most important changes in detail

Drivetrain and exhaust system from the R 1150 GSHydraulically operated clutchSix-speed gearbox with directly geared sixth gear (overdrive on request) Front and rear shock absorbers with linear compression damping; front adjustable rebound damping, rear next to rebound damping hydraulically adjustable spring base 320 mm front brake discs with four-piston calipers (piston diameter 36 or 32 mm) Optional: Integral ABS (partially integral system) with electro-hydraulic brake booster and adaptive brake force distribution Rear light unit; if the taillight lamp fails, replace it with a dimmed brake light (only Integral ABS) five-spoke wheels, rear 5.00 x 17 with 170/60 ZR 17, one-piece tubular steel handlebar instead of two bolted handlebar halves, newly shaped tank with side hoods for the oil cooler, seat height no longer adjustable; Optional low seat bench at no extra charge (pillion comfort seat 239 marks, pillion passenger seat cover 134 marks) Pull-out rear mudguard extension

Was there anything else?

PlusElastic, easy-to-turn twinNeatly shiftable, well-graded transmission Time clock and solid toolSufficient, practical accessoriesMinusDisruptive vibrations from 4000 / minFork can break through on hard edges when the accelerator is released , Spring base 17 clicks from maximum preload


Even if “R” stands for Roadster according to BMW diction, it is not a spartan driving machine for die-hard people, but a well-rounded offer for sporty pleasure drivers who are not averse to occasional tours without wanting to jump onto a fully plasticized touring can.


MOTORCYCLE measured valuesBraking and driving dynamicsBrake measurementsBraking distance from 100 km / h 38.2 metersMedium braking deceleration 10.1 m / s2 Comments: Extremely quick response when the brakes are applied. Practically no braking nod, slight stamping and rolling of the hindquarters. Consistently high level for all measurements. Handling course I Best lap time 21.8 svmax at measuring point 95.3 km / h Comments: Good stability and steering precision despite relatively soft suspension. Better handiness and lower steering forces than comparable twins with a transverse crankshaft. At the turning point, the R must be kept under tension, otherwise it will tip over in an inclined positionHandling-Parcours IIBest lap time 29.6 svmax at the measuring point 55.5 km / h Comments: Smooth changes in lean angle, direct steering, soft, precisely controllable power input.Circle 46 metersBest lap time 11, 2 svmax at measuring point 55.5 km / h Comments: If the spring preload is medium, notches, side stands and cylinders are put on; when the rear is raised to the maximum, only the notches are attached. Practically no installation moment. High stability.

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