Top test KTM 640 Supermoto

Top test KTM 640 Supermoto

Top test KTM 640 Supermoto

Weird ghost

Haunted winding slopes while chipping physics and competition, that’s the spirit of Super Moto. MOTORRAD conjured it up in a top test of the KTM LC4 640 Supermoto Prestige.

On a normal Monday at the MOTORRAD test site.

The driving tests with the KTM have been completed, actually time to pack up. Actually, because photographer Markus Jahn succumbs to the super moto attitude of the bright yellow weirdo and starts the private wheelie contest, while test driver Karsten Schwers quickly grabs the 500 telephoto and pulls the trigger. Result: Markus gets into third gear, Karsten takes a sharp photo. However, the picture drawn from the previous driving tests is even sharper: Here the LC4 with Pirelli MT 60 RS tires burns great times and black lines on the asphalt (see page 64). The best conditions for lively wandering around away from light barriers and pylons.
But oops, is there still the speedometer ratio of the 21-inch front enduro in the wheel axle of the front 17-inch model? As quickly as the small speedometer needle scurries across the scale when accelerating … No, no, the measurement results give the all-clear ?? at a maximum speed of 165 the speedometer advances by a harmless ten km / h. The Supermoto doesn’t need to be too fast-paced, because the 49 hp 625 cm3 single pushes the load of 160 kilograms, including the crew, quickly, the sprint from 60 to 100 km / h in the last gear only takes 4 , 4 seconds. Full fat level travel enduros à la Aprilia Caponord, Triumph Tiger or Honda Varadero need up to two seconds longer for this pull-through exercise, and the hyper-sporty 600 four-cylinder group is also eaten here.
Up to 100 km / h, mind you. But even after that, the KTM’s vigor hardly diminishes at first, as demonstrated by a respectable 10.3 seconds for pulling between 60 and 140 km / h. Anyone who makes intensive efforts to use the precisely shiftable, species-appropriate stepped five-speed gearbox will never have to suffer serious deficiencies on the country road, taking into account the StVO. Only when the straights get longer does the single seem a bit strained, and the pilot begins to concentrate on his aching bottom and his numb hands. Despite the balancer shaft, the single-cylinder vibrates noticeably to violently, depending on the speed, and the narrow, tightly padded bench is not exactly of the type “Abraham’s lap”. On the other hand, the ergonomics behind the pleasantly cranked handlebars, including the relaxed leg angle, almost deserve the title of tour-ready. And with diligent gas changes the shaking is lost in the driving experience.
Driving experience. We are now indulging in this in the supermoto area, i.e. on country roads of any other order. Let’s see whether the special “Prestige” model lives up to its name. After all, it stands for the top European leagues in super moto sports. Which means a little misnomer, because the 640 is the good sister of the wild 625 SC Supermoto with constant pressure carburetor, twelve-liter tank and two-person approval. Features of the »Prestige«: special paintwork, black rims, elegant mirrors and hand protectors.
How was it at the Super Moto? Elbows out, brake very late and quickly around the corner. Puff cake. It’s not that easy. Although the Brembos grapple with the 320 mm disc at the front and 220 mm at the rear, the fork, which plunges in a jerk, takes getting used to. Just like the minimal effort required to turn in due to the wide handlebars, which makes the newcomer a fidget. It takes some time before the unusual super-moto feeling no longer irritates you. Especially since the fork of the test motorcycle is neither particularly sensitive nor runs too smoothly.
If violent humps from the 43er upside-down fork are casually breakfasted away, it only parries small patches or tender braking waves satisfactorily when the compression damping is wide open. In this setting, however, there is vinegar with snotty braking maneuvers, the front dips even more quickly. What remains is a compromise, if not a bad one. Finding it is easier on the hindquarters: as soon as the spring base is adjusted to the rider’s weight, the potential of the fully adjustable white power shock absorber with clean response and precise damping can be exploited. The spring elements, which are tighter than the enduro models, result from both higher spring and damper rates.
That can’t hurt, because super moto drivers prefer to look for bends. Straight lines? Annoying chores. The KTM runs its freestyle on every type of road curve. The tighter and more treacherous, the better. Where other bikes poke around helplessly, the Prestige pounds on every imaginable line between the inner curb and the median around the corner. Line correction in the vertex? Why not? Radical hooking like a loving brown hare? But of course!
Handy geometry, low-priced lever arm on the wide handlebars, grippy 17-inch models and the sheer infinite freedom of lean angles combine with the agile single, which tears off without major load changes. Whereby the very smooth throttle with a short path contributes its part to the party. The alpine bride even likes casual gliding. Regardless of whether it’s city traffic or sightseeing overland: a good overview and playful handling have a relaxing effect. You can even take a pillion passenger on board, but the seat cushion is spartan. In contrast to fuel consumption. Around five liters on the country road are still okay, when gasping on the expressway the KTM drinks up to ten liters per 100 kilometers.
D.oh who can be seriously angry with the party single about it? You accept that, just like the tight mudguard at the front, on which the grits simply splash past when it is wet, the slight oscillation at top speed or the speedometer that is barely legible in the dark. On the contrary: In view of the fun that the Austrian conveys within legally permitted speed regions, she should actually be recommended by the Federal Transport Minister as a substitute drug for latently endangered speed junkies. Does that seem spooky to you? Then get in the saddle yourself, the super moto spirit will grab you. Guaranteed.

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Top test KTM 640 Supermoto

Top test KTM 640 Supermoto
Weird ghost

MOTORCYCLE readings – KTM LC4-E 640 Super Moto Prestige

Braking measurement Braking distance from 100 km / h 39.4 meters Average deceleration 9.8 m / s² Comments: The front brake requires relatively little manual force, but has a soft pressure point. Nevertheless, the single-pane system delivers good deceleration values ​​of 9.8 m / s². The fork only twists slightly. Due to the strongly sloping front and the high center of gravity, the KTM tends to stoppie.Handling-Parcours I (faster Salom) Best lap time 20.7 seconds vmax at the measuring point 107.8 km / h Comments: Because of the narrow silhouette, it is possible to maneuver close to the pylons will. The small wheels and the wide handlebars enable quick changes of lean angle. Handling-Parcour II (slow slalom) Best lap time 27.5 sec vmax at the measuring point 60.0 km / h Comments: Narrow line selection and quick turning by pushing in Enduro style help the Supermoto get high Tempo. Small load changes and spontaneous response encourage acceleration out after the turning point.Circular path o 46 metersBest lap time 10.5 sec vmax at measuring point 52.4 km / h Comments: Enormous lean angle. Only when the side stand touches down warns of the tire grip limit that will soon be reached. Caution: First the front wheel begins to slip.


Table of points or not: the KTM 640 Supermoto crashes straight to the heart. Lively engine, agile handling, smart looks. The lively Austrian even has everyday qualities. However, she hates boring straight passages like the plague, and when it comes to emission control it looks poor. Sponge over it, after all, life is a curve, right??

What else caught my eye

PlusGood fall prevention (hand shells, rigid, but light Renthal handlebars, brake lever with predetermined breaking point, foldable gear lever, narrow foot brake lever) Variable handlebar mountsUniform screw sizes for easy maintenanceProblem-free oil refillingLarge steering angleHigh-quality tool kit 18-liter tank, 370 euros; front brake kit, 510 euros; aluminum silencer, 362 euros) Minus clutch lever not adjustableComplicated oil check with dipstickTools housed unsecuredLabely installed speedometer cableChassis settingsFork: compression 20 clicks open, rebound 26 clicks open, rebound strutSpring base position 10 threads, 4 turns visible 7th

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