Top test Suzuki AN 650 Burgman

Top test Suzuki AN 650 Burgman

Top test Suzuki AN 650 Burgman

The (T) spaceship

Comfort a la Gold Wing, shift gears like in Formula 1. And a promise: The most powerful scooter in the world drives almost like a motorcycle. Great. It is now ready for the top test.

“Welcome on board. Please release the handbrake, check whether the trunk is closed and the mirrors are folded out.

The Burgman team wishes you a pleasant journey. «Anyone who gets on this ship from a scooter, takes in the wealth of data in the cockpit and the many switches on the left of the handlebars, somehow expects a voice from the depths of the plastic-covered colossus.
The AN 650 Burgman weighs 275 kilograms. 455 may weigh the load in total. As much as full-blown touring machines with more than twice the engine power. Is the Burgman underpowered with its 55 hp? Scooteria says clearly: No. The 650 Burgman is the most powerful and comfortable scooter currently. In figures this means: 162 km / h top speed with an acceleration of under seven seconds to 100 km / h. That’s enough to show almost all motorists the taillights when needed. So much for the theory.
Got up. 78 centimeters seat height with sofa-like comfort. Instead of footrests, there are running boards, each almost half a meter long. They enable both a variable seating position, either upright, touristy or typical for cruisers. Fold in the side stand, first surprise: the weight is barely noticeable, the center of gravity of the Burgman is extremely low. Only when you have to maneuver instead of balancing, the AN 650 should only be pushed slightly uphill, it cannot hide its pounds.
This also applies to city traffic, the primordial terrain of all scooters. With a wheelbase of 1.59 meters and a total length of 2.25 meters, it can no longer be razed through the sheet metal avalanches. Careful groping is the order of the day. Here the two sweeping rear-view mirrors, there the broad handlebar, plus the mighty buttocks. Pardon: Of course it has to be called the trunk. The storage compartment under the bench seat holds two helmets plus jackets or a weekend shopping when mom comes to visit. And if you pick her up from the train station with the Burgman, she’ll be happy. This much space and comfort on a two-wheeler is usually only offered by top-class tourers. A BMW K 1200 LT, for example. Or a Honda Gold Wing. The pillion seat is wide, well padded, the leg position is comfortable and the handles are ideally placed to hold on to. All in all: an invitation to a long journey. So get out of town. The sea of ​​traffic lights in the back, the mountains in front of the front wheel. And Gaaas.
The engine offers three operating modes (see technology on page 71): automatic, automatic with increased performance (power mode) and Tiptronic ?? A rocker switch on the left handlebar controls electronically selects five gear stages. It works fine. All you need to do is press the switch lightly, and the electronics shift into the desired gear with almost no delay. The newly developed parallel twin runs smoothly, quietly and almost vibration-free. It has two balancer shafts and is also connected to the frame by three thick silent blocks with rubber bearings. While driving, the short-stroke suggests that it is an electric motor. Only when standing does it come out as a four-stroke engine with pleasant babbling. Truly nothing for bikers who want to feel the heartbeat of their vehicle.
Wide sweeping curves throw themselves in front of the front wheel. 100 km / h, inclined position. The exhaust pipe scratches extremely late on the right, while the side and main stands tame the cornering on the left. Albeit quite late too. Reason to be happy? Limited. Because touchdown would be an indicator that could be used as a guide. The big scooter is extremely cautious when it comes to notifications about the limit area. Due to the 14- and 15-inch wheels, the long handlebars and the inactive seating position, which are small compared to the motorcycle, the driver can hardly guess when the plastic bomber’s tires will tear off. The newly developed Bridgestone Battlax TH 01 in 120 mm front and 160 mm rear are not the main culprit for losing grip. No, it carries the chassis.
The Suzuki technicians have theoretically thought of everything. We said goodbye to the scooter-typical drive train swing arm, forced the engine extremely deep into a double loop frame, implemented the power transmission to the wheel via gears without load changes and gave the chassis two spring struts that can be pre-tensioned in the base and a mighty 41 fork. Bravo. But unfortunately the fat Burgman drives almost without any damping. As if no oil had been put into the damper elements in Hamamatsu. It jerks, it twitches, it jumps, it moves. Mainly because the basic set-up of the springs was very tight. This disproportion between suspension and damping casts long shadows.
On the confidence in the incline. On the steering precision. On the driving comfort and driving stability. Especially in bends riddled with bumps you quickly lose the feeling for what is going on between the tire rubber and the road surface. The same applies to braking. Due to the wheel load distribution of 44 percent at the front to 56 at the rear and the long wheelbase, you always have to brake at the front and rear at the same time for effective deceleration. An integral braking system would make great sense here.
The fact that piloting the mega-scooter is still hellishly fun is due to four things: the amount of space, its powerful and silky smooth motor, the option between automatic and free gear selection, as well as the ease of use that you wouldn’t trust the fat man . Due to the extremely low center of gravity and the low gyroscopic forces of the wheels, it is possible to bend it quickly through alternating curves. However, when accelerating out of tight bends, he tends to want to make large arcs ?? the small wheels in conjunction with the long wheelbase take their toll. To get around this, the scooter has to be bent almost enduresque around switchbacks ?? child’s play thanks to the low center of gravity.
D.he keyword for the different driving variants of the 650. The automatic mode is ideal for cruising because it conveys calm and serenity. The power mode is ideal for traffic light races and sporty driving. The manual gearshift refines fast downhill sections or curve combinations because it integrates the engine braking power. Just like you’re used to from a motorcycle. Anyone who has already piloted everything that has two wheels in their life should test drive the 650 Burgman. The dream ship for scooter fans has remained a real scooter in character, but perhaps a guide to the future of the motorcycle. At least as far as switching is concerned.

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Top test Suzuki AN 650 Burgman

Top test Suzuki AN 650 Burgman
The (T) spaceship

What else caught my eye – Suzuki AN 650 Burgman

What else caught my eye

PLUS: Generous and easy to read cockpit: tachometer, speedometer, clock, two day trips, gear indicator, indicator lights for turn signals, high beam, turn signals, oil pressure, injection, fuel level, cooling water, oil change, folding rearview mirror, storage compartments in the front area, a total of 10 liters, partially lockable, ignition key for all locks on On-board brake handles adjustable to finger lengthLockable ignition / steering lock with a magnetically coded key56 liter storage compartment under the seat, illuminated if necessaryEasy to use parking brakeTwelve volt socket in the glove compartment Very good light output MINUS: Extremely imprecise speedometer spring base on the right very difficult to change ?? Exhaust is cumbersome in the way to refill oil? a paneling part has to be removed for this Petrol runs over quickly Too many switches on the left armature: rocker switch, indicator, high beam ?? The thumb rotates when driving at night. Lumbar support is variable, but it should be able to slide further backwards. Jacking up on the main stand is difficult. Large turning circle. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: luggage rack, seat back for pillion passenger, high window

MOTORCYCLE Measurements – Suzuki AN 650 Burgman

MOTORCYCLE measurementsDelivery performance1Maximum speedSolo (with pillion passenger) 162 (160) km / hAcceleration solo 0-100 km / h 6.9 sec0-140 km / h 17.5 secDirection solo / pillion passenger 60-100 km / h 10.2 / 12.7 sec 100-140 km / h 15.8 / 17.8 sec tachometer deviation display / effective 50/46, 100/92 km / h fuel type normal consumption in the test at 100 km / h 3.6 l / 100 km at 130 km / h 4.7 l / 100 km Landstrasse 4.6 l / 100 km Theor. Range 326 kmDimensions and weightsL / W / H 2250/950/1430 mmSeat height 780 mmTurning circle 5113 mmWeight fully fueled 275 kg Permissible total weight * 455 kg Load 180 kgWheel load distribution f / h 44/56% Tank capacity / reserve * 15 liters1 Measurement conditions: Temperature 22 degrees, measuring location Neuhausen; Brakes and driving dynamicsBrake measurementBraking distance from 100 km / h 46.09 metersMean deceleration 8.37 m / s² Comments: The braking system requires a few kilometers to get used to, as the feedback from the front wheel is barely noticeable. The rear has to be braked vigorously so that good values ​​come about. Handling-Parcours I (fast slalom) Best lap time 24.16 secVmax at the measuring point 84.7 km / h Comments: Relatively little steering force is required when cornering gently. The scooter remains sufficiently stable. The damping is overtaxed in rapid lean changes or load changes, the scooter then sways heavily in places. Handling-Parcours II (slow slalom) Best lap time 31.78 secVmax at the measuring point 50.6 km / h Comments: The Burgman stays in this speed range sufficiently stable, but sits hard on the left of the main stand. At the tight turning point it understeers and can only be kept on a tight line with force. Orbit Ø 46 meters Best lap time 11.48 secVmax at the measuring point 48.4 km / h Comments: The mega-scooter remains calm and stable on a level stretch. However, it quickly goes into a tailspin on bumps in connection with an inclined position.

Conclusion – Suzuki AN 650 Burgman

The AN 650 is the first scooter with which it is almost possible to experience motorcycle-typical driving fun. On the one hand by the engine power, on the other hand by the circuit. The new godfather of Scooteria is recommended to everyone who finds a K 1200 LT too expensive and a Deauville too boring. Those who stand above it when the world smiles at the plasticine mountain.

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