Touratech BMW R 1100 GS ReVamp

Touratech BMW R 1100 GS ReVamp

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A BMW R 1100 GS is still a great driving machine. As a ReVamp from Touratech, it also turns on optically. The fact that you lose weight at the same time not only helps when traveling abroad.

The first impression counts. It is only a brief moment, the one about sympathy or antipathy, about committing

decision or displeasure. Say
the psychologists. Sometimes it therefore seems advisable to help a little so that the spark leaps over. For the specialists at Touratech, this was the case when they saw a BMW R. 1100 GS immediately clear: huge, rectangular “bus headlights”, chubby tank and ordered in the almost hallucinogenic color combination bobby car-red tank / canary-yellow armchair ?? whoever rolls along like this is allowed to move in spite of everything
positive character traits of the Un-
Don’t be surprised if only the others are in the spotlight. The solution: a new outfit for the bestseller of the 90s, which is still poaching thousands of times over the house and mountain roads.
So into the workshop. The transformation takes a good six hours (which even inexperienced hobbyists can do at home) to make the fashion conscious
R 1100 GS drivers no longer have to hide behind bushes and trees. The conversion kit developed by Touratech gives the GS a completely new line and also a new name, namely »ReVamp«. The complete set in detail: redesigned beak, front fairing with double headlights (xenon high beam), windshield, cockpit with IMO trip master, 21-liter tank made of polyamide, a one-piece bench seat, a narrow rear unit and four micro-indicators. Equipped like this, does the good old BMW GS look much faster and slimmer from every perspective? not even a luggage rack spoils the rear. The scales also attest to about 14 kilograms less under their belt.
Equipped with further fine ?? and admittedly sinfully expensive ?? Ingredients such as Öhlins suspension struts, sintered clutch and butted Magura handlebars are anything but an aesthetically upgraded everyday vehicle that rolls out of Touratech’s halls. After a 7000 kilometer long »test drive« around the Black Sea (soon in MOTORRAD) this is it
Judgment anticipated.
Just the seating position. The rock-hard bench from our own production is more uncomfortable than the series counterpart, but together with the handlebars attached far forward and a much better leg fit, it ensures a highly active driver posture. Not only do you feel much closer to the front wheel? which benefits the handling. Fast cornering? Where you had to struggle on the old series GS, it now goes through with surprising ease. The pilot is pleased that weight was saved mainly in the upper area of ​​the vehicle ?? the perceived focus should be somewhere between the oil pan and asphalt.
The generally tight design of the Öhlins spring elements (especially at the rear) does the rest. You can do without comfort in an emergency. Never in contact with the street. To put it another way: The ReVamp stays stubbornly on the desired line despite the coarse-treaded Continental TKC-80 skin, runs as if chiseled. A lot has to come together to cause unrest in the framework. For example, short edges in the base that are taken afloat. For a tiny moment the stern looks like a stubborn donkey? but only when unloaded. With bulging aluminum boxes and luggage rolls, she sees
Thing different. Suddenly this load ironed even the horrible country roads in Ukraine. A nasty gravel road in the middle of the Caucasus? The extremely sensitive front damper does almost everything on its own. That creates trust. Like the sintered coupling. There slips and smokes
nothing more, regardless of whether the BMW hangs deep in the dirt or on a steep slope.
Not so good: the extreme difference between the daylight xenon high beam and the low beam is terrifying every time? The latter suddenly seems as limp as a low-battery flashlight. The necessary time to get used to the eyes does not make driving at night much easier. In addition, despite the meticulous adjustment, the xenon lamp only succeeds to a limited extent in illuminating the right lane area sufficiently when cornering in left-hand bends.
Finally, travel fans are the luggage rack specially developed for the ReVamp-
ger including the aluminum luggage rack, the cylinder protection (also made of aluminum), the light, impact-resistant engine protection made of Kevlar carbon and the engine protection extension made of steel fixed to the main stand. Has everything hand and foot. The bizarre-looking snorkel on the exhaust, on the other hand, should really only be used if it is from the most robust wearer-
mount the aluminum boxes. It’s hard to believe how such a detail can ruin the expensive beauty treatment in one fell swoop. As I said ?? the first impression counts.

Info – Touratech-BMW R 1100 GS ReVamp

Touratech AG, Auf dem Zimmermann 7 ?? 9, 78078 Niedereschach,
Telephone 07728/92790,

ReVamp conversion kit: stem with double headlight unit and xenon high beam, windshield, cockpit, IMO on-board computer,
21 liter tank, side tank covers, bench (four versions for seat heights between 82 to 90 centimeters), rear-
and taillight unit, micro indicators,
front wheel cover. Complete price
Without painting, including mounting material for BMW R 1100 / R1150 GS: 2999 euros

Magura handlebars (flat or high) 199 euros
Handlebar center brace 21 euros
Handlebar remote control
for IMO on-board computer 80 euros
Öhlins strut front 644 euros
Öhlins rear shock absorber 708 euros
(as a set 1328 euros)
Sintered coupling 370 euros
“Hard part” steering stop 89 euros
Aluminum cylinder protection 109 euros
Engine protection (Kevlar carbon) 183 euros
Motor protection extension
(Aluminum) 42 euros
Case carrier (steel) 161 euros
Luggage rack and bridge
(Aluminum) 128 euros
Carbon cover set
for silencer 144 euros
Hand protectors 75 euros
Conversion costs test machine: 5628 euros


If R 1150 GS pilots are also interested in a new design? the ReVamp conversion kit is also available for your motorcycle at the same price. Both conversion kits can also be ordered with a 41-liter fuel barrel instead of the 21-liter tank at no extra charge. The 8.5 kilogram container made of polyamide allows ranges that otherwise only diesel drivers talk about ?? a visually very imposing one
“ReVamp EXTREME” should therefore be aimed primarily at drivers who want to cross Australia, Africa or South America.

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