Wellbrock-Honda Hornet 900 test

Wellbrock-Honda Hornet 900 test

Wellbrock-Honda Hornet 900 test

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She rises. The front wheel just doesn’t stay down when accelerating hard. Too bad. Because in the fight against overturning, the driver loses valuable fractions of a second. So it happens that the specialist‘s tuned Honda Hornet 900 W.ellbrock (phone 04298/3254) only has a marginal advantage in direct comparison to its series counterpart when it accelerates to 200 km / h.

And that despite an increase from 109 to 125 hp
Engine power and the shortened secondary ratio. Instead of a 16-tooth sprocket, a 15-tooth sprocket is used. From it he-
there is a top speed reduced by ten km / h to 220 km / h.
If you see the naked all-round bike in the 900 Hornet, you don’t care about engine tuning. A Streetfighter fan arrives
However, optical or chassis-related measures should not be avoided. The Wellbrock-
Hornet is hyper-agile in terms of driving dynamics. Penetrates hairpin bends and curves of all colors with a crisp sharpness. Irons almost all floors-
bumps smooth, guides both wheels
sensitive on the ground and still gives
a lot more manageable than the already light-footed series Hornet. In short: a razor that cuts its ideal line into the asphalt surface. How come?
There is the wide superbike handlebar,
which at top speed directs unrest into the chassis via the larger area exposed to wind, but transfers steering impulses one to one as light as a feather. And the perfectly functioning Wilbers chassis. At the front, stiffer fork springs combined with a higher oil viscosity are used, while a fully adjustable shock absorber works at the rear. A Moriwaki footrest system ?? the foot is supported further above and behind ?? brings a more active sitting position.
The engine set-up was not very successful. Despite increased compression, polished channels and modified engine management, the Hornet falls into a performance hole at 4000 rpm, which extremely worsens the pulling power. This card of the
Tuning quartet is therefore playful. The other-
sting ren. Chassis technology. Optically. And acoustically. But the Moriwaki roaring pipe is not approved. RH

Modifications in comparison – Wellbrock-Honda Hornet 900

Modifications in comparison
to the series Hornet 900:
Engine tuning completely including assembly-
ge 1920 euros, Moriwaki exhaust system (without TÜV) 839 euros, Moriwaki footrest system 437 euros, Wilbers chassis 877 euros, Moriwaki crash pads 117 euros,
BGK triple clamps with triple clamp-
mung 793 euros, motor, pinion, stop-
handle and wheel covers 439 euros, steel braided brake lines front and rear 160 euros, Kellermann micro and handlebar indicators 178 euros, aluminum superbike handlebars 32 euros, “Confusion” mirrors 158 euros, polished and painted rims 480
Euro, lamp cover 469 Euro, front spoiler 399 Euro, radiator cover
259 euros, assembly and TÜV registration 800 euros.

Further modifications: brake calipers of the Honda VTR 1000 SP-2, pinion 15 teeth

Price test motorcycle 15990 euros

MOTORCYCLE Measurements – Wellbrock-Honda Hornet 900

Top speed
220 km / h (230 km / h)

0 100 km / h 3.1 sec (2.9 sec)
0 200 km / h 11.0 sec (11.5 sec)

60 ?? 100 km / h 8.5 sec (4.0 sec)
100 ?? 140 km / h 5.8 sec (4.2 sec)

Consumption in the test
Country road 6.5 l / 100 km (5.3 l)

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