Yamaha MT-01 from AS-Motorradtechnik

Yamaha MT-01 from AS-Motorradtechnik

Rebuilt MT-01

Yamaha MT-01 from AS-Motorradtechnik

There are motorcycles, like the Yamaha MT-01, that particularly beguile the senses. You see a design that interests, even polarizes. Even when looking at it, you feel as if you are in high tension. And when you press the start button, the hair on the back of the neck straightens up.

The Yamaha MT-01 from the specialist AS-Motorradtechnik from the Eifel belongs to this variety. An Akrapovic titanium exhaust system releases the burned gases of the 1670 cm3 V2 into the open. That doesn’t rumble. It doesn’t grumble either. It earthquakes. The non-homologated system is part of the so-called Stage II kit, which elicits ten more from the normally 90 hp two-cylinder. And in conjunction with all sorts of carbon parts (see info box), it ensures diet success: Compared to the series MT-01, the AS-MT has lost a full twelve kilograms.

The 255 kilogram thunder bolt still requires a strong hand to whirl it through the curves. Handy is different. The chassis is very stiff and does not offer a lot of comfort. A fully adjustable SO strut dampens the rear, the fork has been tuned with stronger springs and SO oil. The chassis stability gained should have a positive effect, especially on the racetrack. And only there the Stage II-equipped MT can roar freely. It’s a shame – actually. Because in addition to the constant bangs from both rear silencers, the AS conversion has a lot to offer that would make it a star at the Mopped-Treff. On the one hand, there is the yellow paintwork with MT logo in Kenny Roberts design, the carbon look and the polished rims – real eye-catchers. On the other hand, the driver crouches in a self-confident “here-comes-the-boss-sitting position”. At 89 centimeters, the ABM handlebar is eight centimeters wider and also slightly flatter than the original from Yamaha – the upper body has to be bent more forward than on a standard MT. That is sportier and harmonizes with the tight chassis setup. The AS-MT will certainly always cause a stir. Or for listening.

Modification info

AS-Motorradtechnik, Industriepark-Nord 51,
53567 Buchholz-Mendt, phone 02683/966908

Base vehicle Yamaha MT-01, model 2007 (13695 euros)
Special paintwork Roberts SP (450 euros); polished rims (269 euros); Akrapovic complete system Stage II (2652 euros); Shock absorber (796 euros) and fork springs (118 euros) from SO-Racing; Mini indicator (50 euros); Handlebar (87 euros) and riser
(85 euros) from ABM; Luca mirror set (98 euros); Brake and clutch levers from Pazzo-Racing
(109 euros each); K&N air filter (59 euros); Axle crash pads from Hehl-Racing (79 euros); Solo seat kit
(549 euros); Carbon parts from the Yamaha accessories range: air filter box cover (354.50 euros), air inlet kit (358 euros) and heat protection (247.50 euros); Carbon parts from Carbon-
Styling: air duct for the brakes (149 euros), front spoiler (339 euros), engine side cover (198 euros), license plate holder including lighting (179 euros), fenders (129 euros), cooling air inlet for the rear cylinder (149 euros)

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