Yamaha MT-10: First teaser for the facelift

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Yamaha MT-10: First teaser for the facelift

Teaser Yamaha MT-10

Yamaha MT-10

First teaser for the facelift

Yamaha USA announces a revised MT model. If you look closely at the video, you will recognize the Yamaha MT-10 in the whole picture.

The Yamaha MT-10 is a naked bike knitted around the R1 technology. The current variant only meets the requirements of Euro 4.

So it’s time for the Japanese to revise the strongest MT. Yamaha USA has already released its first teaser video and is preparing for a presentation soon.

Not much can be seen in the video. However, the MT-10 seems to be losing its insect-like front fairing in favor of an LED headlight in the form of the smaller MT models. The rest of the lighting is also redrawn using LED technology.


On the drive side, the tried and tested 1,000 four-cylinder with 160 hp and 111 Nm should remain. Here are only concessions to the Euro 5. So possibly a modified exhaust and a modified mixture preparation.

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