All Comparisons – Caponord Travel Pack, Multistrada Granturismo and Tiger Sport: the big arsouille – The three big sports trails of the year

Caponord Travel Pack, Multistrada Granturismo and Tiger Sport: the great arsouille

All Comparisons - Caponord Travel Pack, Multistrada Granturismo and Tiger Sport: the big arsouille - The three big sports trails of the year

The sports maxitrails segment is in turmoil: Aprilia launches a new Caponord 1200, Ducati updates its Multistrada 1200 and Triumph overhauls its Tiger 1050. To compare these three new products for 2013, MNC goes on a mop … in arsouille mode !

The three big sports trails of the year

2013 was a particularly busy year for big trails: in addition to the all-new liquid-cooled BMW R1200GS (read our) and KTM 1190 Adventure (to be tested soon on the Site), three new more road models – because they are equipped with 17-inch rims – even "sporty", appeared.

At Aprilia first of all, we saw the return of the Caponord (read our). Derived from the Dorsoduro 1200, "it is the most versatile motorcycle ever created by Aprilia", assured us during his presentation Fabio Gilardenghi, press manager of the Noale firm,"a perfect motorcycle to do everything: travel, have fun and ride every day".

Equipped as standard with ABS and traction control (Aprilia Traction Control), the Caponord is available in a Travel Pack version that Site has chosen for its little trip through the Ardennes … Direction Bouillon, its castle, its molds -fries and its N810, alias Rue de la hate…

Aprilia’s "travel package" adds to the standard Caponord 1200 electronically controlled suspensions (Aprilia Dynamic Damping), cruise control (Aprilia Cruise Control), a center stand and a side case kit of 29 liters each (read our).

For the customer, the bill climbs by 2,400 euros to reach the price of 15,399 euros. High in absolute terms, this price is however not the highest of this new MNC comparison: a compatriot of Caponord, originally from Bologna, peaks well beyond 20,000 euros…

This is the Ducati Multistrada 1200, revised in 2013 and declined that same year in a new version "over-equipped"- as Audi or Volkswagen would say … Called" Granturismo ", this model completes the" S "series of Multistrada that make up the sporty" Pikes Peak "and the practical" Touring "(read our).

Besides the famous "Safety Pack" delivered as standard on Ducati, which includes ABS and traction control (Ducati Traction Control), this Ducati "grand tourer" has two deep suitcases (73 liters in all), ” a top-case (48 l), matching travel bags, a comfort seat, a large screen, a raised handlebar (+20 mm), additional LED lights, engine protection bars and tank protectors.

Two sophisticated Italians

Thus decked out, the Multistrada 1200 S Granturismo has set itself an ambitious goal: "around the world", the manufacturer blurted out without complex on its official website! Due to lack of time, Site was content to cover a fiftieth of the distance, or 800 km. It’s a start

For French bikers who would like to complete the entire loop at the controls of this new Multi, the entry ticket is on the scale of the proposed journey: 21,290 euros, or 5,891 euros more than the Caponord 1200 Travel Pack … and 8,800 euros more than the Tiger 1050 Sport !

Also arriving at the beginning of the year in French dealerships, the latest generation of the Triumph Tiger 1050 is displayed at 12,490 euros (read our). For this price, the buyer benefits from ABS, but must ignore traction control, engine mapping modes and electronic suspensions (original Sachs) which equip the two Italian rivals..

"Triumph technology guarantees the constant improvement of our motorcycles. This does not mean chasing power or unnecessarily overloading our products with complicated gadgets, but it does mean producing motorcycles that are ever more refined, more manoeuvrable and better suited to their use.", justifies the Hinckley brand on its official website.

Unfortunately unavailable for our test, a few accessories from the manufacturer’s catalog would have enabled the Tiger to match the "GT" claims of its two competitors of the day: set of 55.5-liter suitcases (1090 euros, and their painted hulls " of course "at 210 euros), top case (hull and plate, 770 euros), touring screen (170 euros), handguards (110 euros) and central stand (240 euros)…

In this configuration, the price of the Tiger Sport would climb to 15,080 euros but would still remain the lowest of our selection. And we imagine that the factory – or failing that, the dealer – would make an effort to further lighten the bill for such an enthusiastic customer. !

Without suitcases, our English Tigress does not pass for half a portion alongside our two Italian mammas: the big 3-cylinder, painted black but studded with stainless steel screws, imposes just as much as the robust frame in aluminum above it.

Equipped with a new single-sided arm practically as smooth as that of the Multistrada, radial fixing Nissin calipers and adjustable Showa suspensions, the Tiger Sport cultivates its “sporty” look, precisely. On the right side, the huge pot fixed in the high position makes the line of the feline a little heavier but at the same time clears the view of the very beautiful rim.

This new pot as well as the work on the airbox and the injection made it possible to boost the Triple: in 2013, the English engine of 1049 cc has the same number of horsepower as the herd escaping from Noale’s V-Twin. : 125! The Bologna team has 25 more, but in France, all are housed in the same boat: 100 horses at the rear wheel…

An authentic Englishwoman

With its RSV4 face and its Dorsoduro 1200 soul, the Caponord also plays the card of sportiness. Seen in profile, the Aprilia nevertheless appears very massive because of its prominent engine spoiler and its imposing rear mudguard. The Travel Pack version strongly accentuates the line with its flared suitcases and the low position of the voluminous silencer.

Seen from three-quarters front or from the front, the Aprilia maxitrail is more attractive, notably thanks to the golden notes of its fork sleeves and Brembo calipers: class! The imitation carbon finish of the front fender, which can be found on other parts, also has a small effect.

Like Aprilia, Ducati gets its supplies from Brembo for the braking and from Sachs for the electronic suspensions, but the Bolognese have selected for these elements a metal gray color matching the unique "Touring gray" color of the Multistrada S Granturismo..

We note on occasion that for their part, the Aprilia (also available in gray) and the Triumph offer much brighter white or red colors. Too bad Ducati is limited – for the moment – to a single color mat, certainly, but sad.

More discreet in this dark color, the black beak of the Multi still continues to divide opinion within the MNC editorial staff … The superb beveled exhausts and the sublime rims inspired by those of the 1199 Panigale, on the other hand. ‘unanimity !

The Ducati even attracts the affection of the jury thanks to its angled valves. The absence of these is more annoying on the Aprilia than on the Triumph, because the Italian is not equipped with a single-sided arm at the rear: with the Caponord, you get your hands dirty. back as in front !

During its preparations, MNC regretted that the suitcases of the "Travel Pack" were not easier to open: their seal acts as a suction cup and the absence of a socket on the lid makes the operation even more delicate. The Ducati trunks may be locked at three points (only one on the Aprilia), we opened them faster..

Conversely, the Multistrada’s suitcases are less easy to put down and put down: you have to force a little to engage them in their guides. Question loading, if each suitcase accommodates a full-face helmet – including the right of the Ducati, side pot – the advantage turns unsurprisingly to the Multi.

Over a meter wide (see our Technical Data Sheets on the last page), the "Granturismo" requires some attention – and a bit of memory! – when leaving the city to go on vacation. Once at destination, we quickly let go of the cumbersome but useful suitcases to keep only the top case. Once home also !

For everyday life, Aprilia requires on the contrary to keep at least one suitcase because it is impossible to slip any lock under the saddle. The Multistrada and the Tiger Sport both accept a U and a disc lock. Finally, all three are equipped with a coded key: yes, even the Triumph !

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