All Comparisons – CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: three Japanese 1000s on the grill! – Fire burns!

CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: three Japanese 1000s on the grill !

All Comparisons - CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: three Japanese 1000s on the grill! - Fire burns!

Forget the crisis, volcanic eruptions or other tax returns and hang on to the keyboard: Site pitted against the most explosive Japanese sports roadsters of the moment! CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: a comparative crash test !

Fire burns !

Charlie and Lulu, the unforgettable duo of entertainers Hit-Machine of M6, chanted it ironically in their "hit" of 1997: fire, it burns! What does that have to do with this trio of roadsters? Quite simply, the fact that despite the technical sheets which clearly state the color, taking control of the Z1000, CB1000R and FZ1 causes such adrenaline rushes that you have to do violence to not burn your fingers…

In town, apart from the significant turning radius of the Yamaha, the moderately efficient mirrors of the Honda and the inconspicuous on-board console of the Kawasaki (which is also the least complete of the band, read the "Instrumentation" part of the sheets techniques below), the three Japanese are almost too comfortable with their available and vigorous engines, their weight contained (214 kg fully loaded for the FZ1, 217 for the CB1000R and 218 for the Z1000) and their powerful braking systems.

Go up the lines, get out of traffic jams, set off with a bang and end up at 190 51 km / h in the city almost without realizing it: these sporty roadsters play with the urban jungle with astonishing liveliness … quickly their drivers of the dark side of the force, the one where the slightest excess of zeal will be paid cash in number of points…

In order not to risk the total extinction of this highly threatened species embodied by the "driving license", the motorway is obviously very suitable for playing the role of a cold shower: from 130 km / h, the lack of protection and Spartan comfort carry out a work of undermining sufficiently pronounced to dispel any desire to further titillate the consequent engine trunk of these three devils !

The opportunity to see that despite its seat placed ten millimeters higher (825 mm against 815 mm on the Z1000 and FZ1), the CB1000R is the one that most significantly bends the legs, while the more pronounced separation of the arms favors ” as much the bust exposure to the elements.

Sitting very upright at the controls of the FZ1, his legs unpleasantly spread apart by his prominent tank, the driver of the Yamaha also takes a full load, just like that of the Kawasaki who must also deal with the painful vibrations felt from mid -diets.

Engine side, the Zed hits the nail on the head !

In short, taking a fast lane on their handlebars is like a real way of the cross and the only distraction is to put the throttle on each lift of the toll barrier. Childish – but so good! -, the exercise confirms the excellent engine health of the Kawasaki: genuinely leaping at the slightest request of its restricted accelerator, the Zak smokes the CB1000R and the FZ1 with vitality and undisguised pleasure: what fishing !

Striking in the first reports – where the three mechanical yet rotate at the same speeds: 3000 rpm in third at 50 km / h for example – the differences are even more asserted in fifth or sixth! In 6th at 130 km / h precisely, the tachometer of the Kawa displays respectively 500 and 1000 rpm more than that of the Honda and the Yamaha. When exiting small towns or when overtaking, the Z1000 benefits from a shorter gear ratio to stick the misery to its two adversaries !

Sustained but policed ​​under 4000 rpm, the strong acceleration capacities of the CB1000R are not enough: the Honda must give way to each rotation of the right handle and its revs much smoother than those of the Kawasaki are far from causing the same emotions.

Optimized in 2010 in order to make the engine (equipped with 20 valves against 16 for the two rivals) fuller at low and mid-speeds, the FZ1 suffers from too long a gear ratio and an operating range among the least extensive of three: not biting enough until mid-revs, the Yam ‘then wakes up with fury and lengthens its pace with a conviction coupled with a hoarse growl: a muffled and present sound that reinforces its propensity to backfire at the deceleration !

But at that moment, the Z1000 pilot was already negotiating the first small virolos, followed like his shadow by that of the Honda which courageously resumed the delay agreed to the acceleration….

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